What is Social Media ? May 2011


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This is a beginners guide to Social Media for marketers If you work in marketing, communications, PR, research, strategy, insights, corporate comms, HR, investor relations, then you need to know about social media. This explains it in an easy and entertaining way.

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  • PEOPLE ARE INCREASINGLY TURING TO THE INTENET TO FIND OPINONS ON YOU BRAND, OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE, YOUR EMPLOYEES, AND FUNDAMENTALLY YOUR PRODUCT. 78% AGREED THAT CONSUMER RECOMMENDATIONS ARE THE MOST CREDIBLY FORM OF ADVERTISING AMONY THE NIELSEN STUDY Crocs: I ’ ve recently interviewed and wrote a blog post about Crocs ’ social media specialist George G. Smith Jr. , Did I get paid to write the blog post? No. Did I receive some Crocs swag? Yes. Was I planning to write the blog post before the swag? Yes. Did I let my readers know I received some crocs swag? Yes. Kodak: I was looking for a flip mino hd, and was suggested the Kodak Zi6 on twitter.  Then I purchased a Kodak Zi6 from Best Buy and was asked if I would write a blog post about using it for Kodak ’ s A Thousand Words Blog Did I get paid to write the blog po st? NoDid I receive any Kodak coupons or incentives for writing the post ? No iPhone app reviews: I ’ ve been approached by several iPhone developers or their marketing representatives asking if I would review their iPhone app on my blog and by doing so they would give me a free coupon to purchase the application. Have I posted the reviews? No Should I ? Maybe just as long as I ’ m honest, that if the apps sucks, I let my readers know and give them my truthful opinion. What is Transparency ? In plain English, transparency means I tell you who I received the information from so you know that it ’ s credible or that I was not the originator of the information. In media transparency leads to credibility, it builds the trust from someone reporting information by providing credible sources. Transparency in Social Media But what about transparency in social media? The same holds true yet it also has a double meaning. Transparency in social media especially pertaining to blogging and covering a product, brand or service means that ’ s I ’ m giving you an honest non-biased opinion or truth when I write or cover a particular topic. Online this can mean that, I am who I say I am online and that my reason for posting or having a discussion about a product, brand or service does not have any hidden agendas.  Or if I ’ m posting or having a discussion about a product, brand or service and was paid or hired to do so, you ’ ll know about it up front or it will be included in the conversations. Why is transparency so important? Transparency is about trust and with everyone trying to grab your attention online whether it is through a youtube video, blog post, facebook ad or a tweet, trust relationship marketing will be one of the key ways brands will try to sell their services to customers. In other words brands will contact you saying, blog out this, or can you tweet this. I ’ m not saying there is anything wrong with that but will you let your readers or subscriber know that you were paid to post content about a particular brand upfront or at all? Will you sell? We ’ re in a time where companies will try leverage individuals who are community leaders or have a large audience for brand awareness.  If you have a lot of followers on twitter, blog subscribers or subscribers in an email database you have the opportunity to leverage your community and establish a few relationships with brands who may want to reach your audience. It ’ s something I call “ selling their eyes ” , to where you ’ re willing to push paid content to your community via product placement or sponsored ads. How you choose to let your community know about you “ selling their eyes ” is up to you but if you want to keep them, being honest or “ transparent ” is the best way to do so. Do yo trust me? There ’ s a lot of good and bad examples of transparency and social media and I ’ m not going say any names or cases of others but I ’ m going go over a few cases I ’ m involved in:
  • What is Social Media ? May 2011

    1. 1. P WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA ? Jez Jowett, HSE Global Director #Jezmond.
    2. 2. The Context for Social Media - Evolution of Communication
    3. 3.
    4. 4. The Context for Social Media - Consumers, trust and transparency. People trust friends and people ‘ like me ’ , not advertising.
    5. 5. Defining Moment : WEB2.0 (Tim O ’ Reilly 2005) Free, easy, open, collaborative. The 4 Pillars : Content, Communities, Communications, Connections
    6. 6. CONTENT it ’ s Elvis
    7. 7. COMMUNITIES love you or hate you
    8. 8. COMMUNICATIONS easy, instant
    9. 9. CONNECTIONS super smart, super connectors
    10. 10. All these factors, gave ‘ birth ’ to social media (though people had been social online since 1972) + Price, broadband penetration, WIFI. + Education, experience, confidence. + Online friends. Virtual. Chat. Skype. + FUN! I ’ ll Facebook You! ;-)
    11. 11. All these factors, gave ‘ birth ’ to social media (though people had been social online since 1972) + Price, broadband penetration, WIFI. + Education, experience, confidence. + Online friends. Virtual. Chat. Skype. + FUN! I ’ ll Facebook You! ;-)
    12. 12.
    13. 13. Social Media Sites (& tools) FILM Share your own video or watch and comment on others PHOTO Upload your images for others to see, discuss and download FRIENDS Connect with your friends (find, share, comment, upload, discuss) A THOUGHT Express yourself in 140 characters THOUGHTS Commit to digital paper what you find interesting and want others to SOUNDS Share what you are listening to with others, and vice versa LOCATION Share where you are and what you are doing, and find friends PROFESSION Connect with colleagues, interests and qualifications
    14. 14. Social Media in practise A DAY IN THE LIFE OF......... JEZMONDO HOW I USE SOCIAL ME DIA
    15. 15. 7.15am Woke up to this
    16. 16. 7.35am Checked mail and messages
    17. 17. 3255 7.50am 1 st day @ school
    18. 18. Twitter Sky News Custom mac macbook macbook macbook Mac bag Mac mini Wii Board Wii Mac keyboard x 3 Remote mouse HD RFID FLIP iPod phone iPhone Cables+ 7.57am Packed our bags & pockets
    19. 19. 7.58am Got on 1 of these (with WIFI)
    20. 20. 7.59am Past here
    21. 21. 144 8.00am Reply to messages
    22. 22. 492 8.01am Check in to the ‘ bus ’
    23. 23. 1840 8.05am Login to Twitter
    24. 24. 7452 8.06am Twitter - friends first (RT)
    25. 25. 8224 8.08am Twitter - Work next Follow interest
    26. 26. 4215 8.09am Twitter - Work next Follow person
    27. 27. 17,000 8.12am YouTube - Twitter link Follow person
    28. 28. 668 8.20am LinkedIn - Invites Accept invite
    29. 29. 1245 8.30am Facebook - Wall View, watch
    30. 30. 8.40am Arrive at Cake. Happy people.
    31. 31. 15 60 125 456 2450 3018 8.50am At desk - lots of feeds (big screen)
    32. 32. 1800 240 1340 1 ! 3185 9.00am Facebook 6 comments 240 friends 4 likes 1 party invite
    33. 33. 125 456 80 9.01am YouTube
    34. 34.
    35. 35. 2450 456 2906 9.02am Brand Republic alerts
    36. 36. 7860 9.08am Twitter Analysis
    37. 37. 9.16am Traditional start of the day.
    39. 39. Opinion Status News Location Friends and family Entertainment Useful things Tickets, event information Exclusives Social Media content fuels conversations Successful brands in social media make themselves part of the conversation with branded content, ie... What have I consumed and shared ?
    40. 40. Other : http://www.facebook.com/Dominos?sk=wall Brands create communities for fans to get closer to them
    41. 41. Other : http://www.youtube.com/user/desperados Brands create video content that people want to watch
    42. 42. Brands create locations that people want to check in to
    43. 43. Brands post messages that people want to read and share
    44. 44. Brands create applications that are useful to consumers
    45. 45. Brands create blog posts that people read and share
    46. 46. “ Social media is the on-going conversation of the planet. As time goes on, it is my home on the internet. It is my home page, the place where I spend the most time. It is where I do business. It is where I hang out with my friends. It ’ s where I find out about new movies, television and products. ” Kurt Sondregger, VP Marketing, Ploom. The Future