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Healthcare by numbers v4 jc
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Healthcare by numbers v4 jc


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Published in: Health & Medicine

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  • 1. HealthcarebyNumbers…
  • 2. This compares with 71% and65% for males and femalesrespectively across the EU.84% of men and 83% of womenin Ireland rate their health asbeing good or very good.
  • 3. The number of people employedin the Irish public health servicerose from 96,501 in 2003……to 111,025in 2008There were101,503employed in2012
  • 4. In 2010 EuropeanGovernments were forced toadjust their Health Spend:Greece: - 6.7%UK: - 0.5%Germany: + 2.7%Spain: - 0.9%Ireland: - 7.9%
  • 5. …to € 15,520m in 2009.€9,000,000,000€10,000,000,000€11,000,000,000€12,000,000,000€13,000,000,000€14,000,000,000€15,000,000,000Irish public health expenditurerose from €9,367m in 2003…Expenditure in 2012was€13,891m.
  • 6. Ireland’s is $3,718Eritrea has the lowest recorded healthspend per capita at $12
  • 7. The USA spends 17.6% ofit’s GDP on healthcare…Ireland spends 9.2%Ireland spends $3,718 onhealthcare per capita…the USA spends $8,233
  • 8. U.S. hospital care is 3,000 times less safe……than U.S. air travel
  • 9. Adult mortality ratesMale FemaleMalawi 691 496Zimbabwe 672 574Ivory Coast 528 456South Arica 521 479Afghanistan 440 352USA 134 78Ireland 97 57Qatar 69 48San Marino 57 48(probability of dying between 15 and 60 per 1000 population)
  • 10. The number of acute hospital out-patient attendances has increasedfrom 2,185,028 in 2002……to 3,583,290 in 2012
  • 11. In 2010, 27,544 people died in Irelandand over 70% died outside their ownhomes……13,221 people died in busy acute hospitals
  • 12. International literature identifies that 11% ofhospital deaths can be attributed to patientdeterioration not recognized or acted upon.
  • 13. 5% of hospitalpatients in Irelandacquired aninfection in hospitalPatients whoacquire an infectionin hospital are 7.1times more likelythan uninfectedpatients to die inhospitalThe HSE have calculatedthat ca. 25,000patients may contractHospital AcquiredInfections annually inIreland……at a cost ofover €233million per year
  • 14. People facing an emergency visit tohospital on a public holiday are…because there are fewer doctors on duty.48%more likely to die…
  • 15. Robo-Doctors roam the halls of about650hospitals worldwide and facilitateapproximately5,000remote doctor visits each monthSun Microsystems co-founder VinodKhosla predicts that4out of 5doctors will be replaced by machines
  • 16. Dr. Nina Tandon, senior fellow atColumbia University’s Lab forStem Cells and TissueEngineering, focuses herresearch on directing cell growthand differentiation throughelectrical signals…Her work in growing 3Dbioprinted heart tissue isexpected to lead to the growthand implantation of an actualfabricated human heart within20 years
  • 17. Geneticist CraigVenter and his teamof scientists arealready testing out aversion of a digitalbiologicalconverter, or“teleporter…”It’s a 3-Dprinter for DNA opening up a futurewhere you can download software, printa vaccine, inject it and avert contagion
  • 18. 50%The percentage ofventilatorsworldwide inacute hospitalsthat are Irishmade33:The percentageof the world’scontact lensesmanufactured inIreland
  • 19. The industry employs 25,000 peopleIrish medtechexports areworth €7.3billionannually…
  • 20. Ireland – largest netexporter of medicinesin the worldPharmaceutical companies directly employover 24,500 and a further 25,000 indirectlyin Ireland8 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical andbiopharmaceuticalcompanies have integrated manufacturingoperations in IrelandOver 30 FDA approved pharma / biopharmaplants are located in Ireland