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Western Kentucky University NSAC Mary Kay

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Research Insight Creative Opportunities IBC Recruitment Media Budget Evaluation 3 7 9 20 21 22 26 27 2 In the past ten years, traditional advertising has been shunted out of favor for an increasingly consumer-driven culture. Cookie cutter ways of selling audiences on brand loyalty—once very effective—no longer exist.Today, younger segments of consumers expect much more from a company than to simply sell a product: they expect brands to do it all. As millennials continue to age, marketing is becoming increasingly crucial to brands’ survival. CHOMP Agency has created a fully integrated national campaign with fluid transitions between traditional and non- traditional media outlets. Mary Kay offers many beauty products for 18-25 year old women. From makeup lines to face wash and acne solutions, Mary Kay already creates products this target market strongly utilizes.Therefore, the issue is not due to a lack of pertinent product that Mary Kay produces. Perception is the primary issue Mary Kay faces.The target market believes Mary Kay is not relevant to them.They are not as familiar with this brand as they are its competitors and have attached negative stigmas to the Mary Kay brand name.There is obviously clear disconnect between Mary Kay and the target market. When asking women 18-25 what they think about the Mary Kay brand, test groups discussed several issues: the brand is too outdated for their age, it does not appeal to them visually, it is too pricey, and it too inaccessible. CHOMP Agency has made strides to deploy strategy and messaging to help debunk these brand perceptions. In order to reverse the negative stigma attached to the Mary Kay brand, CHOMP Agency realizes the need to take a step backwards. Let’s Be Real. The premise of “being real” is simple: the millennial target audience responds to honesty and transparency in an extremely positive way. By promoting “Let’s Be Real” Mary Kay will connect and speak to the market on an equal partnership level. Our creative strategy will grab the audience and retain their attention. Through strategic implementation and media buying choices, Mary Kay will hit the target market consistently across multiple platforms, utilizing both traditional and non-traditional media choices to communicate the message of the campaign effectively.
  2. 2. Research 3 • Gain a clear understanding of beauty industry and its standards and trends. • Fully comprehend target market’s awareness and perception of Mary Kay brand. • Discover critical insights, both of the brand and target market, necessary to develop effective modifications to current brand approach. objectives Quantitative Survey Responses Focus Group Participants Preliminary StrategyTesters Direct Interviews Mary Kay Facials Written Interviews Focus Groups 352 18 12 11 9 5 2
  3. 3. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Research 4 As a direct-selling cosmetic company, Mary Kay is challenged with tackling the issues and opportunities faced by both the direct selling industry and the cosmetics industry. Of all the direct sales companies for women, direct sales cosmetic companies are the most lucrative and growth in the cosmetics market is predicted to remain steady. Facial cosmetics lead the market segment with over $12 billion in sales revenue in 2010, accounting for more than 35 percent of the overall market value. Eye make-up is set to remain one of the fastest growing market segments over coming years, with mascaras in particular proving a popular trend. America is facing an aging population. Due to the post World War I and II baby booms,America has a greater amount of aging individuals than young individuals.As more and more seniors leave the job market, economic stress is placed on younger individuals to either provide direct monetary support to elderly relatives out-of-pocket or indirectly support individuals through governmental programs, like Medicare and Social Security. For the make- up industry, the aging population has caused an increase in the mature facial make-up market as well as anti-aging products. Additionally, Mary Kay’s current customer base majorly consists of older generations.As this customer base continues to age and phase away, it is essential for Mary Kay to attain and retain younger generations in to the customer base. The market has seen a boost in direct selling, increasing in the U.S. by 1.9 percent from 15.6 million in 2011 to 15.9 million in 2012. However, the market has also seen a decrease in the face-to-face communications that often characterize direct selling.This is likely occurring do to the power and reach of the Internet, which allows increased word-of-mouth and connection with decreased physical contact.The Internet has allowed direct sellers to reach a larger audience far outside of their immediate area, an advantage that some have been able to capitalize to increase profits. As technological advances continue, the cosmetic and direct selling industries will be expected to adapt to fit not only an Internet model, but also a mobile model.This will change product presentation as well as business to consumer interactions.
  4. 4. Research 5 • Strong, established company with respectable reputation • Demonstrates philanthropic initiatives for women through the Mary Kay Foundation • Practices environmental-friendly habits through Pink Doing Green • Young target market allows Mary Kay to foster relationships early with new generation of customers • Utilizing the Mary Kay core value of career to fill need for professional guidance to young women • Target market having established brand loyalties to competitors • Stigma among target market of being for older generations • Limitations on sale tactics weakens Mary Kay’s ability to effectively reach target market • Current marketing efforts do not resonate with target market • Perceived as complicated and expensive by target market SWOT strengths opportunities threatsweaknesses
  5. 5. Research 6 TARGET MARKET Millennial Distribution Across US 6.5 Target Market (in millions) 26.1 million 18-23 yr old females in the US Northeast West South Midwest 5.69.3 4.6 Numbers in millions • They have little to moderate knowledge about cosmetics or proper application.They utilize easily-accessible online video tutorials to learn skills so they do not have to publicly admit to not knowing. • They want to feel like they have arrived at a certain conclusion or decision on their own terms, not as if they were pressured or persuaded. • Purchase decisions are primarily influenced by friend, family member, or trusted source. • They associate pastel and dull colors with antiquated, behind-the-times trends; bold and bright colors are preferred. • They feel ill-prepared to make the transition to true, independent adulthood. key market insights
  6. 6. Insight 7 TARGET MARKET • Bold style • Enjoy having fun with friends in public settings • Involved in variety of nightlife • Sarcastic, energetic and social • Rebellious but not out-of-control “My make up needs to be fun and long-lasting. I don’t want to have to stop dancing to go reapply.” Socialites • Cosmetic lover • Very social; people-person • Looking for extra cash to pay-off student loans • Prefer high-quality cosmetics; enticed by discount possibilities • Ambitious; easily excited by opportunity of new experiences • Want to grow and improve while helping others do the same “I need a source of income to go towards paying off my student debt but don’t want to overload my already hectic schedule.” Potential IBC’s • Career-oriented • Striving for established, attainable goals • Natural beauty style • Concerned about transition from college world to “real” world • New to the job market; recent college graduates within last 0-3 years • Poised and friendly; dry sense of humor “I want to be a successful career woman. I want my make up to be simple and work appropriate.” Young Professionals
  7. 7. Insight 8 TARGET MARKET Positioning versus competitors Based on quantitative research, Mary Kay was chosen higher more often over Avon, Bobbi Brown & Urban Decay, which ranked lowest overall. CoverGirl, Clinique, then Bare Minerals beat Mary Kay as the top cosmetic brands among the target market. Brand Perception According to primary research, the target market has a positive perception of the quality of Mary Kay cosmetic products. Simultaneously, the Mary Kay brand faces a stigma from the target market that the products are costly and difficult to attain.The target market perceives Mary Kay sellers as pushy and overly critical of their personal appearances. Mary Kay cosmetics are associated with classy women in the eyes of the target market. “What do you think of when you think of Mary Kay?” Quality Expensive Pink Cars Family Complicated orders Make up parties Inaccessible Aged Women
  8. 8. Creative 9 STRATEGY Challenge Create a need for Mary Kay beauty products in the 18-25 target market. Key Insight Negative stigmas, lack of convenience/accessibility and advertising has strongly inhibited the want for the Mary Kay brand by the target market. Communication Strategy Change the target market’s existing perceptions of the Mary Kay brand through rebuilding the brand into an idea that 18- 25 year olds can identify with. The BIG Idea Mary Kay provides the necessary stepping-stones to grow from an adolescent girl to a young, modern and successful woman who isn’t afraid to be who she is. Tone The tone of the campaign is more of a dry sense of humor that speaks honestly to women and about women, highlights daily hassles/ beauty truths, and clearly projects the idea that Mary Kay understands no woman is perfect; Mary Kay needs to be as real as its target market. Mary Kay will use an informal, light-hearted and frank tone that sounds like it is coming from a reliable friend, rather than an aged brand. Reaching Market Effectively Research proves that the 18-25 market segment identifies strongly with digital and print outlets that talk to them in a way that mocks what society says is the “norm”. Known celebrities are used as role models by this target, especially ones who are not afraid to speak the truth and be who they are. Focus group research confirmed the need for a fresh and positive celebrity endorsement to increase their want for Mary Kay products. Using a combination of all these methods, this campaign will evenly and consistently hit the market in an effective way that communicates necessary ideals and characteristics to grab and hold the target markets attention. campaign objectives Increase awareness Increase positive perception Increase consideration for product purchase 1 2 3
  9. 9. 10Creative BRIEF Brand Personality Mary Kay is a transparent and inspiring beauty brand for women. Opportunity To connect effectively with millennial women 18-25, Mary Kay will deliver a fully integrated campaign that strongly pushes the idea that Mary Kay understands young women and the truths behind their lives.The campaign will hit specifically on how the company’s founding values and morals are still crucial to young women today. It will also focus on how those values affect women as they grow into young, successful people. Mary Kay can build a positive perception of their brand in order to increase awareness and revenue by realizing millennials cannot identify with various parts of the brand as they are now.This realization will give Mary Kay room to grow into a modern brand that 18-25 women will openly accept in their lives. Our Proposition: The message of this campaign is to help Mary Kay connect with millennials 18-25. Honesty is a number one concern of the market, and they know when they are being lied to.The solution is obviously to become increasingly transparent.While still holding true to the brand’s core values, Mary Kay will approach the target market with honest statements, an original feel, ultimately allowing the target market to know that Mary Kay cares. “Let’s Be Real” is a call to action, not only to consumers, but also to other brands. Mary Kay is ready to become as real as their target market and wants to meet millennials where they are. Real Women. Real Beauty. Real Life. Result Once methods are deployed in order to break down the negative perceptions currently held by the Mary Kay brand, 18-25 year olds will realize Mary Kay is a realistic answer for the target’s beauty needs.After the target market is exposed to the Mary Kay culture, and thereby seeing all that the company does to aid fostering growth in women, the market will consider the brand a valuable one for life.
  10. 10. 11Creative EXECUTION Mary Kay Refreshed Brand Identity In order for Mary Kay’s brand to positively resonate in the minds of the 18-25 target market, it is necessary to rebuild a solid brand identity that will alter the negative stigma Mary Kay holds in the minds of the target market.A major aspect of the campaign will be reintroducing the brand as an attractive outlet to purchase beauty products from by making the entire brand more youthful, but retaining its well-known classy and sophisticated feel. Primary research efforts have proven this market identifies strongly with celebrities who they believe are honest, true to their ideals, and unafraid to be who they are.This market also admits that celebrities influence what brand this market buys for beauty products, and enjoyed the idea of Mary Kay having a face they can identify with and believe in. Bold Font: CABIN - Regular 80 pt Copy Font: CABIN -thin 13 pt Product info font: Arc Arc 176 0 96 28.28 100 35.56 5.87 PMS Black C 46 42 37 65.93 63.92 67.42 67.44 PMS 314 C 0 125 164 100 33.27 27.04 2.29 60.76 0 96.04 0 PMS 442 C 160 172 170 39.02 25.01 30.02 0 PMS 227 C 176 0 96 28.28 100 35.56 5.87 PMS Black C 46 42 37 65.93 63.92 67.42 67.44 PMS 877 C 142 144 144 46.74 37.71 38.12 2.41 PMS 445 C 79 88 88 67.75 53.72 54.67 29.59
  11. 11. 12Creative EXECUTION At Play Rebrand Based on multiple primary research efforts, research proves it is necessary for Mary Kay to rebrand At Play to a more modern and sophisticated feel in order to resonate positively with the target market. Primary research concludes that the market feels that At Play makes them feel juvenile and not as mature as they believe they are.The actual products for At Play give off a positive feel, the main issue is with the Brand name, tone and over all feel. In order to create an increased positive perception of the Mary Kay brand, it is recommended that Mary Kay rebrand At Play as “Mary Kay Bold”. Bold will be a brand the talks to 18-25 year olds in a way they can understand.The term “bold” will speak to the market about what they can expect from the actual product.The color palette will be darkened in order to grab the target market’s attention in a less offensive way.This market sees themselves as young women who are trying to make their way in the world, and believe that the bright colors speak to them as if they were young girls.With this rebranded product group, Mary Kay can guarantee a better outcome on how this market feels about the overall brand. Bold Font: CABIN - Regular 80 pt Copy Font: CABIN -thin 13 pt Product info font: Archivo Narrow Archivo Narrow 12 p lead PMS 442 C 160 172 170 39.02 25.01 30.02 0 PMS 227 C 176 0 96 28.28 100 35.56 5.87 PMS Black C 46 42 37 65.93 63.92 67.42 67.44 PMS 887 C 142 144 144 46.74 37.71 38.12 2.41 PMS 445 C 79 88 88 67.75 53.72 54.67 29.59 PMS 227 C 176 0 96 28.28 100 35.56 5.87 PMS Black C 46 42 37 65.93 63.92 67.42 67.44 PMS 286 C 0 51 160 100 84.09 11.04 3.08 PMS 314 C 0 125 164 100 33.27 27.04 2.29 PMS 360 C 108 192 74 60.76 0 96.04 0Bold Font: CABIN - Regular 80 pt Copy Font: CABIN -thin 13 pt Product info font: Archivo Narrow - Regular Archivo Narrow - Bold 12 pt | 13 pt leading 14.4 PMS 314 C 0 125 164 100 33.27 27.04 2.29 PMS 360 C 108 192 74 60.76 0 96.04 0
  12. 12. 13Creative EXECUTION Print Ads Mary Kay is a company with strong values that we want to share in our print campaign efforts.We created advertisements including women of the target market portraying beauty and confidence and honest truths about every day beauty hassles.The bold yet simple format will help bring Mary Kay’s look to a more modern time frame that is easy to identify with and enjoy. You know you want to be
  13. 13. 14Creative EXECUTION Print Ads The fresh young feel of these advertisements instantly fights against the impression that the brand is “too old” to be used by 18-25 year olds.This up- front approach will help identify Mary Kay with a better brand atmosphere. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE NATURAL YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE CLEAR
  14. 14. 15Creative EXECUTION Commercials A way to truly connect the target market to the new brand feel of Mary Kay is to provide them with a unique experience—not simply a static advertisement. In order to create a cohesive campaign, broadcast and online commercials will be deployed to give a voice to the name of Mary Kay.The new tone of Mary Kay is frank, up-front and not afraid to “be you”: be honest and be real.. Commercials will take this brand tone from words to a story, giving the viewer a realistic view of beauty and how Mary Kay understands and cares about millennials. “Let’s be honest for a moment. I’m not perfect and neither are you.Who’s to say that even your face wash is perfect?” “Mary Kay will be the first to tell you they aren’t perfect, but are making strides to better their products to benefit women.” “Botanicals face wash combines the pure joy of a clean face along with efforts to better our environment. So, use a product you can believe in…not just one that promises you perfection. ” “Mary Kay. Let’s Be Real.” “Makeup is a hassle, but it’s a vice women love to hate.” “A quick fix to any make up issue is to highlight your eyes, cheeks & lips. Going for a simple, modern look is always your best bet.” *explain eye, cheek & lip make-up tutorial* “Now, you will be a little more primed and ready for whatever happens next.” “Mary Kay. Let’s Be Real.” “Sometimes in life, you don’t have time when you need it most.” “Mary Kay is making make-up and time turn from the worst of emenies to best friends.” “So, just t pop on some BOLD eye and lip crayon, grab some gum & be on your way.” “Mary Kay. Let’s Be Real & Be Bold.” *Add BOLD product line logo to this scene*
  15. 15. 16Creative EXECUTION Guerilla: Roll out the Pink Carpet As a big way to kick-start a campaign to increase awareness in the target market, Mary Kay will release miles of pink carpet throughout the United States.The carpet will begin from various pop-up make-up tutorial sites in seven major area in the U.S. and will lead directly to huge well known businesses and establishments that evoke keywords like,“success”,“power”, and “professional”.This guerilla-marketing event will happen in early February 2015, and last for a total of 4 hours.All locations will begin and end at the same time.This event is for one reason: to get Mary Kay’s name out to the public in a way that has never been done before. Not only will the brand benefit from free publicity during and after, but also it will immediately allow the target market to connect Mary Kay with modern trends, beauty and success. Out-of-home: Seven Day Beauty In order to bring everyday truths to the surface about how millennials suffer from the occasional acne and pimples, Mary Kay will deploy seven-day digital billboard advertisements to show day one to day seven of a woman’s face and how the Clear Proof promise is honest and true.The billboards will show a woman’s face every day for seven days in the same seven cities as the pink carpet guerilla events in the highest traffic areas of those cities. This will give largely populated areas a clear visual of what you can expect from a Mary Kay product – it isn’t just selling the product, it is showing the process. This strategy will be favorable because of the consistent message it brings to the campaign by allowing similar products in similar areas. This allows room for target market members to be fully exposed on a regular basis to Mary Kay is an diverse way.
  16. 16. 17Creative EXECUTION Freshen up your look in under a minute! PRODUCTS TIPS &TRENDS MK PARTIES BE A BEUATY CONSULTANT MY MK ECATALOG ProductsYou Want, ServiceYou Deserve Shop WhenYou Want, HowYou Want FindYour Beauty Consultant Follow Us Find Out How BE A BEAUTY CONSULTANT PRODUCTS TIPS &TRENDS MK PARTIES BE A BEUATY CONSULTANT MY MK ECATALOG ProductsYou Want, ServiceYou Deserve Shop WhenYou Want, HowYou Want FindYour Beauty Consultant Follow Us Find Out How BE A BEAUTY CONSULTANT X Display & Banner Because of millennials’ strong ties to digital technology and devices, an excellent way to consistently expose the market to Mary Kay’s brand is through continuous mobile advertisements through apps and mobile sites. With the conjoined efforts of Google’s advertising campaign option, millennials will be strategically targeted on sites and in content that they are viewing regularly.This strategy will have a direct and positive affect on the brand recognition level from the 18-25 target market. A second digital goal is to address Mary Kay’s SEO issues. Because of the recognition issues when searching for Mary Kay related products, SEO first must be fixed, then an AdWords campaign will be added into our Google advertising efforts. If Mary Kay shows up in searches, along with other key players in the industry, it will prove to the market that the brand has answers to their specified beauty Responsive Site Mary Kay’s website is not responsive, which will push millennials away when trying to access the website via any device other than a computer. Research proves millennials use smart phones and tablets more than desktops.Without proper responsive design, users will leave the site without giving Mary Kay a chance, assuming the brand cannot meet the convenience and accessibility needs this market desires.Adding a responsive wireframe to Mary Kay’s website to increase the opportunity for brand exposure to the market. App & Mobile Advertisement
  17. 17. 18Creative EXECUTION Mobile App A major obstacle that currently exists for women 18-25 is the struggle between their need for convenience and immediate satisfaction and the “long-term” commitment needed to successfully obtain beauty products with Mary Kay. Millennials need an outlet to connect with IBCs or to purchase product more easily than a website, which can be annoying to mobile users. Focus groups said that they believed it was a “hassle” to purchase product from Mary Kay sellers because millennials are unconcerned about creating face-to-face relationships with sellers—as old generations were—they desire instant gratification. To fix this, Mary Kay will deploy a full service app, free to consumers, that allows users to search by product, zip code, or seller in order to place an order.This eliminates the need to discuss purchases with an actual consultant. Secondly, the app will be an outlet for 18-25 women to find tutorials, set up parties, look for events, schedule appointments, contact sellers, and more: it hands the control from the seller to the consumer. Millennials enjoy taking the process into their own hands, rather than being told how to do something. This app helps break down the stigma of IBCs. Focus groups believed IBCs tactics of “calling out” through having their make- up critiqued in public settings are off-putting. InTouch: LOGIN Username Password User: LOGIN Username PasswordPRODUCTS EVENTS FIND A SELLER eCATALOGS FOLLOW US TUTORIALS
  18. 18. 19Creative EXECUTION Social Media Engagement BuzzFeed Quiz As a supplemental tool to kick-start the new approach Mary Kay will utilize to better reach the target market, Mary Kay will deploy a BuzzFeed promoted content quiz to be shared and engaged with on Facebook andTwitter. BuzzFeed is renowned for its ability to reach millennials with interesting content that can hold their interest.The BuzzFeed quiz, entitled “What’sYour Perfect Makeup Style?”, and will consist of questions, both legitimate and light-hearted to give the user their perfect makeup look, courtesy of Mary Kay. Once the user completes the quiz and uncovers their makeup style, the article will present the user with necessary Mary Kay cosmetics to create the “look” and direct them to the Mary Kay website and Official App. Instagram Contest As a way to drive up Mary Kay Instagram followers and gain speedy recognition on their official brand page, Mary Kay will deploy a full-blown Instagram Contest as a part of the campaign end in February 2016. Instagram contests can engage millennials without tying them down to submitting lengthy information, or dealing with any inconvenient hassle – which is exactly what this market prefers.The contest will officially run for two weeks, where contestants enter their Instagram make up look videos into the contest using #LetsBeReal, tagging Mary Kay’s Instagram page, and explaining their look in the comments.The contest will be open for one week, then the top five contestants will be chosen.The videos will be posted to Mary Kay’s page and over the next week, people will be encouraged to like their favorite video.The top finalists all receive a make up look gift package, and the winner with the most likes will receive a trip to a Mary Kay sponsored fashion show in NYC with two friends for five days, as well as receive a gift package of their favorite makeup look. Social Media Strategy & Execution All of Mary Kay’s social media outlets will be updated to continue the cohesive feel of the campaign. Updated creative components deployed on all social networks will help connect all creative touch points that are reaching the consumers, including the print, digital and out-of-home collateral. In order for Mary Kay to fully utilize each social media outlet, necessary alterations must be made in order to appropriately approach millennials. Facebook and Twitter Facebook andTwitter will be altered from a product pushing approach to an engaging and conversational approach. Facebook and Twitter will solely focus on entertaining their target market through interesting stories, fun images, and tips & tricks of the beauty trade. Pinterest and Instagram Pinterest is a better suited outlet to heavily push products to consumers, as is already effectively being done by Mary Kay. Instagram will be a combination of engagement and product pushing. Based solely off images, Mary Kay will be able to present beneficial, short tips for beauty as well as share photos of the latest and greatest products by the brand.
  19. 19. 20Supplemental Efforts Online Cosmetics Personalities Focus group participants and survey respondents agreed online video tutorials are a leading resource to learn make up application and techniques. Mary Kay should capitalize on this information by establishing partnerships with two to three recognizable online cosmetics personalities. For the partnerships to remain mutual, Mary Kay would send complimentary make up to the personalities to use and credit in their tutorials in exchange for Mary Kay advertisements to play prior to the tutorials.These partnerships enable Mary Kay to raise awareness while utilizing an avenue the target market uses and trusts. Professional Events There is a need and want for more preparation for young women to enter the workforce. Mary Kay can fill that need since career is a core Mary Kay value. Mary Kay & Forbes present PrettyYoung Professionals is a series of events across the country that would educate young women with invaluable knowledge pertaining to beginning a successful career. Similar to a single day conference, the event serves as a common meeting place for successful career women and young professionals to converge. Successful career women, specifically IBC’s, would serve as mentors and lead the conference-type event by conducting various mentorship sessions throughout the day.A partnership with Levo, which has an established network of successful women mentors such as Sheryl Sandberg and Soledad O’Brien, offers an efficient avenue for obtaining a keynote speaker to kick-off the event. The Mary Kay & Forbes PYP event would occur seven times in seven different cities.The schedule of the event series can be found on the app, where young women can also register their attendance prior to the date. Mary Kay, eliminating registration cost to the target market of the tight-budgeted young women, covers cost for the production of the event. However, an option to make a donation will be available upon registration.All proceeds from this donation option will go to Mary Kay’s Suits for Shelters. Urban Forests and Botanicals Mary Kay should foster a partnership with Urban Forests, a nonprofit similar to Pink Doing Green but with a focus on planting forestation in urban areas.Through this partnership, Mary Kay and Urban Forests would work together to build botanical gardens in major cities in America. It is essential for quick assembly of these gardens so they abruptly materialize seemingly overnight. Botanical gardens for an initiative such as Urban Forests garner general awareness, attract the environmentally minded target market, promote the Botanical Effects product line, and, most importantly, help the environment of American cities. Fashion Show Sponsorships Mary Kay should sponsor prominent fashion shows in NYC during fashion week to promote the Bold product line. For this initiative, models in the fashion show would wear Bold products to aim the product at the target market. Eventually, Mary Kay could expand to sponsoring fashion shows in other cities for more coverage; NYC needs to be the primary location due to the recognition of fashion week in NYC. Décor for the fashion show could include a giant, silver glitter Mary Kay logo across a main wall inside the venue.The glitter of the logo would not only draw attention, but also relate the fun, bright feel of the Bold product line. Partnerships & Promotions Additional Opportunities
  20. 20. 21Recruitment INDIVIDUAL BEAUTY CONSULTANT Raising awareness for the entire 18-25 campaign through rebranding and general awareness efforts will increase knowledge of Mary Kay and open the doors to young women who want to become involved with Mary Kay as more than just consumers. In order to further gain and retain younger sellers, Mary Kay must revisit their incentives. What is the foundation of why women work for Mary Kay in the first place?The answer is to be successful. Success for 18-25 millennials is getting through school and being as financially stable as possible. Current incentives offer a favorable impression for women who are more settled in life and have more room for different sales tactics within the current Mary Kay selling model. Incentives offering financial and/or educational stability are more attractive to the newer generation of potential sellers.Additionally, the target market prefers less person-to-person interaction than any other generation in history.Therefore, the limitations the current sales model provides are not suitable for motivating younger sales. Expanding the existing sales tactics to include the possibility of selling at booths, kiosks, brick and mortar establishments, and further online sales capabilities will appeal to a wide array of the 18-25 female market. Recruitment Strategy Overview Educational Scholarships Lifestyle Stability Selling in brick establishments Different selling pitch techniques Out-of-home demonstrations IBC Incentives & Selling Tactics:
  21. 21. 22Media OVERVIEW Objectives • To consistently reach 70% of target market through multi-platform efforts over 12 months. • Increase target market engagement by 30% with brand by end of campaign. • Increase 18-25 year old IBC’s by 15% by end of campaign. Strategy Strategically push media choices consistently through entire 12-month campaign to maintain a memorable national presence. • February to May: Push Mary Kay name during high beauty season. (fashion season, award show season, etc.) • May to August: Push Clear Proof to mirror women’s thoughts on skin care during high point of skin season • September to December: PushTV heavily during Fall Premiere shows • January to February: Round out campaign Tactics All media purchases will be dominantly based on the target market’s media preferences and usage, as well as defined insights from media research. Overview The February 2015 – February 2016 campaign,“Let’s Be Real” will fully optimize both traditional and digital media efforts to maximize reach to target market on a clear and consistent basis.
  22. 22. 23Media RATIONALE Traditional ($6,793,000) Broadcast 38.5% of budget $3,850,000 Selection: • Two :15 second spots; one :30 second spot aired nationally on top 3 target market television channels. • 18-25 Segment:ABC Family, MTV,TBS • During fall series and season premiere shows, once weekly for 10 weeks Rationale: Millennials are 7% more likely to watchTV than average females. Female millennials 18-29 spend the most time on mobile applications across overall market. Collectively, this target market is watching an average of 111 hours and 20 minutes of television a month, making this media outlet a perfect way to reach millennials consistently. Magazine 22% of budget $2,200,000 Selection: • 6 magazines: Glamour,Vogue, Elle,TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, used with print ads strategically placed throughout the campaign at different times for entire campaign.Ads will be full color, full page advertisements. Funding is also allocated for Anna Kendrick production and payment fees and miscellaneous additional costs. Rationale: Research proves these magazines are the top magazine publications this market reads/identifies with. Over half of our focus group participants state they still identify with print as a way to say in the know about trends and strongly influences them on what beauty products to purchase.We will use print collateral to consistently deliver brand exposure and product purchase consideration through campaign. Out-of-Home 2.5% of budget $250,000 Selection: • Guerilla marketing & progressive billboard images Rationale: Primary research indicates there is a strong need for the target market to be exposed to the Mary Kay brand in an eye catching way in order to leave a better impression on the market. 81% of drivers notice billboards on key arterials and major motorways, making the unique botanicals creative approach easily reachable to a large number of impressions. Both out-of-home techniques will bring a continuous brand exposure experience that can reach a large audience quickly and easily. Public Relations 4.93% of budget $493,000 Selection: • There will be seven venues in seven cities and necessary preparation for each event at funding for events. • Scholarship fund is allocated as an incentive for IBC Recruitment. Rationale: More women than men are currently enrolled in college, a statistic of 56.4-43.6%.While there are women in college, focus group research uncovered that women in the 18-25 target market range are unprepared for the professional world and would seek out opportunities to learn and feel more prepared.
  23. 23. 24Media RATIONALE Digital ($3,207,000) Google Campaign Selection: • Display,AdWords, remarketing, mobile apps & ad advertising Rationale: 48% of users install apps on their mobile device after seeing a mobile app ad. Of the people on smart phones and in apps, 70% of users contact a business based off of their Google search and display advertisements.This will be a great way to expose the target market to ads in a variation based on their own online search preferences.Taking advantage of Google is a real asset: track them to push out our advertising. StreamingVideo Selection: • Hulu Plus advertisements andYouTube ads before videos Rationale: Only 30% of target market users decide to back out or skip an advertisement played onYouTube before a video.With a 70% success rate and the force completion Hulu takes with its advertising, the target market will be exposed to the message content on the commercials and will keep create fluidity from broadcast to digital by sharing the same three ads across both platforms. Social Selection: • Facebook promotional content,Twitter promotional content, Instagram Contest, Spotify Brand Playlist, BuzzFeed Promoted Quiz Rationale: 26% of online U.S. consumers aged 18-29 useTwitter, compared to 14% of those 30-49 in 2012 – only increasing in the past two years.Also, 53% of millennials want to/do interact with brands via social media.This backs up the strategy of changing the tone to conversation in order to engage the target market and keep them interested. BuzzFeed saw 115,559,256 million monthly visitors in February 2014, making the potential impressions and reach per cost of one quiz very inexpensive and valuable at the same time. Branded Content Selection: • Official Mary Kay App development and maintaining, SEO specialist to fix Mary Kay website search visibility, and develop responsive version of website Rationale: By 2015, more U.S. users will access the Internet via mobile devices than through desktops/PC computers. 64% of time on mobile is spent in mobile apps and 79% of 18-24 target market owns smart phones. These statistics solidify the need for a branded app outlet for customers to use and why a website needs to be responsive in order not to lose potential consumers.
  24. 24. 25Media SCHEDULE Traditional Digital April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb.Mar.Feb. Magazine StreamingVideo Social Branded Content Broadcast InStyle Cosmo TeenVogue Elle Vogue Glamour Out-of-Home PR Google Campaign YouTube Hulu Facebook Instagram Twitter Spotify BuzzFeed App Responsive Website
  25. 25. 26Budget $2,200,000 $3,850,000 $3,207,000 $250,000 $250,000 $243, 000 $3,207,000 - Digital $3,850,000 - Broadcast $2,200,000 - Print $243,000 - Scholarships $250,000 - Out of Home $250,000 - Prof. Development $2,200,000 $3,850,000 $3,207,000 $3,207,000 - Digital $3,850,000 - Broadcast $2,200,000 - Print $243,000 - Scholarships $250,000 - Out of Home $250,000 - Prof. Development $10,000,000
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