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Section a english language unit 1 h tier
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Section a english language unit 1 h tier


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a guide to the new GCSE AQA

a guide to the new GCSE AQA

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Section A English Language Unit 1 H Tier Spend about 1 hour on this section
  • 2. Approach
    • Read ALL texts before looking at the questions
    • Decide on GAP
    • Genre
    • Audience
    • Purpose
    • Highlight or underline any words, phrases or ideas that strike you!!!
  • 3. Question 1 Retrieval
    • Give full and detailed evidence in your own words so that it is clear that you understand.
    • Use relevant quotations
    • Explain your quotations and the points you make to show your interpretation
    • Make perceptive connections
  • 4. Question 2
    • Presentation
    • Give a detailed interpretation of the effect of the presentation.
    • Explain your interpretation, your ideas in detail describing the presentation AND ITS EFFECT!
    • Use quotations or references to support your ideas and interpretations.
  • 5. Question 3 Inference – how you interpret the clues!
    • You need to engage, in detail, with the text. We’re looking for feelings and emotions and how they’re conveyed.
    • Perceptive explanations and interpretations.
    • Quotations using PEE with very detailed explanations.
    • BS?
  • 6. Question 4 comparing use and effect of language
    • You will be asked to compare 2 of the texts and you MUST compare using comparative connectives.
    • Plan your response carefully
    • Analyse HOW the authors have used language differently to achieve their effects.
    • Use effective and detailed PEE
  • 7. Planning for Question 4
    • You could write about one text and then refer back to it when writing about the second text, comparing them. D/C
    • You could write about each text alone and then use a paragraph to compare D/C
    • The best way is to make a list of what you wish to compare.
    • Use this list as your plan and write about the same features in each text.
  • 8. Section B Writing
    • There are two tasks in section B
    • The first is worth 16 marks, the second 24 marks
    • Spend about 30 minutes on the first and 45 on the second.
    • You need to create the opportunity to show what you can do!
  • 9. QREPPAS
    • Make sure you use a range of punctuation
    • Use a range of sentence structures
    • Vary your sentence structures and openings
    • Make it lively and entertaining.