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An introductory presentation about CFO Xchange, your new business partner.

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CFO Xchange Business Services

  1. 1.
  2. 2. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Mission<br />CFO Xchange Business Services is committed to delivering start-up, financial, operational and marketing services to small and medium size business entities on a part-time, contract, project or hourly basis giving our clients the ability to free the cash that would be otherwise sunk into full time employee overhead expenditures.<br />We understand the importance of cash flow within any business, this is especially true for any small and medium size business. By sourcing your projects, positions and even entire departments to CFO Xchange, not only are you saving many of the overhead expenses of a new employee but you are gaining a team with years of experience and expertise. View CFO Xchange about page here<br /> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  3. 3. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Principals<br />Carl Brian Frampton has 30 years experience as a CFO, CEO, COO and CPA. He has done everything from basic accounting and bookkeeping to advanced acquisition analysis and due diligence. View Carl's Profile Here<br />Jonathon Brian Frampton has a MBA in Marketing and Decision Science from the University of Houston. He over 10 years experience in everything from sales and business development to web design and marketing as well as application and system design and implementation. View Jon’s Profile Here<br /> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  4. 4. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Services<br />CFO Xchange Financial Services<br />Let’s have an open conversation about your financials. Whether you are looking at getting into or out of a business, want an outsider’s opinion or just need more reliable accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation. C|X has your solution.<br /><ul><li>Business Financial Statements
  5. 5. Cash Flow Management
  6. 6. Acquisition Analysis
  7. 7. Due Diligence
  8. 8. Profit Improvement and Expense Reduction
  9. 9. Debt and Capital Relationships
  10. 10. Personal, Partnership and Corporate Taxes
  11. 11. Business Exit Strategies</li></ul> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  12. 12. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Services<br />CFO Xchange Start-Up Services<br />The principals at C|X have been through the fire and come out clean. We know what it takes to get your idea and make it a reality. We are excited to hear your ideas!<br /><ul><li>Business Plans
  13. 13. Operational Models and Systems
  14. 14. Contract Review and Analysis
  15. 15. Traditional Marketing Strategies
  16. 16. Search Engine and Social Marketing
  17. 17. Web Design and Online Strategies</li></ul> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  18. 18. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Services<br />CFO Xchange Marketing Services<br />We are obsessed with marketing. Inbound, Outbound, Internet, Search Engine, Social and Traditional Marketing. We do it all!<br /><ul><li>Traditional Marketing Strategies
  19. 19. Search Engine and Social Marketing
  20. 20. Web Design and Online Strategies
  21. 21. Marketing ROI Analysis
  22. 22. View Our Marketing Blogs</li></ul>We are also engaged in keyword analysis and traffic estimation as well as Google Analytics website traffic analysis!<br /> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  23. 23. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Our Services<br />CFO Xchange Operations Services<br />Your operations are the heart of your business, we do flow analysis and clot removals<br /><ul><li>Data Management and Reporting
  24. 24. Custom Spreadsheet Applications
  25. 25. Custom Database Applications
  26. 26. Marketing ROI Analysis
  27. 27. Statistical Analysis</li></ul> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
  28. 28. CFO Xchange Business Services<br />Start-ups | Financial | Operations | Marketing<br />Connect With CFO Xchange<br />Connect<br />Let’s have a conversation!<br /><ul><li>Call (936) 666-1460
  29. 29. Email
  30. 30. Visit
  31. 31. Check out The Xchange Blog
  32. 32. Like Us on Facebook
  33. 33. Follow Us on Twitter
  34. 34. Follow Us on LinkedIn
  35. 35. Come by and say hello!
  36. 36. 15001 Walden Rd. Ste 235
  37. 37. Montgomery, TX 77356
  38. 38. Google Places Page</li></ul> | 936-666-1460 |<br />
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