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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Comenius Water a vital element 3rd. Meeting Yozgat (Turkey) 25 th. Sept. – 1st. Oct.
  • 2. Presentation
    • We are from Calaf...
    • Domestic use of water
    • To save water
    • The use of biology to clean wasted water
  • 3. We are from... Calaf
    • Calaf is in the middle of Catalonia. It is in a district called Anoia and in the province of Barcelona. It has aproximately 3500 inhabitants. It is about 680 metres above sea level. It has got Mediterranean climate.
  • 4. Calaf Barcelona Our situation E b r e r i v e r
  • 5. The economy of Calaf
    • The economy in Calaf is based on the dry agriculture, specially cereals.
    • There are four main factories that make building material.
    • The market is important, too, for the economy of the village.
  • 6. The most important monuments
    • The belfry of Calaf is the third tallest in Catalonia.
    • The market of Calaf is well-known in all the autonomous communities. In the past it was done on Saturday mornings in “Plaça gran” ->
  • 7. Our school
    • Our school has aproximately 280 students .
    • These students are from Calaf and other villages like: Torà, Sant Martí, Prats, la Molsosa, Castellfollit...
    • In our school there are about 30 teachers.
  • 8. Domestic water in Calaf
    • Running water arrived in Calaf in 1970. This was very late because they had to bring it from dams or rivers far away from here.
  • 9. Domestic use of water
  • 10. Domestic use of water
    • Here we can see the domestic use of water in Catalonia.
  • 11. The price of water in Catalonia
    • The water in Catalonia is very expensive, but in the province of Barecelona it’s even more expensive. It costs 1,497 €/m3.
  • 12. The water bill
    • There are two parts:
    • 1- Water service
    • Fixed water service
    • Consume
    • V.A.T
    • 2- ACA ( Water Catalan Agency)
    • Water canon
    • V.A.T
  • 13. The water bill
    • Water service:
      • Fixed quota service
      • 1st. Block
      • V.A.T.
    • Catalan agency of water:
      • Water canon
      • V.A.T.
  • 14. Visiting a salt treatment plant
    • We went to the salt treatment plant in El Prat de Llobregat.
    • Explaining our visit.
  • 15. Visiting a salt treatment plant
    • The different parts of the salt treatment plant.
    • The inverse osmosis treatment.
    • The 25% of Barcelona’s water can be produced here.
  • 16. To save water
    • Classical tap
    • Monocomandment tap
    • There are more classical taps than monocomandment taps in Calaf.
  • 17. To save water
    • Most people in Calaf have showers instead of having baths.
    • It saves more water.
  • 18. To save water
    • Most people in Calaf have C,D and E level household, because the most efficient household, A and B, are very expensive.
  • 19. To save water (Other systems)
    • Saving the raining water system.
    • Saving the grey waters system.
    • Swimming pools
    • There are just a few of these systems in Calaf.
  • 20. The use of biology to clean wasted water
    • Sometimes people can use the biology to clean the wasted water, for example some bacteries, which clean the water.
  • 21. The use of biology to clean wasted water
    • - Pretreatment
    • - Primary treatment
    • - Secondary treatment
  • 22. Thank you very much for your attention