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Search tutorial for WRT 312

  1. 1. Search Tutorial for WRT 312 How to find scholarly articles on active reading, effective writing and critical thinking
  2. 2. Step OneGo to “Find Articles”
  3. 3. Step TwoSelect the database to use• ERIC is a good one for this assignment
  4. 4. Step ThreeEnter your search terms• To search for an exact phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase – Example: Searching for “active reading” will return results containing that exact phrase
  5. 5. Step FourLimit your search• To limit your results to peer-reviewed sources, select “Peer reviewed” in the Search Options area• If you only want to see results where the entire text is available online, select “Full text” also• Once you have selected your limiters, click “Search”
  6. 6. Step FiveReview your results• The top of the page will display the total number of results
  7. 7. Step Five (cont’d)The icon next to the result indicates the source type.The result will contain various links. Clicking on the title willlead to the HTML full text. For other options to view the fulltext of the article, you can click either full text link at thebottom of the result. PDF is a better option as it can beeasily saved for later use and contains page numbers. Indicates scholarly resource Link to full article text (HTML) Link to HTML full Link to PDF of article (easily downloaded and text saved)
  8. 8. What if my article doesn’t have full text available?If you do not use the “full text” limiter, you may find resultsthat do not contain a full text link. They will instead have alink that says “Find Full-Text @ SAU.”
  9. 9. After clicking the “Find Full-Text @ SAU” link, a pop-upwindow will display – click on “Check SFX for availability”
  10. 10. The window that opens will show various options. If SAUdoes not have electronic full text, we may have a copy inprint. The Holding Information will show if SAU has thatparticular journal, where it is, and for which time periods.If this section does not appear and the screen only says“Holdings in SAU White Library Catalog,” the library doesnot have a print copy of the article and you will need torequest it via ILL.
  11. 11. Requesting an item via ILLIf SAU does not have the journal in our catalog, you canrequest the article via Inter-Library Loan (ILL) by clicking onthe “Go” button under the ILL section. “Local Document Delivery System” and ILL are the same thing – the link will take you to the same place
  12. 12. The ILL form willalready have theinformation filled inabout the documentyou need.All you need to do isfill in your first andlast name andemail address to benotified when thedocument hasarrived.
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