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Jmah021 assignment 2 Document Transcript

  • 1. BUS292 – Project Management Assignment Two – Web Based Reporting System for Creazione 1. Gnatt Chart and critical path A Gnatt Chat for this project has been attached as Page 2. The critical path has been demonstrated by them being highlighted in Red. The sequence of tasks which make up the critical path have been enumerated below; • Study Feasibility, Prepare Report, Interview Users, Define User Requirements, Prepare Reports, Processing Database, Evaluation, Prepare Report, Customise Software, Prepare Report, Software Testing, Prepare Report, Training, Prepare Report 2. Over Allocated Resources & Redistribution of Workload There are three members of the project that have been over allocated, Sherif, Carlos, Gonzola. They have been assigned to different tasks in excess and can be resolved by levelling. There are two options for levelling, delaying a task until the assigned person has availability, or we could allocate another person to this role as this task provides us the unique opportunity to be flexible and allow for multitasking. Sherif is over allocated over from the 21st of November until the 28th of November when he is allocated to work as he is assigned to do the Hardware and Network development and is assigned for 16hrs for each day. Carlos has been allocated for 31st of October until the 2nd of November, where he has been allocated to work on the Menus and Data Entry at the same time, equating for 16hrs a day. Gonzola has been over allocated from the 14th of December until the 19th of December, allocated to complete the Hardware and Network testing equating for 16hrs a day. By redistributing the excess workload to available members we could elevate the over allocations. For Sherif we could reallocate the tasks to Harry or Gonzola, for the over allocation for Carlos we reallocate Giuliana and for the conflict with Gonzola, we could allocate Harry or Sherif. 3. Project Completion Time, Corrective Action & Implications The project is expected to finish by the 2nd of January on normal working time, but as the system is required to be up and running before this date, we need to speed up the project by at least one day. In order for the system to be up and running before the first day of operation in 2008, the project needs to be completed by the last day of work on the 31st of December. By reallocating the work load, to the members as above, and by allowing multitasking of the team members we should elevate this slight delay. There is also the option to split the task over several members who could be responsible for the same task to complete it quicker. 4. Budget Estimations & Alterations As the reallocations of people for different tasks are between members of the same hourly cost, with the exception of Carlos who is on a higher pay rate than Guiliana whom is recommended to replace him on this task. As no overtime would be required, through the use of multitasking and splitting excess tasks to other task members there would be little1 or no budgetary impact. Jess Maher | 3328773
  • 2. BUS292 – Project Management Assignment Two – Web Based Reporting System for Creazione Jess Maher | 33287731