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74 terrific ideas for content that you can add to your WordPress website so that google will love you
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74 terrific ideas for content that you can add to your WordPress website so that google will love you


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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology

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  • 1. Your website can bemore awesome if…Google sent more people to your website???Show the world how the magic happens in yourbusiness with information, content and ideas that youcan provide. Invest in your website success.74 Terrific ideas for content thatyou can add to your website sothat Google will love you
  • 2. Google Loves Content• If you want your website to pop and smashyour competitors down the page then youare going to need a website that has:– detailed and informative text and lists– quality photos, videos and audio– presentations, charts and documents– testimonials, specifications and reports
  • 3. Every page is a fishing hook• Do you want a hand line with one hookdangling off the jetty or do you want agiant fishing trawler net scooping upeveryone on the internet that needs yourproducts, services and expertise?
  • 4. Your website, your future• Share your knowledge, experience andinformation with your web designer indigital form, ready to publish, a.s.a.p..• Here are 74 ideas of what to prepare foryour website so that it is brimming withwords, images, videos and audio that isunique and shouts out your brilliance.
  • 5. 1. Record Video• Video clips of your staff, business,processes and more, demonstrate theexperience of being in your business via avideo clip shared on YouTube.• Get a tripod for your phone or camera• Hire a time-lapse photographer
  • 6. 2. Audio• Audio (can be captured as video)explaining your business, benefits ofworking with you, what makes yourbusiness special for the client• There are audio recording apps for phonesor you can get a dedicated recorder
  • 7. 3. Points of difference• Clear list of benefits and reasons that youare awesome, what makes your businessspecial, why would someone choose youinstead of your competitors?
  • 8. 4. Complaints• List complaints that clients have (maybecomplaints about competitors or similarproducts or services) which you seek tosolve for them or avoid• How do you address these complaints,what do you do to allay their fear of loss.
  • 9. 5. Buyers remorse• What do you do, say, give or fix to reducethe likelihood of „buyers remorse‟ after atransaction is completed?
  • 10. 6. A day in the life of• Tell a story of a day in the life of a potentialcustomer that visits your business, gets aquote, goes ahead with a purchase• Write it out and sketch some diagrams• Or capture the process as audio or videoand we can transcribe it later.
  • 11. 7. Photos• Professional quality photos, of your team,product, places, customers, location,experience, service and anything elserelevant.• If you don‟t have the skills and equipmentthen hire a professional photographer
  • 12. 8. Presentation files• PowerPoint presentations that you showclients which explain features, products,benefits, criteria, examples and styles.
  • 13. 9. Fact sheets• Fact sheets about products and serviceswith tables and data with in depthinformation
  • 14. 10. FAQs• Question and Answers your clients need• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • 15. 11. Graphics• Graphics that you want to use that youhave made or that have been created inthe past that show an aspect of yourbusiness, product or service.
  • 16. 12. Requirements list• List of conditions your clients must meet orrequirements and recommendations• It could be prerequisites for visiting you
  • 17. 13. Biography (Bio)• Potential clients may want to know who you are, whatyou do and how you arrived to be at the business youare in. A typical bio is where you emphasize yourcredentials, a bit like an resume. Most bios aresomething like this, they tend to be factual andinformative.• Another way to present a bio is with a narrative, astory. This type of writing allows you the descriptivewording that can make your bio more interesting and apath to the present.• When writing your bio, consider your audience. If yourgoal is to capture enquiries about home loans thenyour bio could describe your expert qualifications as amortgage broker or banker.
  • 18. 14. Supplier Websites• List your favourite supplier websites that youlike the look and feel of, capture some of theinformation from there as a quote or excerpt.• You can use this list to direct clients towholesaler websites where they can seemore of the products that you sell.• This list will also help you with ideas for yourwebsite content and guide your web designer
  • 19. 15. Blogging• Type up some sample blog posts (or if youaren‟t going to type them up thenaudio/video blogs can be transcribed later)• If you aren‟t sure what to put in a blog postthink back over the past 2 weeks and pickout 10 clients, sales or projects to describe
  • 20. 16. Testimonials• Written testimonials, photos with happyclients, video testimonials• Check facebook for comments peoplehave posted on your wall• Show examples of your work (portfolio)
  • 21. 17. What is it like• Describe what it feels like to be a client atthe end of a successful project orpurchase
  • 22. 18. Your best photos• Your 10 best photos for the homepage• 5 photos for every other page or section• A photo of you and your team
  • 23. 19. Captions for photos• Captions for your photos, can betitle/subtitle or a description
  • 24. 20. Photo filenames• Name all of your photos with yourkeywords and describe what the photo is,eg. Don‟t supply photos that are calledIMG00573.JPG, change the file to be:something-service-product-keyword-experience.jpg be creative, be descriptive,up to 220 characters long (1 sentence)• Do not use punctuation or & in filenames
  • 25. 21. Give away offer• Decide what has high perceived value orsomething special to give away, a specialoffer, a deal, item, experience, service,taster, tempter, demonstration or benefitthat can be promoted to encourage peopleto fill in an enquiry form or make contact.
  • 26. 22. E-books and reports• E-books, research documents,whitepapers, other long form informationfor people interested in really digging deepinto your offering. The „long tail‟.
  • 27. 23. Expertise described• Your expertise and experience in storyformat and as a bullet point list• If your work history is important topotential clients, create a traditionalrésumé that includes a list of your skills
  • 28. 24. How to guides• Create tutorials or “how to” guides.• Choose topics that your clients are likely tofind useful or entertaining.
  • 29. 25. Statistics• Statistics and statistical analysis presentedin an informative and interesting way• Find an interesting angle and compareone set of data with another
  • 30. 26. Calculators• Spreadsheets with calculators and data• Links to online calculators
  • 31. 27. Infographics• Diagrams, charts and visuals• Infographics. These are graphic visualrepresentations of information, data orknowledge. These graphics presentcomplex information quickly and clearly.Plan an infographic covering a recent topicwithin your industry and create it yourselfor get our illustrators to draw it.
  • 32. 28. Reviews• Write reviews on your products or books,software, services, locations or otherthings that you, your industry or yourclients use and consume.• People will be interested in honest, openreviews, where the you list the positive aswell as the negative aspects of something.
  • 33. 29. Articles• Articles. Most businesses do some sort ofresearch. Take advantage of yourexpertise and provide articles that draw onit, add photos and references
  • 34. 30. Services list• Whatever it is you do, if you offerconsulting, coaching, speaking, planning,designing or any other services related toyour area of expertise, create a page thatdescribes your services• Make a full and detail list of services andgroup the services into categories
  • 35. 31. Example clients• A list of sample clients that are known orwell represented brands so that potentialclients can compare if their project is agood fit for your team and assess yourexpertise in your particular niche
  • 36. 32. Awards• List of awards with graphics, photos, newsreferences or supporting materials• Show the trophies and crests or badges
  • 37. 33. Sales questions• Sales questions to use on a quote requestform or page.• What are the essential questions you askto help assess a clients requirements
  • 38. 34. Contact details• The contact information you wantpublished.• Contact details can be at the bottom ofevery page on your site or on a specialcontact page.• We can also create an enquiry form to letyour site visitors contact you easily.
  • 39. 35. Maps• Maps or information about local servicesand facilities that are nearby
  • 40. 36. Calendar• A calendar of events• Can be connected to a Google Calendar• Could be interactive with bookings
  • 41. 37. Before and After• Before and After, the experience of howyour product or service helped a client.• Photos showing the before and after canbe very compelling and show change.
  • 42. 38. Client photos• Photos from your clients showing themusing your products or experiencing yourservice in a positive way
  • 43. 39. Tips lists• If your product or service lends itself toshort tips then write up a series of them• Could be a numbered list of priorities
  • 44. 40. Crash course• A crash course in some aspect of theusage of your product or service• Can be text, audio, video• Possibly sent out as a time delayed emailnewsletter with auto-responder software
  • 45. 41. How to• Answer „How to‟ questions of potentialclients. People are always typing detailedquestions into search engines.• If you can solve problems for your visitorsthey may stray onto your website
  • 46. 42. Historical info• Historical data and detailed analysis ofpast performance of products• Reviews and critiques of historicalmethods of doing the same things that youdo now• Graphs of change in historical data ortrends over time
  • 47. 43. Interviews• Interview, staff, clients, other businessowners, authors, educators.• Interview an expert in your industry. Sendthe expert a list of questions and let theexpert answer in his/her own words.
  • 48. 44. Seasonal topics• Seasonal news and articles• What is specific to the time of year• Can you tie in your product or service tospecial dates or days of the year
  • 49. 45. Industry comment• Commentary about topical news• Is there anything going in current eventsthat is relevant to your industry? Writesomething about it. Write from your ownperspective and give insight into how itaffects what you do
  • 50. 46. News• News, news, news• Anything can be news, it doesn‟t have tobe news that could go on the nightly tv• It could just be news that your clientswould find useful or just your industry
  • 51. 47. Press release• Promote yourself and your business• Write a press release style document thatannounces something significant in yourbusiness or industry
  • 52. 48. Events• Announce events in your business,industry or location and explain to potentialclients how they are relevant to them.
  • 53. 49. Processes• Processes, procedures and guides, givepeople step by step instructions on how todo something, include photos andscreenshots.
  • 54. 50. Solutions• Ask questions and then provide balancedanswers and solutions to them in detail.• Use the questions to lead in to products orservices that solve the questions
  • 55. 51. Topic reviews• Create an article reviewing all the bestguides and articles on a particular topic onthe web, linking to them, ranking them interms of how helpful they are and giving acouple of highlights from each.
  • 56. 52. Supplier highlights• Supplier reviews and product linesummaries. If you source from certainbrands or suppliers create a page abouteach and give highlights of their range.
  • 57. 53. Career guide• Write a set of career guides oremployment task lists for typical roleswithin your industry• Create ideal candidate attributes lists
  • 58. 54. Case studies• Case studies can be past examples ofexperiences with products or serviceshave helped customers – or they can beexamples of how your typical visitor hasencountered a dissatisfaction withbusinesses in your industry
  • 59. 55. Company history• Write a detailed history page detailing howyour company came about and what itsunique selling points were that led it towhere it is today.
  • 60. 56. Surveys and results• Polls, surveys and results with analysisand what the implications are.• What lessons can be drawn from results• List possible other polls to refine data
  • 61. 57. Product comparisons• Detailed product recommendation pages• List of related products• List of comparable products
  • 62. 58. Team profiles• Team profiles of each of your staff• Get photos• Have cartoons or caricatures created• Interview each staff member• Get a bio from each person
  • 63. 59. Myths• Myths and misconceptions about yourindustry and the way it works• Dispel incorrect assumptions clients have• Challenge what people perceive
  • 64. 60. Training material• Training materials, course information• Lesson plans• Scope of courses• Book recommendations• Links to other materials
  • 65. 61. Troubleshooting guides• Troubleshooting guides, check lists andprocedures to follow for solutions• Help someone solve their own problems• You could do a video of how its done• If you show people how hard it is they maydecide to get you to do it anyway
  • 66. 62. Jokes and lolz• Jokes that are poking fun at your industryor the stereotypes that are in it• Amusing cartoons• Quirky photos• Can work especially well on Facebookbecause people share humor
  • 67. 63. Legal extracts• Reviews and excerpts from legal decisionsand court cases related to your industry• Provide commentary on case outcomes• Show how the court case could have beenavoided if things were different
  • 68. 64. Controversial• Controversy, say something that otherswon‟t go out of your comfort zone• Poke at industry norms and query them• Make bold and assertive statements
  • 69. 65. Quotes• Quotes from famous people or yourself• Capture quotes from emails you receive• Paraphrase things clients have said
  • 70. 66. Screenflow• Capture a screen flow of doing somethingon your computer in your job
  • 71. 67. Sketches• Sketch on paper and have an illustratormake graphics that are unique to you.
  • 72. 68. MSDS• Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) thatare used in your business and industry
  • 73. 69. News clippings• Collect news clippings, pages frommagazines or industry journals and thenprovide commentary on them.
  • 74. 70. Email extracts• Every time you write a detailed email to aclient, answering a question or covering anissue copy it into a document and turn itinto a blog post or article
  • 75. 71. Form downloads• Forms, printable, downloadable, or online.• It can save your staff a lot of time if theycan direct clients to form downloads.
  • 76. 72. Brochures• Collect up any brochures you havecreated and flyers or any otherpromotional type documents that are stillrelevant to your current work
  • 77. 73. Introductory letters• If you have ever written introductory lettersto potential new clients or prospects theremay be terrific snippets in there which canbe reused
  • 78. 74. Quotations• When you are creating quote documentsfor clients you are likely to be describinghow things are done, what they canexpect, what you are asking of them andthe process that is followed, extract thesebits of wisdom into a document
  • 79. Ready to get started?• You will need to find your website logindetails, have a look for them now beforeyou are ready to start publishing newcontent so that you know exactly whatpage to go to and how to get into yourwebsite or even to send the details to yourweb designer, content creator or internetmarketer. They will need them.
  • 80. Before you add contentIt would be a good idea to have easy accessto the following website details….You definitely will need• Content management system login/passAnd you might someday need:• Domain name registration login/pass• Web hosting control panel login/pass• PayPal email/password (for ecommerce)
  • 81. Google Webmaster Guide• One of the most important steps inimproving your site‟s ranking in Googlesearch results is to ensure that it containsplenty of rich information that includesrelevant keywords, used appropriately,that indicate the subject matter of yourcontent.
  • 82. Media.• Do you want to do some really cool stuffgoing forward like video blogs, maybe apodcast, press releases? We can helpwith this stuff too so that your website canbe an awesome authority and that peoplesee you as the expert in your field.
  • 83. It’s worth the effort• If you want an interactive and engagingwebsite that has lots of detailedinformation, a variety of words, images,video, audio and presentations instead ofa shallow, boring template full of stockphotos and scrappy text then pickup apencil, dig out your camera and open upyour email documents folder.
  • 84. Start straight away• Do not wait until your website is “ready”…begin now and find a quiet space and aclear mind.• Grab your laptop, pens, notepad, camera,phone, whiteboard and tripod. Downloadan audio recording app on your phone.
  • 85. Keep it organised• Whatever you are going to share with yourweb designer, content creator or internetmarketer so they can help you it is a goodidea to have it well organised so that theycan understand how it fits in yourbusiness, the context and where it shouldgo on the website. Tools like dropbox,evernote and Google docs are great forsharing files and photos.
  • 86. Any questions?• If you need a hand with your website,marketing or design visit us or• call +61 2 4650 1140• Or email• I hope you have a terrific website full ofvaluable resources and information. All thebest from Jeremy.