L1 Creation Stories - Mythology

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  • 1. Creation Stories - Mythology
    • Lesson Aims:
    • To assess prior learning.
    • To describe the Maori creation story.
    • Key Words:
    • Maui Aotearoa
    • Papatuanuku Ranginui
    • Korero O Nehera Tane
    • Do now:
    • KWL: Create a table with two columns in your book. Spend 4 minutes writing down what you know and want to know about New Zealand.
  • 2. Student Guides
    • Your teacher will now hand you a student guide.
    • Read through it carefully. Pay special attention to the assessment schedules and weightings.
  • 3. Term Outline Enquiry Questions Where did NZ come from? Where did NZers come from? Why is NZ unique? Who are the Kiwis? Role models and national identity What is NZ’s relationship with the world? What is the future of New Zealand? Lesson Key Questions What is the Maori explanation for the creation of New Zealand? What are the geographical explanations for the creation of NZ? Who discovered New Zealand? Moriori, Maori and Europeans Who were the first immigrants? Iwi and Tauiwi Who else settled in New Zealand? Asia and the Pacific.
  • 4. Lesson Objectives
    • To explain the relationship between the Maori creation story and stories from other countries.
    • To describe the Maori creation story.
    • To identify key figures and terms in Maori Mythology
    All A Few Most Create Argument
  • 5. Definitions
    • Copy the following into your glossary:
    • Maui: The Maori god who fished up New Zealand.
    • Aotearoa: Literally ‘The Land of the Long White Cloud’. The Maori name for New Zealand.
    • Papatuanuku : The Mother of the Gods.
    • She became the land.
    • Ranginui : The Father of the Gods. He
    • became the sky.
    • Korero O Nehera : Literally ‘Stories of Old’.
    • Tane : The son of Rangi and Papa who
    • separated them. He is god of the forest
    • and birds.
  • 6. Origin of the World
    • Watch the two videos on the right and write down 3 bullet points from each which describe the Maori story of creation.
    • Point for discussion:
    • Are there any similarities with other creation stories you know of?
  • 7. Origin of New Zealand
    • Watch the video and answer the following questions in full sentences:
    • What relationship do the Maoris have with the land?
    • Where did the North and South Island come from?
    • What geographical evidence is there to back up these stories? (2 pieces of evidence)
    • Do you think they are true? Why/why not? (2 sentences)
  • 8. Homework for the week
    • Important: You will need your atlases for next lesson
    • Homework:
    • Go to the Discussion Board on Blackboard.
    • You must contribute to the discussion by answering one of the following questions:
    • What is the most interesting thing you know about New Zealand history or culture.
    • OR
    • What do you like the best about this country?