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Huaorani – missionaries essay
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Huaorani – missionaries essay



Published in Spiritual
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  • 1. Julian Gomez Period: 6 April 25, 2012 Huaorani – Missionaries Essay In the 1950’s, American Christian missionaries living in Ecuador,South America, made contact with the Huaorani, an indigenous warriorculture. In the process, 5 Christian missionaries, all men, were killed by thespears of Huaorani warriors. The Huaorani who speared to the death, 5missionaries, shouldn’t be punished because a Huaorani lied about beingattacked, the Huaorani didn’t even speak English and the missionaries hadguns. I think the Christian missionaries should be the ones to blame. The Huaorani warriors shouldn’t be punished for killing 5missionaries with their spears because a Huaorani lied about beingattacked. They shouldn’t be punished because they didn’t know what wasgoing on. A Huaorani came and told the rest of the warriors that he wasbeing attacked by missionaries. They shouldn’t be punished because theHuaorani were confused and everything happened so fast. Also the Huaorani shouldn’t be punished for killing 5 missionarieswith their spears because the Huaorani didn’t speak English. The Huaoranishouldn’t be blamed because for all they know, the missionaries couldhave been telling them they were going to die. Being that the Huaoranididn’t speak or understand English, shouldn’t the missionaries make aneffort to try to speak and understand Huaorani before trying to confront theHuaorani. Put yourself in their (Huaorani) shoes, if missionaries with noknowledge of your language trying to go toward you wouldn’t you befrightened and attacked. Finally the Huaorani warriors shouldn’t be blamed or punished forkilling 5 missionaries with their spears because the missionaries had guns.The Huaorani attacked because the Huaorani though they were beingthreatened. Why should they be punished for only protecting themselves?There is no crime against that. The Huaorani attacks when they feelthreatened and unsafe. If you felt threatened and unsafe wouldn’t youattack them? I know I would. Therefore, the Huaorani warriors shouldn’t be punished for killing 5missionaries because a Huaorani lied about being attacked, the Huaoranididn’t speak English. Also the missionaries had guns. So personally I thinkthe Huaorani shouldn’t be punished because the missionaries came and
  • 2. invaded the Huaorani territory. The Huaorani were scared and they didn’tknow what was going on. They also didn’t know who the missionarieswere. So that’s why they SHOULDN’T BE PUNISHED!!!!!!!!!!