WALKING PROGRAM - How to start a walking program

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Walking Program - How to Start a Walking Program - How to start a walking program at work - Walking Program Ideas …

Walking Program - How to Start a Walking Program - How to start a walking program at work - Walking Program Ideas
This presentation provides great tips on how to start a walking program at work, at school, or any other organization. Walking is the best form of activity for so many people. Start a walking program today! With the raising rates of overweight and obese people in our society we have to step up for employee wellness. To run an effective business, I believe you need employees that will go the extra mile. Employees will start to think outside the box, once you allow them to exercise for a little while. Happier and healthier employees, that actually like their jobs will perform well and come up with some fantastic ideas. Why wait? Call today or go to www.everybodyfit.com for more information.

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  • 1. Great tips to get your company moving inthe right direction
  • 2.  Let your employees know that you are starting awalking program on a specific date and time Send reminder emails/texts every two weeks or so Be sure to mention the incentives for joining yourwalking programPlant the seed
  • 3.  A quality fitness tool will show your employeesthat you care Contrary to popular belief, a quality pedometer oraccelerometer can cost as little as $6 - $8 Go to www.everybodyfit.com for orderinginformation or to learn moreUse a quality pedometer
  • 4.  A free pedometer is the perfect way to kick off yourwalking program Employees will flock to get a free, high-qualitypedometer In order to create a buzz, distribute a fewpedometers to employees prior to kicking offwalking programMake the pedometer free
  • 5.  Did you know…? The average person only takesabout 3,000 steps per day The 10,000-Steps-a-day program has been proven tobe effective in raising the activity level ofemployees Ask the owner of EverybodyFit, LLC for afree, custom-made 10,000 step program for yourcompany: mailto:jfogarty@everybodyfit.comThe 10,000 Steps-a-dayProgram
  • 6.  Giving your employees a 15-minute break to take awalk will produce a happier workforce Happier employees will produce a greater returnon investment Only employees that wear their pedometers maytake the extra break Assign a specific time for employees to take thewalking break everyday (such as 1:45-2:00)Allow a break for walking
  • 7.  When a goal or milestone is met or an importantclient has been landed, give employees a bonus 20-minute freedom walk instead of celebrating withfatty foods or high calorie beveragesInclude bonus walks inprogramIf you want to walk fast… walk alone, if you wantto walk far… walk together - African Proverb
  • 8.  Traditionally weekend days are much less active... Reserve one weekend day a month for employeesto meet to take a walk or a hike Allow employees to bring family Be respectful of employees who wish to get awayon weekends by keeping the weekend walkscompletely voluntary and with no pressureCreate weekend walkers
  • 9.  Notify your walking group of upcoming charityevents A portion of your walkers may have a team that iswilling to participate Providing notices of charity events is a great way toenrich and expand the walking program at workInform charity walkers
  • 10.  We hope you enjoyed our tips for starting awalking program! My name is James Fogarty. I am theowner/operator of www.everybodyfit.com and Ilook forward to working with you! If you have any questions or need help with yourwalking program or purchasing pedometers oraccelerometers please call 860-305-3815 or email:jfogarty@everybodyfit.comIn conclusion