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It’S Cool 2 Read Tutorial
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It’S Cool 2 Read Tutorial


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A tutorial on using to post book reviews

A tutorial on using to post book reviews

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. Itz Cool 2 Read A middle years student book review site. A tutorial on using…
  • 2. Objectives of this tutorial
    • Learn how to find the weblog (blog)
    • Learn how to navigate and find books on the blog
    • Learn how to post new books on the blog for students then to review
    • Learn how to moderate your students’ comments and reviews
  • 3. Navigate to the site
  • 4. How to navigate to the site
    • Type in the address: in the address bar of an internet window.
    • Do not put a www. In front of the address
    • This is a free, public website, so sometimes it has technical problems, but what doesn’t?
    • You can access this from anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • 5. How is the blog organized
    • Posts, or book reviews are placed from the most recent at the top of the page.
    • These first 2 books were the latest entries.
  • 6. Find books on the blog
    • Books are grouped in Categories and Tags .
    • Categories are genre
    • Tags are topics within the books
    • These will help you and your students find books that interest them 
    • Note: the bigger the tag word, the more books on that subject
  • 7. Before you post a new book - Search
    • Use the Search box to find the book you want to review.
    • If the book is not on the site, then you must Log in to post a new book to review.
    • Only teachers in the Saskatoon Public School Division will be able to post new books.
  • 8. Log in
    • You must have a username and password to log on.
    • Contact the OLC or the site administrator to log on. Email [email_address] For more info.
    • Click Log in under Meta , down the page under the Tags section
  • 9. This is the log in page
    • Watch when you type in the username and password, that you enter it exactly as instructed.
  • 10. Post New Books
    • You will Write new posts, which will become the books your students will review.
    • Click on the Write tab, then click Post
    • Or click Write a New Post button here.
    • Note: do not write a new page!!
  • 11. Before you post a new book
    • Find the book cover picture on Google images
    • Searching the book title is usually effective
  • 12. Save the picture
    • Publishers want us to use the covers of their books, so do not worry about copyright.
    • Right click on the picture and save it to your documents.
  • 13. Write a Post
    • Type the Title here
    • Leave space for the picture
    • In the post box, put the author’s name
  • 14. Add the cover picture to the post
    • Click Add an image , next to the Add media button here
  • 15. This is an annoying step
    • Everything works well on this site, except this!
    • Choose the “ Browser uploader instead”
  • 16. Browse for the cover picture
    • Click the Browse button
    • Find the cover picture in your documents, click that file
    • Click open
  • 17. Upload the cover picture
    • Click the Upload button, here
  • 18. We are almost there…
    • You are almost ready to put the picture in the post, but we don’t want huge pictures on the site, so scroll down in this box.
    • Use the scroll bar on the side.
  • 19. Insert a thumbnail picture
    • Click Thumbnail next to Size
    • Then click Insert into Post button
  • 20. Wow, we did it, Title, Author, and book cover picture
    • That almost seems like too much work, but trust me when I say, the cover picture is worth it.
    • If the picture is in the wrong spot, you can just click it with the mouse and drag it around in the post.
  • 21. Now, enter the Category & Tags
    • Type in the Tags
    • Try to use some tags that are already in use
    • Click the appropriate Category
  • 22. Last Step, Publish
    • This post is not published yet
    • Publishing it makes it appear on the internet
    • Saving it, is when you want to make changes to posts that are already published
  • 23. Students leave comments on a book
    • When students find a book they have read, they can put their book review in the comment box
    • Click here
  • 24. How to comment
    • Students should only put in part of their name
    • Tell them to use initials, the school name, and grade i.e.: j.e.CRS6-7
    • Ignore email and website
    • They must enter the Antispam word correctly
    • Cut and paste, or type in their book review
    • Then click Submit Comment
  • 25. What to do with student comments
    • Student comments do not show up on the blog without first being approved by an administrator
    • You will moderate all your student comments
    • Tell your students that they need to inform you when they are putting book reviews on the site
    • You must log in to the site and moderate their comments
    • This is why it was important what name they put on their post, because you now have to find your students’ posts
  • 26. How to moderate comments
    • When you are logged in, click on Comments
    • There are 29 comments waiting to be moderated by someone
  • 27. Moderating Comments
    • You can view all comments and edit ones that are already on the blog
    • Or you can view only those Awaiting Moderation
  • 28. Moderate student comments
    • Now you can approve, delete, or mark the comments as Spam
    • Spam is rude unsolicited communication
    • We would encourage you to set high standards for the comments you will accept from students
  • 29. This is all you need to know to get started using
    • Now you can find Itz Cool 2 Read on the internet
    • Your students and you can search the blog to find books they have read, either to post reviews or to find good books to read themselves
    • You can put new books on the site for students to review
    • You can moderate, approve or delete, their comments before they are viewed on the internet
  • 30. That is not all
    • There are a few other things you can do on this blog
    • For example, you can edit the blog or edit old posts on the blog (you don’t have to do that!)
    • We, the middle-years teachers of the Saskatoon Public School Division, have worked hard to set up this resource. Help us build it to become a useful resource for our students.
    • Thanks!