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ChannelStream: The challenges of continuously delivering ChannelStream: The challenges of continuously delivering Presentation Transcript

  • The Challenge of Continuously DeliveringJulian Fitzell, CincomESUG, EdinburghAugust 24, 2011 Image © Petr Vins:
  • ChannelStream
  • Document Output Management
  • Control
  • Enrichment Barc ode DatamatrixO MR Ma rketing
  • Output
  • Why?• Postal contract savings• Saves licking envelopes• Personalization and cross-marketing• Avoid IT/supplier for customization• Enhance legacy output
  • ChallengesImage © Tim Regan:
  • Difficulty tracking versions Manual process STRESS! Infrequent integration Building images slow + error-prone Integration is Slow + risky/hardFrequent developmentreleases External dependencies One fragile developer integrating Test Test data environment not unversioned easily reproducible Reduced confidence from automated tests False positives Configuration files unversioned Tests slow/ hard to run Unclear Tests not Tests not separation between always run always updated unit/functional
  • So...• Make building images easier• Make running tests easier• Make integration easier
  • con·tin·u·ous de·liv·er·y• putting the release schedule in the hands of the business• ensuring your software is always production ready throughout its entire lifecycle• making any build potentially releasable to users at the touch of a button Jez Humble,
  • Goals• Reduce cycle time between an idea and its availability to users• Deliver high-quality software reliably and efficiently
  • Frequent, automated releases: • Decrease stress • Eliminate errors and improve auditability • Make feedback more immediate • Protect against reliance on individual expertise • Reduce wasted time on repetitive tasks
  • Make releases boring• Automate (almost) everything• Version everything• Deploy everywhere the same way• If it hurts, do it more often• Everyone is responsible for delivery
  • Development + Integration
  • Integration Problems • Contention over “head” • One person doing most of the integration • Delayed integration => harder integration • Poor visibility of changes • Hard to predict/analyze failure
  • Integration Issue tracker + email
  • Integration Task/merge tools
  • Integration Integrate often • Hide functionality (feature toggles) • Incremental, releasable changes • “Branch by abstraction” for large-scale changes • Use components to decouple parts Image © Lars Sundstrom:
  • Integration Remaining Issues • Restructurings can still be tricky when branches are outstanding • “Integration token” still just informal conversation
  • Building
  • Building Problems • Manual builds on developer machines • Wasted developer time • “Here, take my image” • Taking shortcuts • “Works on my machine”
  • Building Helper scripts + docs
  • Building Fully automated scripts Builder Target -filein
  • Building Builds run (at least)daily
  • Building Archive built images
  • &%9"4+$")+J35&V4G+$HH$")%9+9+EK9+9)$EK*+$%(+9=3K+K9$"9+$+K)$"&=+L"+#)99)"+$49)"%$957)K-+Building Image © 2009 by Urbancode + + Run automatically on ALL code changes P=)+L5"K9+K9)HK+L"+E$93"5%I+9=)+#354(+$")+K9$%($"(5X5%I+9=)+#354(+H"&)KK+$%(+H)"L"E5%I+LL5&5$4+#354(K+ R()7)4H)"+E$&=5%)+L"+9=)+#354(+E)$%K+&=$%I)K+5%+%)+ Avoid versioning split between SVN + Store 5K+")9"5)7)(+L"E+K3"&)+&%9"4+9+3K)+5%+#354(K-+P=5K+E$G+#)+9=)+4$9)K9+L"E+9=)+95H+L+$+#"$%&=*+"+ 4$#)4)(+K3"&)+&()*+"+KE)9=5%I+)4K)-+P=)+5EH"9$%9+H$"9+5K+9=$9+9=)+&=K)%+&%7)%95%+#)+$HH45)(+ Rationalize build/version numbering &%K5K9)%94G-+N59=+9=)K)+H"$&95&)K+5%+H4$&)*+9=)+9)$E+=$K+")$&=)(+$%+!"&+),-&+.+4)7)4+L+#354(+ &EH)9)%&)-+ 6%G+9)$E+3K5%I+K9$%($"(+;%95%33K+,%9)I"$95%+D544+9$V)+9=5K+$+K9)H+L3"9=)"+$%(+$39E$9)+)Y)&395%+L+ 9=)+#354(+K9)HK-+P=)+#354(+K)"7)"+D544+(5&9$9)+E$&=5%)K*+K3"&)R&()+"34)K*+$%(+"3%+9=K)+#354(+K9)HK*+ !"#$%&()*+,%&-+.+/011+23&45(+67)%3)+8359)+:00+.+;4)7)4$%(*+<=5+11>>?+.+@A+/>:-B?B-C000++.+DDD-3"#$%&()-&E+.+F+/00C+#G+!"#$%&()+
  • Testing
  • Testing Problems • Tests took up to 16 hours to run • Test environment hard to create • Failing tests sometimes pass when re-run • Not everyone could run tests or be sure of results • High cost of test maintenance • Sometimes quicker to test manually than fix the test environment
  • Testing Done • Optimize tests (now run in ~ 2 hours) • Separate unit/regression from functional/integration tests • Store test data in a central location
  • Testing Run tests automatically
  • &%O5()%&)-+Testing Image © 2009 by Urbancode Image © 2009 by Urbancode + + Run regression and smoke tests as part of SI9+9)$EI+=$7)+IE)+O"E+O+$39E$9)(+9)I95%K+5%+J4$&)-+@)"=$JI+$+IE$44+3%59+9)I9+I359)+"+IE)+ build and notify of errors by email I&"5J9)(+9)I9I+)%I3")+9=$9+9=)+#$I5&+O3%&95%$459G+O+9=)+$JJ45&$95%+D"PI-+H=)I)+#$I5&+$39E$9)(+ ")K")II5%+9)I9I+J"75()+)$IG*+)$"4G+()9)&95%+O+O3%($E)%9$4+J"#4)EI-+H)$EI+$9+9=)+!"&()*+&(,+ I9$K)I+O+2%9)"J"5I)+;%95%33I+,%9)K"$95%+$")+K)%)"$44G+L3I9+#)&E5%K+$&&45E$9)(+9+$39E$9)(+ Run functional tests after build 9)I95%K-+ H+")$&=+9=)+-(./+%+4)7)4+O+E$93"59G*+9=)")+I=34(+#)+$+I)9+O+O$I9+9)I9I+9=$9+$")+"3%+D59=+)7)"G+#354(-+ Version control test data H=)I)+9)I9I+J"75()+9=)+9)$E+&%O5()%&)+9=$9+9=)+$JJ45&$95%+D544+#$I5&$44G+D"P+75"93$44G+$44+O+9=)+95E)-+ !"#$%&()*+,%&-+.+/011+23&45(+67)%3)+8359)+:00+.+;4)7)4$%(*+<=5+11>>?+.+@A+/>:-B?B-C000++.+DDD-3"#$%&()-&E+.+F+/00C+#G+!"#$%&()+ Automate creation of testing environment
  • Releasing
  • Releasing Problems • One person is: • best person for build • best person for integration (so, one can delay the other) • Forced to branch when close to release
  • Releasing Done • Helper scripts
  • ()H4GE)%9+D544+#)+J3&&)JJK34+5%+9=)+%)L9+)%75"%E)%9-+Releasing Image © 2009 by Urbancode + + 6+9)$E+9=$9+=$J+E7)(+$D$G+K"E+$+K344G+E$%3$4+H"&)JJ+9+3J5%I+$+%3E#)"+K+=)4H)"+J&"5H9J*+"+$+K344G+ Fully automate runtime image build J&"5H9)(+H"&)JJ*+=$J+E$()+5EH"9$%9+5EH"7)E)%9J-+6&"JJ+9=)+5%(3J9"G*+EJ9+9)$EJ+=$7)+JE)+=)4H)"+ J&"5H9J+#39+K$44+J="9+K+K344G+J&"5H9)(+()H4GE)%9J+ +)JH)&5$44G+9+&%9"44)(+)%75"%E)%9J-+ Automate installer creation !"#$%&$()#$+9)$EJ+$")+I(+$9+()H4G5%I+K"+9)J95%I+H3"HJ)J-+M=)G+D544+=$7)+H39+9=)5"+K344G+J&"5H9)(+ ()H4GE)%9J+#)=5%(+945%I+9=$9+$44DJ+K"+H3J=N#399%+()H4GE)%9J+9+JE)+"+$44+K+9=)5"+9)J9+ Automate installation into test environments )%75"%E)%9J-+M=5J+9$O)J+$+I")$9+()$4+K+4$(+KK+K+9=)+()H4GE)%9+)%I5%))"J+D=54)+")(3&5%I+9=)+ (D%95E)+K+9)J9+9)$EJ+D$595%I+K"+$+()H4GE)%9-+P3J9+$J+&%95%33J+#354(J+$")+$+&=$"$&9)"5J95&+K+ !"#$%&$()#$+#354(+9)$EJ*+$39E$95&+()H4GE)%9+9+9=)+K5"J9+9)J9+)%75"%E)%9+5J+$+=$44E$"O+K+ Changelog generation !"#$%&$()#$+E$93"59G+5%+()H4GE)%9-++Q)H)%(5%I+%+9)$E+(G%$E5&J*+9=5J+J=34(+=$HH)%+$9+9=)+)%(+K+ $%G+J3&&)JJK34+&%95%33J+#354(+"+$9+")I34$"+5%9)"7$4J+9="3I=+9=)+($G+D=)%+9)J9)"J+$")+3%45O)4G+9+#)+ 5%9)""3H9)(-+
  • Julian Fitzell Twitter: @jfitzellCINCOM and the Quadrant Logo are registered trademarks of Cincom Systems, Inc. © 2011 Cincom Systems, Inc.All other trademarks belong to their respective companies. All rights reserved