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Presentation given at BITKOM Forum on European Standardisation
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Presentation given at BITKOM Forum on European Standardisation


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Making global ICT Standardsavailable for EuropeBITKOM Forum, FrankfurtOctober 20, 2011Dr. Jochen FriedrichChair of the BITKOM working group on
  • 2. Standardisation is high on the political agenda ICT White Paper Standardisation Innovation and Innovation Digital Agenda Union Future of Strategic Vision Regulation onStandardisation European for European Europeanand Innovation Standardisation Standards Standardisation
  • 3. Focus on ICT Standardisation“ As foreseen in the Digital Agenda for Europe, the Regulation willestablish a system whereby the most relevant ICT standards developedby leading Global ICT Fora and Consortia can be used in publicprocurement to help avoid lockin and encourage competition in the supplyof interoperable ICT services, applications and products. […]The Commission will increasingly use selected ICT standards developedby other standards development organisations than ESOs for Europeanpolicies, […] in particular when the interoperability between devices,applications, data repositories, services and networks must be furtherenhanced...”[Communication “A Strategic Vision for European Standards”, COM(2010)311.] Industrial Policy / Innovation Policy Public Procurement BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. 3
  • 4. Reforming the EU ICT Standardisation Policy: Key Issue fora and consortia “Private/ closed” IEC ISOISO ITU JTC1 OASIS Others... IEEE IETF W3C OGFCENELEC ICT Forum CEN ETSI National National National Bodies Bodies Committees Covered by the European Outside of the scope of standardisation system of today European standardisation – therefore not available for use➔ There is a need to make ICT specifications from fora/consortia available for implementation and use in Europe in EU policies and for public procurement.➔ This need is reconfirmed in the EU Digital Agenda and addressed in the EU legal package BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. 4
  • 5. Specifics for ICT in the legal packageCommunication – COM(2011)311: ● Install ICT Platform as advisory group on ICT standardisation policy ● Promote interoperability ● Promote use of fora/consortia standards in policies and procurementRegulation – COM(2011)315: ● Process for recognition of ICT fora/consortia specifications (Articles 9 and 10) ● Assessment criteria (Annex II) Integration of global ICT standardisation into European standardisation systemBITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V. 5
  • 6. Relevance of ICT fora/consortia standards for public procurement● No modern ICT infrastructure can be built without using fora/consortia standards● Public procurers should be able to reference directly respective global ICT fora/consortia standards ● Make it easier for procurers; ● Avoid need to “copy and paste” functional requirements● Criteria will ensure openness, transparency, balance, etc. ● Consistent with WTO Principles● Multi-stakeholder platform will ensure proper representation of all interests including societal stakeholders, SMEs, ESOs, national governments, etc.BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.
  • 7. Relevance of ICT fora/consortia standards for public policies● Public policies – not Regulation ! - are an important instrument of innovation policy for Europe● A strong potential for innovation is in the integration of technologies for optimising processes, methods, etc., e.g. ● eEnergy, eHealth, Intelligent Transportation, smart water supply, etc.● Integration of technologies requires a combination of standards ● Standards roadmaps● Global ICT standards from fora/consortia are an important element in this integration and policy makers need to be able to make use of these standards and include them - “Without all ingredients you will not get a proper recipe.”● If Europe wants to lead in innovative areas it is important that Europe is able to make direct use of ICT fora/consortia standards in policies ● NB: This is about making use of what is available, not about developing new standards● The new legal package ensures that the requirements for using fora/consortia standards in policies are clear ("criteria" derived from WTO Principles) BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.
  • 8. Clarifying some myths and FUD about the draft Regulation● Not all fora/consortia specifications will be available for transposition into formal standards.● Fora/consortia specifications will not get the same level as European Standards / European Norms● Fora/consortia specifications will not be referenced in legislation. European standards will continue to be developed by the ESOs (see Consideratum 3)● Articles 9 and 10, are not about developing harmonised standards in support of the European common market but about making use of ICT specifications that are widely used globally anyway and that are critical for modern ICT systems and infrastructures.● Stakeholder involvement will be ensured via the ICT Platform including Member States, ESOs, SMEs, societal stakeholders, industryBITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.
  • 9. Integrating ICT fora/consortia specifi- cations into European StandardisationNew Legislative PublicFramework / Policies ProcurementNew ApproachEuropean Standard/ Recognised ICT Specification available for European Norm direct referencingTransposition into Recognition according to Article 9“formal” standard Common basis for both policies and procurement – Criteria of Annex II ICT Specifications from fora/consortiaBITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.
  • 10. Recognition Process Request Assessment RecognitionPublic Formal advice from ICT Platform Europeanadministration (all stakeholders involved) Commission (based onSpecific need National Standards Bodies should advice) assist information process (e.g.Case-by-case notification via web site) Publication on web site Process for providing comments, raising concerns needs to be available BITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.
  • 11. Summary● The ICT industry represented in BITKOM supports the Commission proposals on ICT in the draft Regulation● The Regulation manages to integrate gobal ICT standardisation done in fora/consortia into the European standardisation system in a complementary way to the existing structures and processes● ICT specifications from fora/consortia are needed for both public procurement and policies● Articles 9 and 10 of the Regulation are well drafted and provide for clarity and a common base regarding the use of ICT specifications in policies and procurementBITKOM – Bundesverband Informationswirtschaft, Telekommunikation und neue Medien e.V.