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L9 Biculturalism Consequences and Effects
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  • 1. Biculturalism – Consequences and Effects
    • Lesson Aims:
    • To define Biculturalism.
    • To explain the effect biculturalism as had in New Zealand.
    • Key Words:
    • Biculturalism
    • Waitangi
    • Racism
    Do now: Think/Pair/Share: How do you know if you have a bicultural society? What do you expect to see?
  • 2. Term Outline Enquiry Questions Where did NZ come from? Where did NZers come from? Why is NZ unique? Who are the Kiwis? Role models and national identity What is NZ’s relationship with the world? What is the future of New Zealand? Lesson Key Questions What is significant about NZ flora and fauna? What is significant about NZ geography? The tourism industry. What is biculturalism? Waitangi and beyond Who were the suffragists? How does the New Zealand political system work? Parliament and the Commonwealth. Why is New Zealand nuclear free?
  • 3. Lesson Objectives
    • To explain the effect which biculturalism has on our society.
    • To write a structured paragraph.
    • To define Biculturalism
    All A Few All Create Argument
  • 4. Glossary
    • Copy the following terms into your glossary:
    • Biculturalism – Two main cultures working alongside each other in equality.
    • Assimilation – the idea that over a period of time you can become something else. I.e. Maori become British.
    • Integration – the idea that you mix things together rather than keep them apart.
  • 5. Biculturalism
    • Read through the worksheet and answer the questions in full sentences.
  • 6. Issues of biculturalism?
    • Discuss :
    • What is racism?
    • Is it still present in NZ?
    • Using the writing frame on the next slide, complete 3 paragraphs on the following question:
    • Biculturalism is a good thing for NZ.
  • 7. Writing frame
    • Point:
    • Biculturalism is/is not a good thing for New Zealand because... (only one reason)
    • Evidence:
    • State a fact – reference
    • to an event or
    • statistics.
    • Explanation:
    • This shows that...