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Using Social Networking to Engage Your Donors
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Using Social Networking to Engage Your Donors


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I offered this presentation at the International Catholic Stewardship Council and at the Lehigh Chapter for the Association of Fundraising Professionals in October 2009.

I offered this presentation at the International Catholic Stewardship Council and at the Lehigh Chapter for the Association of Fundraising Professionals in October 2009.

Published in: Education, Technology, Spiritual

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  • 1. Using Social Networking to Engage your Donors James S. Friend, Jr. Director, Office of Stewardship and Development Diocese of Allentown, PA
  • 2. In the beginning….
  • 3. Nonprofit Social Media Survey Sponsored by:
    • February 2009 – April 2009
    • Surveyed 980 Nonprofits
    • Excellent Cross-section of types of nonprofits
  • 4. Nonprofit Social Network Survey Report
    • Social networks are popular but average community sizes remain small
      • 86.2% of surveyed nonprofits maintain a presence on a commercial Social Network
      • 74.1% of nonprofits surveyed maintain a presence on Facebook.
      • 93.9% of organizations using Twitter have been on it for less than a year.
    • 30.6% of nonprofits maintain a House Social Network
  • 5. Popularity of Commercial Social Networks Source:
  • 6. Average Size of Respondent Communities Source:
  • 7.
    • Nonprofits on social media are allocating small but real resources: staff and budget
      • 4/5 of the nonprofits surveyed are committing at least ½ of a fulltime staff person to maintain the site.
        • More than ½ of those surveyed intend to increase this staff allocation over the next 12 months.
      • 4 out of 10 organizations have a budget for social networking, 8.3% reserve $10,000 or less for purpose.
    • 1/3 of those surveyed have built and managed their own “house” social networking site.
    Nonprofit Social Media Expenses Source:
  • 8. Nonprofit Social Media Revenues
    • For now, there is very little revenue generated by social media channels via fundraising or advertising.
      • Facebook: 39.9% of respondents have raised money on facebook / 29.1% of respondents have raised $500 or less over the past 12 months.
      • House Social Networks: 25.2% of nonprofit are fundraising and 1/3 of these fundraisers accumulated $10,000 or more in the last year.
  • 9. Diocese of Allentown Social Networking
    • Facebook page
      • Facebook Groups
      • Fan Pages
    • YouTube Channel
    • Twitter (Linked with facebook status update)
    • Diocesan LinkedIn Group Page
    • 8 High School Online Communities
    Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 10.
    • More than 300 Million active users - 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
    • Fastest growing demographic is those 35 years and up
    • More than 40 million status updates each day
    • More than 10 million users become fans of Pages each day
    • More than 45 million active user groups exist on the site
    • There are more than 65 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.
    Facebook Statistics Source:
  • 11.
    • Groups : A way to dip your toe or run a small campaign
    • Pages : Improved communication with supporters, metrics, and control
    • Causes : Facebook’s most popular application for fundraising and spreading awareness
    • Applications : Improved communications, integration and customization capabilities, supporter activities, and control (both visual and functional)
    Understanding Facebook Source: Blackbaud
  • 12.  
  • 13. Nonprofit Social Media Budgets
  • 14. Distributing Messages Automatically via Social Map What a guy! We are so lucky to have him The kids will love him! Is he coming to my school? Bishop Barres will attend the Allentown Central Catholic HS football game on Saturday.
  • 15.
    • Bishop’s Page
    • Parish Pages
    • Catholic School Alumni Groups
    • Special Interest: « In Memory of Bishop Thomas Welsh »
    • Bishop’s Appeal
    Facebook Strategies Create subgroups for special interests Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 16.
    • “ We want 1,000 facebook friends by the end of the week, help spread the word and refer a friend to us!”
    • Diocesan Press Releases
    • Links to News Articles from around the Diocese
    • Links to Video
    • Wish members Happy Birthday (B-Day’s Listed)
    • Ask Friends to Tag you in Photos for all to see.
    • Post links to Daily Readings
    Facebook Strategies Keep your Status Updates Fresh Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 17.
    • “ For all of our Catholic School Students, Parents and Alumns, why do you support Catholic Education? Give us your comments…”
    • Use Applications like Quizzes
    • Post Invitations to Events
    • Don’t be afraid to post links to moderately controversial issues to get comments.
    • Remind your friends of your presence on other Social Media sites
    Facebook Strategies Keep your Status Updates Fresh (cont.) Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 18.
    • Starter organization profile
    • Typically used by smaller organizations or chapters of a larger nonprofit
    • Easy to set up; good place to dabble with Facebook
    • User actions display on their profile and in their friends’ news feeds
    • Limitations
      • Updating and notification capabilities restricted
      • No applications
    Facebook Strategies Using Groups Source: Blackbaud
  • 19.
    • Make certain that more than one person can act or access the Admin on the Group or Fan Page
    • Do not accept invitations to applications (games)
    • Do not join groups that you have no control over
    • Do use your facebook Profile as the “Diocesan Profile”
    • Do not request to be friends with too many people in one day – they can turn this feature off!
    • Turn off Chat Feature
    Facebook Strategies Cautions Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 20.
    • Limit online engagement with Youth
    • Share the Responsibility of the page with other Staff
    • Respect Privacy of Friends, limit access to facebook profile
    • Engage your Communications Department and your Newspaper
    • Check the facebook page M-F daily
    • ?
    Facebook Strategies Cautions (cont.) Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 21.
    • ENGAGE your Friends
    • Be interactive – responsive
    • Create excitement – awareness
    • Be a resource and a source of information
    Facebook Strategies Making Friends Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 22.
    • #4 Largest Site on the Internet
    • #1 Largest video site on the web
    • 300 Million Worldwide Visitors a Month
    • 100 Million Visitors per Month
    • 5 Billion Video Streams Every month – 40% of all videos online
    • (Do the Math – 5 Billion / 300 Million worldwide visitors = 17 streams a month per person)
    • 15 Hours of video uploaded every minute
    You Tube Statistics Source:
  • 23.  
  • 24. Recent Activity Publisher Info Videos
  • 25.
    • Videos no more than 10 minutes in length
    • You Tube Can accept High Qualify Videos
    • Practical Uses
      • Marketing
        • Vocations
        • Catholic Schools
      • Ongoing Catholic Education (Children/Youth/Adult)
      • PR for Upcoming Events
      • (Arch)Bishop’s Appeal Video
      • Diocesan Communications
      • ?
    You Tube Basics / Strategy Source: Jim Friend
  • 26.
    • Average Age: 41
    • 95% Are College Educated (37% Are Post-Grads)
    • Household Income: $109,703
    • Male: 64%
    • Household Income $100k+ 53.5%
    • Own Smartphone/PDA: 34%
    • College Grad/Post Grad: 80.1%
    • Business Decision Maker: 49%
    LinkedIn Statistics Source: www.
  • 27.
    • 24% Have a Portfolio Value of $250k+
      • 56% Have An Account With An Online Brokerage
      • 60% Have An Account With An Offline Brokerage
    • 85% Viewed/Paid Bills Online in Last 30 Days
    • 53% Monitored/Viewed Stocks Online in Last 30 Days
    • Job Titles:
      • C-Level Executives 7.8%
      • EVP/SVP 6.5%
      • Senior Management 16%
      • Middle Management 18%
    • 50% Are Business Decision Makers in Their Companies
    LinkedIn Statistics (cont.) Source: www.
  • 28.
    • Create a personal account on LinkedIn
    • Create a group for your Diocese
    • Give access to more than one person as the Manager of the Group
    • Discuss listing job postings with Human Resources
    • Communicate this with your Office of Youth and Young Adults
    • Continue to advertise your group
    Strategy for LinkedIn Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 29. Diocese of Allentown Purchases Online Communities for Eight High Schools Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 30.
    • Direct Engagement with your donors
      • Connecting them with Friends
      • School
      • Mission
    • Integrated Donor Management Software
    • Gives a reason for Alumni to virtually return to the school from anywhere in the world at anytime.
      • The Group is always there from the day of Graduation
    • Gathers information about donors
    Purchasing an Online Community Benefits Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 31.
    • Donor Management Software
    • Online Giving
    • Online Store
    • Email
    • Personalized Home Page
    • Profile for each member - members connect with each other
    • Facebook and other site connectivity
    Purchasing an Online Community Typical Components Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 32.
    • If possible, purchase this as a Group (Discount)
    • Be aware of price and add-ons
    • Negotiate the fees for online purchases
    • Have a strategy and timeline for rolling it out, be mindful of timing
    • Allot time and money for training
    • Cross train staff
    Purchasing an Online Community Lessons Learned Source: Diocese of Allentown
  • 33.
    • To the “nay sayers” in your diocese, remind them that when Cable TV was new in the early 1980’s, people first thought of it as “evil” too.
    • Social Media engages people, so once you engage them, you’ve opened the door…stay engaged!
    • Social Media, like Fundraising, is not a spectator sport…so don’t be shy, jump right in!
    Closing thoughts Source: Diocese of Allentown