Building a communications committee spectrum conf.


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Learn how to assemble a team and develop a plan to help you transition from doing multiple tasks to managing multiple projects. The presentation was made during the Community Service Public Relations Council's ( annual Spectrum Conference on May 7, 2013, at the Sheraton in Clayton, Mo. The objectives for the session included developing an understanding why a committee or group is necessary, where to get volunteers with specific skills, how to get organized and execute, and how to evaluate your committee's performance.
Joe Mueller, principal of Mueller Communications, offers consulting services that will help your nonprofit or small businesses improve its performance through enhanced communications and marketing strategies.

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Building a communications committee spectrum conf.

  1. 1. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 1Building A CommunicationsCommittee;A Plan For Your OrganizationJoe MuellerMueller CommunicationsCommunity Service Public Relations Council2013 Spectrum ConferenceAlways ask, ‘Why?’ Simon Sinek’s TED Talk 10.4 million views “Start With Why” bookpublished in 2009Why are you here?Objectives Why you need to develop a committee, group orteam? Where do you get volunteers for committee—players for the team? How do you get organized and execute? How do you evaluate performance? Takeaway: 2 or 3 action items. Who is going to dowhat and by when?
  2. 2. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 2Why build a committee or group? Assist with creating, maintainingcontent—your organization’sstory Assist with specific channels—print, web, social media, etc. Become an executive producer oreditor—a project manager Become better at strategy—createtime to surveylandscape/battlefieldWhy build a committee or group? Increase institutional knowledgeof marketing & communications Increase efficiency—betterresults without substantiallyincreased overhead You can’t do it all Free your psychic RAMReview your organization’s mission Why do we exist? What are foundational elements for operating? Money-fundraising Membership—clients Awareness—who needs to know we exist? People—volunteers, staff Program—services and activities
  3. 3. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 3EVERYONE in your organizationplays a role in communications Establish a clear vision you want to achieve Use your plan as a map—everyone gets somethingfrom your success Get buy-in from, Executive director Staff Board Key volunteers Key funders, donors Create benchmarks and reporting mechanismsPrimary functions of your committee Develop, implement and evaluate the plan Identify, communicate trends Communicate to audiences Support delivery of the organization’s programPrimary functions of your committee Promote new programs, projects Create consistent messages Create content Conduct, analyze and utilize research
  4. 4. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 10Identify your needs Publications Photography Video Website (analytics) Digital—e-newsletter and social media Writing and editing Research Media relations Special events support12John,CEO ofWOMP.R.Cindy, Owner of WebSolutionsTim, Production Mgr.KWMU-TVElla, VP of RatherMarketingGreg, Freelance GraphicDesign
  5. 5. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 5Sample Organization ChartMarketingChairmanSocial MediaFacebookTwitterVideoFundraisingProgramPromotionCommittee or group structure Chairman, member of governing board Get more brains in the game—assemble peoplewith contacts and influence to brainstorm ideas forpeople to serve on committeeCommittee or group structure Where to find committee members Local college, university marketing and businessdepartments Ad agencies, PR firms Radio, television stations AMA (American Marketing Assoc.) PRSA (PublicRelations Society of America), IABC (InternationalAssociation of Business Communicators)
  6. 6. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 6Committee or group structure Where to find committee members Corporate marketing, advertising, graphic designcompanies Freelance writers, designers, photographers Newspapers, magazines, other print media Companies with large marketing presence University and school district communications, publicrelations coordinatorsDeveloping an integrated plan Conduct a communications audit SWOT analysis of five fundamental areas ofoperations Determine your organization’s most importantobjectives Determine the tactics you will implement toaccomplish each objective18ObjectivesIncrease individual donationsIncrease clientsImprove Awareness OfPrevention ProgramsAssist upcoming capitalcampaign for new facilityIncrease participation involunteer trainingEstablish awareness ofendowment fund
  7. 7. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 7Increase participation involunteer trainingIncrease individual donationsIncrease client servicesBlogBrochureVideoMediaCampaignBrochureVideoMediaCampaignDirectMailDirectMailImplementing, executing the plan Build a team that can serve your organization, OR Assign people to work with program departmentand request assistance for services Establish editorial calendar Create accountability—meetings, scorecards More information on planning: Attend Allison Collinger’s session today at 3:15 p.m. Visit:—are our initiatives moving theorganization forward? Review your organizational metrics or scorecards How do we improve, be more effective? Celebrate success Share results with staff, volunteers, board Earn, maintain a ‘seat at the table’ Stay on top of trends Do we need more help? Do we need help in new, specific area? FEEDBACK IS A GIFT—accept positive or negativeresponse as precious
  8. 8. Community Service Public RelationsCouncil--2013 Spectrum 8Recognition Reward your team Build camaraderie, enthusiasm Celebrate success People jump ON bandwagons and OFF sinking shipsJoe MuellerBlog/Website: muellercommunications-stl.comLinkedIn: joseph.f.mueller@gmail.comTwitter: @jfmuellerCell: (636) 232-7730