Dua #3- In's and out's of eBay


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Dua #3- In's and out's of eBay

  1. 1. Jayson Fenters
  2. 2.  While many people believe using eBay is an extremely tough task, actually it is very simple to use. This tutorial is to give a walkthrough of how to navigate eBay and how to buy, sell, get paid, ship, and other issues. Also, we will look at problems that you may encounter as a seller of buyer, and what to do in those situations.
  3. 3.  Each group will comprise of 3 students and each student will be responsible for an aspect of the eBay process. It will be divided into these 3 categories: Buying Selling Payments
  4. 4. BuyingBuying is one of theeasiest parts of eBay.All you need to knowis what you arelooking for and youare set. Just enter itin the eBay searchbar. To access theEbay site, clickanywhere on thewebpage and followalong.
  5. 5. BuyingNow that you havesearched what youare looking for, it istime to look throughthe listings to seeexactly what is bestfor you.
  6. 6. BuyingNow that you have anauction open, youcan scroll down toview the specs,condition, shippingcost, extras that maycome with your item,etc.
  7. 7.  In looking at these auctions strictly on the title, you would want to buy the second auction. The first auction was for the Apple iPad wifi 3G 16gb for $632 shipped, but the other auction was for the exact same item, but came with a case for $582 shipped. That is why it is important to view all the auctions before purchasing. Now, without being able to scroll down, we don’t know if the cheaper one had a crack, bad condition, etc. This shows the importance of searching exactly what you are looking for before buying.
  8. 8. BuyingIf you find the itemyou want to bid on,you may enter yourbid in the max bidprice box and selectplace bid. You will bedirected to anotherpage that will allowyou to confirm yourbid once more beforebidding.
  9. 9.  There are 3 types of bidding options: Normal bidding- this is where you place a bid and hope that you win. Buy it now (BIN)- this is where you are agreeing to pay what the seller is stating they will take. Best Offer- this is where a seller has a BIN auction, but allows for a best offer. In this case, you never want to use BIN because the seller has clearly stated they will take less when allowing this methodOnce you understand these processes, then there is only one thing left to say…….
  10. 10. SellingOn the eBay homepage, you will see abar across the top ofthe page on the rightwith a link that says“sell”. If you haveclosed your eBaypage, click on thewebsite screenshot togo back to eBay.
  11. 11. SellingOnce you click the“sell” link at the topof the page, youshould be linked tothis page. Proceedforward by clicking“List your item.”
  12. 12. SellingFrom this page,simply enter whatitem you want to list.To keep it simple, wecan stick with theApple iPad and whenyou enter it, a dropdown menu willappear. Simply selectwhich model youhave.
  13. 13. From here, we will take several screen shots as thispage is particularly long, but every part is equallyimportant to have a successful auction. Basically, thispage is the “meat” of the auction, so it is important tomake sure you have correct spelling, item is correct,correct pictures are used and much more!
  14. 14. TitleThe main part here isthe title. This is whatthe buyer is searchesfor to find your item.Use extra words asyou have 45characters to use. Besure to put “New” ifit is new, and if itcomes with a case orany extras, be sure tomention as well
  15. 15. Pictures &DescriptionThese two parts arevery important. Addquality pictures sothe buyer is notmislead. Accuratelydescribe the item toprevent any recourseand from having toaccept a return on anitem. Up to 12pictures can beadded and there isno limit ondescription.
  16. 16. PriceThis is the mostimportant part…toyou! As mentionedearlier, there is anoption for bidding orbuy it now. If you havea set amount youwant, a BIN is best. Ifyou just want to sellyour item, onlineauction is best. Also,on this page, you canset the duration whichranges 1, 3, 5, 7, or 10days.
  17. 17. Payment &ShippingeBay only allowsPaypal as a paymentmethod, so you musthave a paypalaccount to sell. Thiswill be covered later.Also, you candetermine whichmethod of shippingyou would like to useand how much youare charging to ship.
  18. 18. Final touchesAt this point, you arealmost finishedlisting. You can setbuyer requirementshere which limitssome bidders frombidding who mayhave previouspayment problems.Also, you can giveany additionalinformation youwould like at thebottom of the page.
  19. 19. Review yourlisting!This is your lastchange to make andchanges or edits. Atthe bottom of thispage is the “List youritem” buttonmeaning it goes liveon the next click.Also, it tells you howmuch it cost to listand your estimatedfinal value fees (FVF)if auction sells.
  20. 20. When you sign up for eBay, before you can buy or sell,you must sign up with an online payment method. Themost common method (which is owned by eBay) isPaypal. It is a fast, safe, secure website that allowsmoney to be transferred in and out at the accountholder’s will.
  21. 21. PaypalThis is the homepageto Paypal. Theprocess to set up aPaypal account takemore time than aPowerpointpresentation andgive. To go to thePaypal website, clickanywhere on thePaypal screen.
  22. 22.  Bank or Savings Account Personal Information Credit Card (maybe)To confirm your account, Paypal will send two direct deposits to your bank account in which you come back to the Paypal site to verify the amounts. The credit card issue is a back-up payment plan if you opt not to use your bank account as a back up method.
  23. 23. With Paypal, if you sell an item and receive payment, itgoes to your Paypal account. This money sits thereuntil either one of two things happen:1) You purchase and item and pay out of your Paypalaccount.2) You transfer the funds to your banking or savingsaccount.
  24. 24.  If you purchase an item, you can click “Pay now”. When you click this button, you review the item you purchased and then “Continue to Paypal.” At this moment, you are prompted for your Paypal login ID and password. Once entered, you review the item ones more and click “Send Payment.” To receive payment, you actually entered this in your listing under “Payments and Shipping”, so there is nothing else to do. If you completely understand everything through here, then….
  25. 25.  When you list an item and you are working on the title, what is the most important information to put in the title and give an example. When you buy an item and you see a “Best Offer”, should you use the Buy it Now? If so, why? If not, why? Can you think of a time in which using a Buy it Now is better than a Best Offer? When you receive a payment for an item, what are the two methods you can use with those funds?
  26. 26. You have four assignments to complete to successfully pass this section of class: Successfully list an item on eBay and use the detail of description in the tutorial. Purchase an item and successfully send payment. Research to find if there are different methods of listing by 3rd party companies. Research what to do if you sell an item and do not receive payment.
  27. 27.  For more training on how to start on eBay and Paypal, click below for walkthrough videos:
  28. 28.  Click on a particular section to go to the multiple choice questions. Buying Selling Payments Once you finish review, click below to exit tutorial.
  29. 29. The seller will take less. Purchase now because it will sell quick. There is something wrong with the item. The item has free shipping.CORRECT Next Question
  30. 30. The item may be broken. The auction may include more than just the item youare interested in. The buyer may have special requirements. All of the above. CORRECT Return to Review
  31. 31. Apple iPadApple iPad 64gb 3G Wigi Great ShapeApple iPad 64gb 3G Wifi Great Shape CORRECTiPad w/ case Next Question
  32. 32. 2, 4, 6, 8, 101, 3, 5, 7, 10 CORRECT1, 4, 5, 8, 92, 3, 4, 5, 6 Return to Review
  33. 33. Paypal CORRECTEscrowBill PayMom Next Question
  34. 34. an eBay account.$50 to deposit in the account.Bank account and personal information. CORRECTCredit Card. Return to Review