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  • 1. Book Reviews How to write a book review and post it on http://cool2read.edublogs.org
  • 2. Read a book
    • Find something you really want to read
    • Look for, ask others, search cool 2 read and find books you will like
    • Read longer stories if possible
    • You do not have to finish a book to review it, but finish a section first
    • READ!
  • 3. Write a reading journal
    • Write about your reading – Include:
    • interesting words, terms, sayings
    • Summarize the plot
    • Describe what the author does well
    • Describe the setting
    • Describe the mood (creepy, funny, etc)
    • Compare the book to other books, movies, things
  • 4. Write a review – What is it?
    • Summary, in 1 or 2 sentences
    • Describe how the author tells the story, give an example, explain in detail (2 sentence or more); like mood, setting, words the author used
    • Describe what you liked and why, give an example
    • Describe what the book is like, comparisons
    • Give a rating, but explain your rating
  • 5. Assess your own writing
    • After a day or two, reread your review; read it out loud!
    • Did you explain your thoughts in sentences?
    • Did you include examples of what you meant?
    • Did you use a variety of sentences, short and long?
    • Did you include all the parts expected?
    • Did you use capitals and periods?
    • Did you check the spelling of your words?
    • Did you have enough detail so that readers know what you meant?
  • 6. How to hand it in
    • Type the review in MS Word
    • Give Mr. E. the printed paper of your review
    • Include the author & title on the printed paper
    • Post your review on Cool 2 Read and the class website
  • 7. How to post it
    • GO To http://cool2read.edublogs.org
    • Find your book cover and title and post a comment
    • If the book is not on the blog, tell Mr. E. and wait for him to post the book
    • A review / comment requires your name
    • So, write your initials and school name (CRS) and your grade
    • For example: j.e.CRS6-7
    • Do not include an email, or website
    • Type the Antispam word correctly
    • Type or cut and paste your book review in the comment / post box