The impact of globalisation has on cultural diversity!

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EQ3 - Info PPT containing tasks.

EQ3 - Info PPT containing tasks.

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  • 1. EQ3
  • 2. 1. That there are different views about the impact globalisation has had on cultural diversity.2. The role that the global media plays in promoting culture. With as focus on the American media.3. Examples of localised cultures that have emerged in our modern ‘globalised’ world.4. About the different views that exist regarding the impact of consumerism. China is a good starting point.
  • 3. Positive Negative• Some say globalisation • Globalisation has eroded has opened the worlds national identity. eyes to particular places • Some cultures dominate resulting in increased over all others. awareness of issues. • Increased awareness has• Development has resulted in the erosion of increased in many places more homogenous as a result of increased cultures. trade opportunities.
  • 4. Hyperglobaliisers Transformationalists Sceptics• The relevance of • Globalisation forces • Globalisation isn’t individual nations will countries to change and anything new. It’s just become less relevant adapt at an the old powerful as the world becomes uncomfortable a pace. economic nations more integrated. remaining powerful. • The continuing growth• This idea is based and development of the • Examine world trade as around TNC’s becoming EU to compete at a 85% of it still occurs the biggest global world level. Think about between developed influence and not how and why the EU nations. nations. has had to hand out bailouts to countries• The rise of global struggling after the consumer culture credit crunch. supports this.
  • 5. • Make notes on the 3 views about globalisation shown previously.• Apply a case study to each of the views to help support it. Try to use studies weve already covered (recently or in the past). Explain how the case study supports it.• The text books have a fairly good bit on this section! Read my boys, read!
  • 6. • Global media corporations occupy a uniquely powerful position• They can spread their message globally, instantly, to millions of people.• Only in the last 60 years have the technologies shown (right) become commonplace.• There are concerns that the global media is dominated by ‘western’ companies:
  • 7. • You need to carry out some research into 2 global media companies. You should produce an A4 page on each outlining the following things.• How the company has changed, evolved and expanded over time.• Examples of how the company has glocalised its products.• Information about the image it spreads globally.• Information about some of the criticism it has received regarding its global activities.• This could be presented as an annotated time line. The text books are a good place to start!
  • 8. • Globalisation has allowed certain cultures to shine on a global level.• Bollywood is a great example of this. • Indian folk tales, traditional dresses, celebrations, dancing, language and much more has been merged to create a what we know as Bollywood.• Another good example is how music from certain countries has travelled and sold all around the world. Thanks to global record companies (TNC’s) and communication tech. • You have to look back to the 1950’s and to bands like the Beatles and to artists like Elvis Presley etc. who through clever management and PR sold themselves and the products across the world. In doing so they shared the English language and through their lyrics (well some) English and American traditions, love stories and ultimately culture. Non English speakers began to sing these songs in English!
  • 9. • Spend some time researching and reading about Bollywood. When did it start? what does it do? Where is it? How has it changed over time? Where are the films popular and why? Create an information sheet. Traditional Icelandic farmers• Next a little presentation activity. Create a hats as knitted for presentation on the topic chosen for you below. 5 many hundreds of minutes in length with supporting notes. years by farmers • Gboy & Tommy– Music wives in Iceland. • Clarkey and Leci - Fashion Ideal for horse • Ammereliot – SMS Speak, Blogs & Instagram etc back trekking across cold lands• You must present a brief history to the topic, how (Icelandic farming why and when it infected other cultures and culture). The style importantly how it influences cultures today. Try to has now been present specific examples – if you get stuck come exported and is see me as my brain is simply full of examples. used across the world!
  • 10. • This will be added when I have spent adequate time considering it.• I am currently feeding my Alpaca.Alpacas are popular as pets on smallholdings, as pack animals or even as largecommercial herds for cria and fibreproduction. Alpacas are commonly praisedfor their kind nature and padded feet thatdo little damage to pasture.
  • 11. • Using examples / case studies / knowledge you have already researched write a report based on the following statement.• Views on the impact of globalisation on cultural homogeneity vary. Discuss • Remember a report presents fact and not opinion. • You need to present arguments for and against the impacts of globalisation and must back up points using case studies. • Sections linked to the 3 different views on globalisation??? • Your introduction should define globalisation, homogeniality and culture. And should give me an idea about the content of the rest of your report. • You may bring your own ideas into the conclusion.