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Pitch Deck, Movie Studio - Non-Profit Foundation

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Pitch Deck, Movie Studio - Non-Profit Foundation

  1. 1. A Breakthrough Partnership
  2. 2. Partnership Goals • Establish a robust, integrated, multi-tiered educational/promotional platform for AE • Exploit the uniqueness and relevance of X PRIZE brand & value in conjunction with SONY/ Overbrook/Will Smith brand strength and esteem • Create programs, initiatives and activities to build audience and community coordinated with the theatrical and DVD release of the movie of subsequent features, television, etc. • Utilize strategic partners with existing channels of communication & distribution to develop content and deliver “captive” audiences • Add luster to the AE brand and cement a relationship with Overbrook, Will Smith and SONY
  3. 3. THE X PRIZE EQUATION We identify the world’s Grand Challenges A vision with clear measurable objectives X PRIZE incentivized competitions Radical benefit for Humanity + = [x ] Deriving Exponential Value to AFTER EARTH
  4. 4. Board of Trustees & Benefactors include Co-Founder & President Products, Google CEO,Tesla Motors & CEO, SpaceX Inventor, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Singularity University CEO, Huffington PostScientist , Founder, J. CraigVenter Institute Inventor & Entrepreneur, CEO, DEKA Research Indian Industrialist and Philanthropist Chairman ofTata Sons Co-Chairman/CEO, Fox Filmed Entertainment Filmmaker and explorer Jim Gianopulos Jim Cameron Exec. Chairman, Google Eric Schmidt Arianna Huffington
  5. 5. “The problems of the world cannot possibly be solved by skeptics or cynics whose horizons are limited by the obvious realities. We need people who can dream of things that never were.” John F. Kennedy
  6. 6. X PRIZE Innovation: Visioneering is a core element of our innovative prize design process. It combines interdisciplinary collaboration with creative engagement via intensive workshops and curated breakouts to: • Identify & assess root causes of Grand Challenges and market failures • Bring clarity to the metrics and compliance required to win the prize • Design audacious but achievable competitions • Identify the potential team recruitment and retention issues • Plan for the launch and operations of the competition Visioneering
  7. 7. • Target market failure • Clear, objective rules • Bold, audacious goal • Hard but attainable • Define a problem, not a solution • Open teams worldwide • Telegenic • Can be won in 1-5 years • Assure a “back-end business” X PRIZE Innovation: X PRIZES
  8. 8. Educational Mission • Use incentivized competitions to educate and transform how people think about the world’s Grand Challenges and the solutions • Fulfill our charter as a 501.c3 innovation engine • Create extensions and complimentary competitions aimed at students • Design and distribute courseware for classroom and scence center workshop settings • Spread the prize meme ad the benefits of crowd sourcing genius • Create competitions that transform the way we learn • Build an active constituency of strategic partners to leverage funding, intellectual capital, distribution and marketing of educational efforts
  9. 9. Educational Platform Examples
  10. 10. • Middle school design competition for the dashboard of the future • Available within FuelOurFutureNow.com • Features include registration, submission, display & voting engines, as well as a collaborative work space/online toolbox • Webinar Series with expert speakers & informational support materials • Access to experts through blogs • Mentor Handbook for adult sponsor
  11. 11. • 100% funded by a $3.5M grant through the U. S. Department of Energy • To engage students & the public in learning about alternative fuels, energy efficiency, climate change and the science, technology, engineering & math (STEM) behind advanced vehicle development • To inspire youth to learn more about & pursue careers in advanced vehicle development • To generate enthusiasm about the energy-efficient vehicle options of the near-future • To showcase the 21st century learning skills needed to succeed in work & life, including creativity & innovation, critical thinking & problem solving, communication & collaboration
  12. 12. • Dedicated website for PAXP • Designed for access by elementary, middle and high school atudents • Stage results • Leaderboard for PAXP teams • Curriculum for extension programs • Promotion of competition web events • Video packages • Team reports • Multiple blogs • Voting on multiple aspects of competing vehicles
  13. 13. • This annual competition challenges teams to design, program & construct robots built from LEGO components that perform simulated lunar missions • Teams are challenged to produce a one-of-a kind movie about space & complete a STEM outreach project in their community • MoonBots has exceeded expectations. Since 2010, we have had over 500 teams register from over 50 different countries • Gender ratio is 58% male / 42% female - a higher representation of women than those currently pursuing degrees in STEM fields in the USA
  14. 14. Global Innovation Award
  15. 15. AFTER EARTH Target Audience Sci-fi fans Will Smith fans Gaming fans Comic Book fans Early adopters Jaden Smith fans Females M Night fans Family film audience Travel & Adventure fans New Technology/electronics fans Fan Girls Extreme Sports fans
  16. 16. AFTER EARTH Attributes •Will & Jaden performing together •Cross genre appeal: sci-fi, adventure, thriller, action •Strong universally relatable human story about the will to survive and the ability to overcome adversity •Earth as we’ve never seen it before. 100 years of earth without humans •Showcase for new technologies • Global strength of Will Smith & Jaden Smith fan following •Earth as a “main character” & a compelling element in the brand •Futuristic crafts and weapons
  17. 17. Unique Philanthropic & Educational Opportunities Use space exploration theme to engage target audience in science literacy Provide opportunities to support initiatives that will help Mother Earth Focus energy & resources on eco/environmentally friendly causes Key Dates: After Earth trailer December 14th, 2012 Science Fairs Feb-June 2013 After Earth Day April 23rd, 2013 After Earth Opening June 7th, 2013
  18. 18. The Proposition Goal #1 It all starts with ideas and making them real How can we do this synergistically with the AE property around the theatrical and home entertainment release, and build a foundation that is scalable and exploitable throughout the life of the franchise?
  19. 19. This is the world great minds dream of This is the world of idea sharing and exploration This is the world of... A great Idea can come from anywhere, especially from teens
  21. 21. 1. Leverage the AFTER EARTH property by making the X PRIZE process accessible to teens 2. Create program as a global experience where teens around the world can collaborate with each other 3. Provide a global and democratic platform for teens to learn, express themselves and be creative 4. Build a STEM-based, experiential curriculum that can reach the crucial developmental stage across schools and science centers 5. Ensure program is telegenic with potential for exposure on Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and/or People Magazine feature, i.e., “10 Teens Who Will Change the Future of the World” The Mission of the X PRIZE TEEN CHALLENGE
  22. 22. The X PRIZE Process: Powered by Teens • Menoshoper ladocian • Hernwood uburthly • Hewsnorbowski • Pleasxiox cadifer X PRIZE Visioneering Generating Radical Breakthroughs
  23. 23. The X PRIZE Teen Challenge: Visioneering • A multi-platform, global event driven by multi-screen collaboration and video technologies • Launching on ‘AFTER EARTH DAY’ April 23rd • Will commence with a live streaming event followed by a Visioneering phase, culminating in a live event June 3rd • Launch pad for the Competition phase in Fall 2013, coinciding with home video release • Visioneering phase connects teens, thought leaders and luminaries around the globe • Brainstorm prize ideas to solve Grand Challenges that resulted in the AFTER EARTH storyline • Imagine a student in the Los Angeles collaborating with students in Mumbaion an idea to help reduce waste by using microbes to degrade plastic bags • Visioneering will rank the world’s Grand Challenges and yield ideas for breakthroughs that will accelerate a positive future for the Earth and its peoples
  24. 24. Date Category Grand Challenge Sumbitted by Age Votes World Wide Ranking Health Bionic legs for the victims of unexploded land mines & ordinance 4-24 KDP843 Pakistan 16 26,850 19 Energy Village utility system to transform human waste into energy & water5-12 TAV163 USA 13 10.303 62 Nutrition New method of binding micronutrients to staple foods that can survive storage 4-30 SRJ961 India 17 9,115 68 Environment Ocean degradable, biodegradable & envirorn- mentally safe plastic bottle 6-1 WAY927 Mexico 12 16,317 46 Health Autonomous robotic home helper to aid the elderly5-16 HCZ385 Germany 15 5,729 84 Energy Sustainable apparel that does not require laundering5-22 CDG633 Japan 13 8,922 71 Space Method of altering of path of asteroids on a collision course with Earth4-26 RTC522 UK 14 1,045 113 Education Reduce girls illiteracy or primary school dropout rate5-18 BDT641 Kenya 14 12.594 51 Visioneering Results XPRIZETeenChallenge presentedbyAFTEREARTH
  25. 25. Prizes (Awards) • Scholarships • Cash • Trophies • Certificates • Inspirational trips (eg vist UN and meet with dignitaries) • Empowering experiences (eg MIT Media Lab workshop) • Attend X PRIZE launch or award ceremony • Attend X PRIZE • Meet X PRIZE winning innovators • Participate in X PRIZE annual Visioneering • Winning prize concept put into formal XP prize development • Lunch/meetings with luminaries (Will Smith, Jim Cameron)
  26. 26. • The Prize Competition phase will be announced at Live Visioneering Awards on 6/3 • Ideally, will be related to winning ideas generated by teens during Visioneering phase • Competition will commence at the start of the 2013 school year, culminating with home video release The X PRIZE Teen Challenge: Prize Competitions
  27. 27. Global Participation
  28. 28. Entry # Category Competition Entry Entrant Country Votes World Wide Ranking Food Safety Food package labels change color when the contents are no longer safe to consume 27 Oliver Taylor (Age 13) USA 20,840 30 Environment Utilizing microorganisms to degrade plastic resin- based packaging 94 Daniel Burd (Age 16) CAN 5,223 73 Health Flexible cardiovascular stent that grows with the pediatric patient 136 Alisia Garcia (Age 14) MEX 4,385 79 Environment The utilization of marine waves using surface buoys to generate electricity 214 Sergei Obruchkov (Age 15) ISR 11,329 57 Energy Apparel that generates electricity while it is worn. Generates enough electricity to power small electronic devices. 351 Barbara Davis (Age 17) USA 2.617 95 Prize Competition Results XPRIZETeenChallenge presentedbyAFTEREARTH
  29. 29. Distribution • Strategic Partners • Science Centers • Curriculum • Web Events • Broadcast & Cable Television • Publications • Online • Social Networks
  30. 30. The Road Map Tuesday 3/26 Seed Buzz, curriculum & tools, apps, website Tuesday 4/23 Runway to Launch (soft launch) Visioneering Phase Launches & teens begin brainstorming After Earth Day Live Launch (1 hour) Voting on Prize Competition ideas, awards presented, teeing up the Competition Phase Live Visioneering Awards (multi-hour) Tuesday 6/3 Friday 6/7 Monday 9/3 Launch 6 week Competition Phase Competition Launch Announce and award winners of Competition Live Competition Award Monday 10/15 Tuesday 10/22 Home Video Tuesday 3/26 Monthly Activities Four Weeks Seven Weeks Thirteen Weeks Seven Weeks Theatrical Release March April June July SeptMay AugJune August SeptemberAprilMarchMarch April June July SeptMay AugJune March April June July SeptMay AugJune May June JuneMarch April June July SeptMay AugJune JulyMarch April June July SeptMay AugJune
  32. 32. From Runway to AFTER EARTH DAY Launch LIVE EVENT RUNWAY LIVE EVENT We will create a 4-week-long engagement funnel in order to build interest in the event among a global audience, build AFTER EARTH and X PRIZE brand awareness, and generate anticipation for the launch event. • Dedicated Website • Recruit Partners • Media Partnerships • Teaser Content AFTER EARTH DAY LAUNCH VISIONEERING AWARDS ACTIVITIES COMPETITION AWARDS LIVE EVENT
  33. 33. From AFTER EARTH DAY to Visioneering Awards LIVE EVENT RUNWAY AFTER EARTH DAY LAUNCH LIVE EVENT VISIONEERING AWARDS ACTIVITIES COMPETITION AWARDS • One hour live streamed announcement • Challenge Area Submissions • Voting & Ranking Submissions Visioneering phase will kick off with a live opening event on AFTER EARTH DAY and the competition will commence over a period of seven weeks. LIVE EVENT
  34. 34. Visioneering Awards to Competition Launch LIVE EVENT RUNWAY AFTER EARTH DAY LAUNCH LIVE EVENT VISIONEERING AWARDS ACTIVITIES COMPETITION AWARDS • AFTER EARTH in Reverse • Visiongaming • Jib Jab • Scavenger Hunt • Carbon Neutral Tour • Take Back Tour • Environmental Sponsor Discounts/ Giveaways Visioneering Awards: Once the AFTER EARTH challenge areas are identified & ranked via public voting, teens will present the top X PRIZE ideas via a live awards event. Ideally, the event will include the winners as well as celebrities and known luminaries in innovation and covered by major networks and news outlets Activities: Provide a series of experiences, events and mini- contests to keep kids engaged over the next thirteen weeks LIVE EVENT
  35. 35. Prize Competition Launch to Prize Awards LIVE EVENT LIVE EVENT AWARDS • Active Competition • Chart Progress • Competition Tool Kit • Build Rooting Interest • Leverage AFTER EARTH Home Entertainment Marketing On September 3rd, the Competition phase will launch, where the winning X PRIZE idea from the Visioneering phase will move into competition between teams over an 6 week period. ACTIVITIESVISIONEERING AWARDS AFTER EARTH DAY LAUNCH RUNWAY COMPETITION LIVE EVENT
  36. 36. Prize Awards and Beyond LIVE EVENT LIVE EVENT Ideas for Engagement Tools and Media include: • Ongoing Media • Long-form Content • History and Landscape of Incentive Prizes & Crowdsourcing • Computer Generated Video Submission • Inspirational Clips The Competition phase will conclude with a multi-hour, celebrity-filled, live event where teens will present their ideas alongside the likes of Will Smith and other luminaries, voting will be tallied, winners announced and prizes awarded and This process will help grow and inspire a global Kids AFTER EARTH/X PRIZE community RUNWAY AFTER EARTH DAY LAUNCH VISIONEERING AWARDS ACTIVITIES COMPETITION AWARDS LIVE EVENT
  37. 37. 44 360º Content & Media TEEN CHALLENGE AFTER EARTH presented by X PRIZE Cable Series Network Special News Segments Twitter PrintTwitter OnlineOnlineOnline Facebook YouTube Google+ Live EventsPinterest
  38. 38. AWARDSCOMPETITIONACTIVITIESVISIONEERING AWARDS AE DAY LAUNCH Media • Films that promote AFTER EARTH & X PRIZE mission and competitions • Promotional videos focusing on the role of Visioneering in solving Grand Challenges with X PRIZEs & promoting the upcoming Kids Visioneering Launch Event • Teaser content released to media partners, such as a short film of an expert talking about global warming from atop a glacier and how an X PRIZE might help stem global climatic catastrophe • Engagement campaigns leveraging social media, such as Facebook and Twitter contests encouraging kids/schools/science centers to sign up RUNWAY 45
  39. 39. AWARDSCOMPETITIONACTIVITIESVISIONEERING AWARDS RUNWAY Media • A live, multicast event prior to the theatrical release announcing X PRIZE Teen Challenge • Film segments depicting Grand Challenges, possible X PRIZEs, luminaries exploring their passion areas, the history of incentivized prizes, and the success of past X PRIZEs • Films explaining the event and participation guidelines, as well as the attributes of an X PRIZE and how to present X PRIZE ideas, which will be available via on-demand streaming • Discussions with and profiles of thought leaders regarding Grand Challenges and potential X PRIZEs AE DAY LAUNCH 46
  40. 40. AWARDSCOMPETITIONACTIVITIES AE DAY LAUNCHRUNWAY Media • A live, multicast awards for best ideas featuring celebrities and luminaries • User-generated videos from Visioneering • Kid Celebrity Panel discussions relevant to aspects of Visioneering • Multicast relevant third- party content (ex. Aspire Awards) • Remote feeds profiling kids, a participating village or community • Discussions with and profiles of kids submitting popular and intriguing ideas VISIONEERING AWARDS 47
  41. 41. AWARDSCOMPETITIONVISIONEERING AWARDS AE DAY LAUNCHRUNWAY Media • Retention activities launch to keep kids engaged between the Visioneering Awards and the Competition launch • AFTER EARTH in REVERSE provides kids with suite of tools to mash-up and create trailers that prevent AE from happening • VisionGaming is a series of casual games based on different ‘save the Earth’ themes from the film • Jib Jab: Series of humorous ‘Starring You’ experiences that kids can share, based on film themes • Other: See page 12 for Carbon Neutral Tour, Take Back Tour, Enviro Sponsors ACTIVITIES 48
  42. 42. AWARDSACTIVITIESVISIONEERING AWARDS AE DAY LAUNCHRUNWAY Media • Competition launch driving forward the winning idea(s) that came out of the Visioneering phase • Showcase competing teams through video and imagery • Information on how to follow, engage, join, root and experience the 8 week event globally COMPETITION 49
  43. 43. AE DAY LAUNCH VISIONEERING AWARDS ACTIVITIES COMPETITIONRUNWAY Media • A live, multicast event featuring kids presenting their competition results • Short films of finalists in competition • Presentation of awards and prizes by celebrities, and luminaries • Beyond: Social games and activities geared towards continued engagement with the audience • Beyond: Short AE related films and X PRIZE content, released periodically to update audience on developments resulting from the X PRIZE Teen Challenge Visioneering 2013 • Beyond: Surveys and tools to generate feedback and interaction with audience AWARDS 50
  44. 44. • Bekjn a kjnd lkj n,j na • Lostum festorius • Equipagestillo bleckerductus Summary 51
  45. 45. Calibrating the Opportunity • Complimentary brand trajectories? • On target content? • Optimal promotional value? • Builds audience & community? • Serves AE franchise and extensions? • Synergistic time frame? • Best use of resources? • Ability to deliver? (quality, time) • Good, reliable partner? • In success, repeatable & scalable? 52
  46. 46. A Breakthrough Partnership 47