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Pitch Deck, Sponsor Pitch, Science Show in Planetariums

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Sponsor Pitch, Science Show

  1. 1. The Google Lunar X PRIZE Dome Show
  2. 2. The General Public Does Not Know the Importance of GLXP: The goal of Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) is to create a global private race to the Moon that excites and involves the global public while dramatically accelerating the commercial exploration of space. Why Google Lunar X PRIZE Delivers “WOW” In doing so, GLXP will: • Educate the global public about the benefits of opening up space and exploring the Moon • Inspire and excite the world about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) • Enable and qualify a new generation of companies able to design, build, launch, and operate space hardware • Enable low-cost space exploration, with a target objective of 30 times cheaper than current abilities
  3. 3. Why is the The General Public Doesn’t Know Why GLXP is Important • NASA’s Mars Mission has people asking, “Why go to the Moon?” • Relevance of private advances in the space industry is unclear Simplify the Story & Quickly Engage the Public • GLXP need to be brought to life so the public understands GLXPImportant?
  4. 4. Dome Shows have that “wow” effect that appeals to multiple audiences because of the surround sound and visuals. It will immerse the audience in an engaging narrative and visually stunning GLXP experience Google will be positioned as helping usher in a new era of space exploration Only A Dome Show Can Bring GLXP to Life
  5. 5. • A compelling and engaging look at this unique X PRIZE, the teams that are vying to win a total of $30 million, and their new generation of planetary rovers. • Visually detail the vision of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and inspire audiences to learn more about and follow the competition. • Offer a vision of our future on the Moon and in space that will ignite the imagination and stimulate youth’s interest in STEM subjects and careers. • Be a cornerstone in the promotional efforts to create positive word of mouth, and ultimately interest, in the competing missions to the Moon to take place prior to the end of 2015. Only A Dome Show Can Bring GLXP to Life
  6. 6. • Audiences for the Google Lunar X PRIZE and Science Centers overlap. • Science Centers and Dome Shows are heavily visited by schools kids for field trips • Attract 8 million viewers over the two year period: - 5 million from Science Center audience.* - 3 million from other venues and online. GLXP and Dome Show Demographics Align GLXP Audience Dome Show Audience Parents Space Enthusiasts Kids interested in STEM General Public * 15% of the 35 million worldwide who attend Dome Shows
  7. 7. How the GLXP Story Unfolds The Dome Show will run approximately 22 minutes: • Moon education • History of Moon exploration • Cultural experience of the moon, both ancient and contemporary • Google Lunar X PRIZE competition: (three current teams’ work will be featured) • Our future on the Moon: - What is afforded by the absence of gravity - What does the possibility of water on the Moon mean for humanity? - Resources on the moon (energy, materials, living) - Telepresence (rovers doing the work for us) - Travel to and living on the Moon • What does it take to open a frontier?
  8. 8. NSC Creative • Located in the United Kingdom, NSC Creative brings more than 10 years of producing popular dome shows internationally with and a reputation of being a skilled, professional and reliable team within the Science Center and planetarium communities • Produced 14 full dome planetarium shows since 2001. All 14 dome shows produced have been on time and on budget • Consistently developed their ability to innovate; their two recent shows demonstrate creativity and innovation World-Class Production Team 
  9. 9. Marketing the Show Across All Channels The Dome Show provides compelling content from which we can digitally market using exclusive content from the show, covering all platforms including web/social, mobile, and PR. Google dominates in digital marketing and can amplify the support efforts: • Create a huge buzz early by having the big name Science Centers: - (AMNH in New York, Cal Academy, Houston Science Center, The Adler, The Hayden, The Griffith, and some internationally) - Preview the show a couple of weeks prior to the official launch • Tie in with appropriate Google Products: - Utilize AdWords and AdMob for targeted messages to kids/families - Develop a “Making Of” trailer for YouTube - If budget allows, develop an Android app • Use Social Media to target the message and build interest: - Our agency, M80, will develop a targeted outreach campaign - Will seek out Ambassadors in each Market to help draw interest
  10. 10. Marketing the Show Across All Channels • The Dome Show Public Relations: - Our agency will develop a targeted outreach campaign to industry and the general public • Let Science Centers help spread the word: - Utilize their built-in marketing with mailing lists and local market outreach • Leverage trade organizations and their audiences: - Association of Science and Technology Center - The International Planetarium Society - Fulldome.org • Develop “Event” and engaging materials: - Posters - Press kit - Trailers - Educational materials for in schools, science centers programs
  11. 11. How the Dome Show Fits within the Overall GLXP Marketing Plan  • 2013 will be the year to build the public interest in preparation for a possible launch by at GLXP team in 2014/15. • The Dome Show will be the cornerstone in the promotional effort to create positive word of mouth, and ultimately interest. -A location-based event that can serve as a promotional vehicle within the three public-facing marketing campaigns: MoonBots, Mooncast, and Earth’s Greatest Hits.
  12. 12. Science Centers • Utilize the Association of Science and Technology Center • Attract Science Centers and incentivize them to promote the Show: • Of the 1,028 full dome theater throughout the world, expect 400 to sign up. • Since lease fees prevent many Science Centers from funding new shows, the Dome Show will be provided free. • In lieu of a lease fee, Science Centers will have financial resources to create events to promote to their members and the general public. Distribution Strategy to Maximize Reach
  13. 13. Flat Screen Version • The Dome Show will be converted to significantly widened the opportunity for distribution and viewing: • Science Centers that do not have dome planetariums. • Community groups; schools and after-school programs; astronomy clubs; and civic groups. Online • GooglePlay Distribution Strategy to Maximize Reach
  14. 14. Metrics for Success GLXP 400+ screens worldwide 8M viewership/impressions 20M PR impressions 1M impressions for “Making Of” trailer on YouTube 500K downloads on GooglePlay Share of conversation # of Science Center events around GLXP team launches * Assumption: 1 view = 1 impression
  15. 15. The Google Lunar X PRIZE Dome Show