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  • Librarians Lauren Todd and JalehFazelian will try to help you find out how to take beautifully composed pictures on your smartphone, why Instagram isn’t the only option, and where to connect with photographers on Twitter.Why is Photography Important especially when related to social media-Picture exceeds your 140 character limit.,,20633492,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed& tell when you can show-Downfall of celebrities and politicians -sadly most involve porn (anthonyweiner, actresses)-Tells story (news, etc.) -NYFW and the rise of instagrams-Markets your brand.Taking pictures on your smart phone-examples of good and bad pictures from smartphones-photography 101-tips for smartphone photography/Instragam: Cheap fix for bad photos.-show a BAD photo with instagram. Easy to share on your social networks.-a good photo shouldn’t need a filter or other quick fixes.-alternatives for the more advanced photographerConnecting with photographers-list of other photographers.-photo critiques
  • This undated photo taken from the website, run by conservative activist Andrew Breitbart, purports to show Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., shirtless. After days of denials, Weiner confessed Monday June 6, 2011 that he tweeted a photo of his bulging underpants to a young woman, and he also admitted to "inappropriate" exchanges with six women before and after he got married. The scandal escalated when the website,,, posted photos, including the one shown, purportedly from a second woman who said she received shirtless shots of the congressman. The site said the pictures were in a cache of intimate online photographs, chats and email exchanges the woman claimed to have. The website did not identify the woman. (AP Photo/ Rep. Anthony Weiner announces his resignation from Congress, in the Brooklyn borough of New York, Thursday, June 16, 2011. Weiner resigned from Congress, saying he cannot continue in office amid the intense controversy surrounding sexually explicit messages he sent online to several women. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)Tweet picture (lots of celebrity haircuts)@OfficialAdele @mileycyrusHudson riverIn this image obtained via Twitter astronaut Soichi Noguchi aboard the International Space Station posted this image showing the Sahara Desert, the first view out of the cupola's windows on the observation deck of the the Tranquility module station early Wednesday morning Feb. 17, 2010. (AP Photo/NASA via Twitter)@BarackObama@MittRomneyFOR USE IN YEAREND EDITIONS - FILE - In this May 16, 2011 file citizen journalism photo taken with a cell phone by Stefanie Gordon aboard a passenger flight from New York to Palm Beach, Fla. the space shuttle Endeavor streaks toward orbit shortly after liftoff. Gordon says she had just awakened from a nap on the flight when the pilot announced the shuttle might come into view. (AP Photo/Stefanie Gordon, File) NO SALES; MAGS OUT; TV OUT
  • In this image obtained via Twitter astronaut Soichi Noguchi aboard the International Space Station posted this image showing the Sahara Desert, the first view out of the cupola's windows on the observation deck of the the Tranquility module station early Wednesday morning Feb. 17, 2010. (AP Photo/NASA via Twitter)
  • @MDGAdvertisingPictures and video increase social media engagement. Based on facebook, people are more likely to pay attention or click on a link with a picture/video
  • When the picture moments happen, how do you capture them? Most life events come with a social media component. How will you define yours?
  • Customer William Castellano photographs himself with the new BlackBerry Storm smartphone he just purchased at Best Buy in Mountain View, Calif., Friday, Nov. 21, 2008. The Storm went on sale in the U.S. today. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma) File sizes depend on your camera and often you have options for downsizing.
  • Click, tweak, shareNo need to hook up camera to computer, edit your pictures immediatelyTimelyA man uses his cell phone to capture fireworks during the "Pyro Olympics" in Manila, Philippines on Saturday Jan. 13, 2007. The Philippines has become a global leader in mobile commerce. Since 2000, Smart Communications Inc., the country's largest carrier, has allowed subscribers in its Smart Money program to hold limited amounts of cash in electronic wallets linked to their mobile accounts. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)
  • From twitter picturesSceneHumorHuman moment/ life moment.Personal message
  • Do you reach for your digital camera or your iphone?What device captures your life moments?What’s on your smart phone camera? learned a lot putting this class together.
  • Lauren Will show the class how to hold the phone.
  • Press and release: the camera “snaps” on when you release your finger.
  • Streamzoo for rule of thirds
  • High dynamic range imaging (HDRI or HDR) is a set of methods used in imaging and photography, to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than current standard digital imaging methods or photographic methods. HDR images can represent more accurately the range of intensity levels found in real scenes, from direct sunlight to faint starlight, and is often captured by way of a plurality of differently exposed pictures of the same subject matter.[1][2][3]In simpler terms, HDR is a range of methods to provide higher dynamic range from the imaging processWorks with extremes! Darkest dark and whitest white, find middle ground
  • “Tweet peek: First look inside the cruise ship.”, n.d. Online. Internet. 15 Feb. 2013. . Available:“Cruise ship passengers, family vent frustration online (with images, tweets) · cnnireport.” Storify, n.d. Online. Internet. 15 Feb. 2013. . Available:
  • Twitter and Photography

    1. 1. Jaleh Fazelian and Lauren ToddWashington University Libraries
    2. 2. Show more than 140 characterscould ever tell
    3. 3. A picture says more than words AP Photo/
    4. 4. Tweet from space AP Photo/NASA via Twitter
    5. 5. Breaking News: Russian Meteor Search Twitter
    6. 6. Citizen Journalism: Carnival CruiseSearch Twitter Buzzfeed
    7. 7. The Morbid@ reevasteenkamp Reeva Steenkamp 13 FebIts a beautiful day! Make things happen.Starting my day off with a yummy healthy shakefrom my boo :) #healthyliving Details
    8. 8. Pictures increase engagement
    9. 9. Question: When you want to take a picture, do you reach for yourdigital camera or your cell phone?
    10. 10. Smartphone Cameras• 8 mega pixels• Advanced light capturing optics• Facial recognition• Fast capture response time• In-camera photo editing• HDR ability• Instantly share• Cost: $199+ plus monthly data plans AP Photo/Paul Sakuma
    11. 11. Digital Cameras• 8 megapixel with 3x zoom• Image stabilizer• Facial detecting technology• Can’t share instantly• Requires computer for editing• Cost: $250
    12. 12. Your smartphone was made for this• No need to hook up to a computer, edit your photos, and upload.• Snap• Tweak• Share• Instant• Timely AP Photo/Aaron Favila
    13. 13. Finding your mobile momentWhat makes you pull out your smart phone to take and share a picture?
    14. 14. Take pictures like a pro without the SLR
    15. 15. How to hold your smartphoneIf you remember one thing from this class, remember this!
    16. 16. Smartphone Photography 101
    17. 17. Photography Tips• Don’t block the lens.• Keep lens clean.• Press and release.• Try different angles.• Consider ‘Rule of Thirds;’ fill up 1/3 frame or 2/3• Play with the HDR (High Dynamic Range option).• Tap to change the focus and white balance• Lens extensions and tripods are available for purchase.• Shoot in black and white.• All else fails? Use apps for extreme edits.
    18. 18. Using a paperweight to show off yoursmartphone skillz
    19. 19. Getting closer
    20. 20. Change your angle
    21. 21. Change your focus
    22. 22. HDR (High Definition Range)NO HDR HDR
    23. 23. TwitterAvailable on iPhone and AndroidPrice: Free
    24. 24. Twitter
    25. 25. Twitter
    26. 26. Twitter
    27. 27. Twitter
    28. 28. StreamzooAvailable on iPhone and AndroidPrice: FreeShare instantly with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr
    29. 29. Streamzoo
    30. 30. Streamzoo
    31. 31. Streamzoo
    32. 32. Streamzoo
    33. 33. Streamzoo Collage
    34. 34. Streamzoo Collage
    35. 35. Streamzoo Collage
    36. 36. Streamzoo Collage
    37. 37. Snapseed Available on iPhone and Android Price: Free Awarded Best Photo App of 2012 Share instantly with Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email
    38. 38. Snapseed
    39. 39. Snapseed
    40. 40. Snapseed
    41. 41. Snapseed
    42. 42. Snapseed
    43. 43. Snapseed
    44. 44. Questions? Comments? Jaleh Fazelian ( Lauren Todd ( @wustllibraries @jaleh_f @LToddLibrarian
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