Police Sergeant promotional interview techniques


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Lt. Julie Rodriguez has conducted hundreds of prep seminars for members of the LAPD who have wanted to promote to Detective and Sergeant. This powerpoint was from several years ago when she was a Detective. She can be contacted at her email address 33508@lapd.lacity.org

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Police Sergeant promotional interview techniques

  2. 2. PRESENTED BY: 33508@lapd.lacity.org
  3. 3. ABOUT ME! Success is not final, failure is not fatal;it is the courage to continue that counts. ~ Winston Churchill I am currently on the Lieutenant‟s list. I was an FTO with 5 years on the job. Made Detective with 7 years on the job. Made Sergeant with 9 years on the job. I currently have 15 years and going strong.
  4. 4. PACKAGE REVIEW• Review your Area/Divisional package NOW.• Bring copies of any Bureau Commendations (Commander and above).• Citizen letters, e-mails, etc.• Prior Ratings (ensure you have current ratings…PERIOD)• Certificates, awards, and Class D, etc.• GO REVIEW YOUR DOWNTOWN PACKAGE NOW @ THE NEW PAB ROOM 139, located on the lower level.• Be prepared to discuss discipline, complaints, etc. YOU bring it up, don‟t wait for it. Always take the high road (what I learned from it). PROVIDE an example of how you will use this as a SGT.• Talk about your education, but don‟t continuously refer to your PHD.• DO NOT apologize for your assignments/package, but be ready to talk about it (Operational vs. Administrative). Too much or not enough!• BE YOURSELF and BE HONEST! TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!
  5. 5. APPEARANCE Uniform vs. Business SuitSharp and Fit vs. Approachable to all board members Appropriate Attire for Men: Dark Suit (no flashy tie) Light on the cologne or none Hair standards (under cover assignments) Appropriate Attire for Women: No 80s hair and NOT super tight! Light Makeup Light Perfume Pant Suit vs. Dress Suit
  6. 6. BOARD SELECTION One Captain I or II One Lieutenant I or II One civilian who will be the one to greet you. Get there early to review the board. 0800 hours board is posted each day. This is also your time to review your essay. If you need to strike a board member do it. If you don‟t…don‟t! You will be asked why and your answer will be recorded. Reason has to be a „good‟ one and the staff can deny your request.
  7. 7. HOW TO PREPARE Make a Captain’s Book: Three ring binder of every Current Captain I or II http://lapdonline.org/lapd_command_staff http://lapdonline.org/lapd_command_staff/comm_bio_view/42045 There is nothing improper about reading the bios that are available online; in fact, it‟s a sign of respect.Win the crowd, win your freedom!
  9. 9. ETIQUETTE Greeted by Civilian Member (try and remember their first name) Shake hands….firm, not deadly Introduced to a Captain I or II and Lieutenant I or II Look them in the eye, smile, and shake hands. Thank civilian member! WAIT UNTIL EVERYONE IS SEATED BEFORE YOU SIT......Even if they tell you sit, WAIT, and say „You first Sir or Ma‟am!‟ This will speak volumes about your CHARACTER!“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”
  10. 10. ESSAY FIRST QUESTION MAY BE: IS there anything you would like to add or change about your essay? You will review your essay prior to going into the interview….SO Be honest! If you forgot a notification now is your chance.If you didn‟t provide the definition of a Cat UOF now is your chance! Be short and to the point!
  11. 11. ORAL INTERVIEW Experience Based (Tell me about a time you did ABC) Listen to the Question Answer the Question (reflect on your experience) Take your time. Leaders are effective communicators. This trait is now being tested. Multiple parts in question, it is OKAY to ask them to repeat it. Don‟t do this too often.
  12. 12. ORAL INTERVIEW What did you learn or gain from the experience? Conclusion…What is the END or outcome of the story! As a Sergeant I will….leadership perspective (world view) WORDS matter and can be POWERFUL. Memorize terms and meanings. Strategic Plan, tactical operation, management objectives, crowd management and control, critical incident management and post management, effective and dynamic leadership, etc.
  13. 13. POSSIBLE ORAL QUESTIONS:1. Tell me about a time you had a conflict with a supervisor?2. Conflict with a subordinate or peer?3. Conflict with a victim or citizen?4. Conflict between others you were involved in? Break down the question into four parts. Don’t memorize answers, remember bullet points you want to hit!A. Give a specific example of a conflict. What was it, how did you address it, and what was the outcome. BE BRIEF and to the POINT!B. Lessons Learned/Gained: Conflict is important. Valuable lessons learned make us effective leaders.C. Community/Department Component: The people we serve both in the community and our employees expect us to provide a Resolution to the conflict and/or Provide Resources.D. As a supervisor I WILL……..
  14. 14. ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIPThe job you are applying for is a management supervisory position. YOU need to talk, act, and speak like you are ALREADY ONE.The BOARD must BELIEVE that they could hand you your stripes as you walk out the door. You need to give the Board a comfort level that the Division/Watchis in good hands & the right thing will be done w/ you in CHARGE.
  16. 16. ATTITUDE REFLECTS LEADERSHIP Be confident, not cocky. Be yourself Be honest RELAX…..this is not a day of stress. It is a day of opportunity. The Board WANTS you to do well. Make eye contact with all Board members…don‟t forget the Civilian. Enjoy the moment…it is yours!
  17. 17. HOW TO PREPARE: Flash Cards Word Document Personal audio or video recording Mock oral (**most important**) Practice at home in the mirror!
  18. 18. POSSIBLE ORAL QUESTIONS:1. Moral or Productivity. Chief Beck once said, “Whatever you INSPECT is what people EXPECT!”2. Sexual Harassment, discrimination, workplace violence, HAZING, hostile work environment, Departments equal employment opportunity goals, etc.3. While walking down the hallway you hear an employee make an inappropriate comment to another employee. What would you do about it?4. As a Sergeant describe your role in regards to community policing and how would you get more officers involved in the process?
  19. 19. POSSIBLE ORAL QUESTIONS:5. A certain community group refuses to work with the police. What are you going to do as a Sgt. to work through this barrier?6. What one or two things are you most proud of in your package?7. Is there anything you would like to add or change that isn‟t in your package?8. What is your weakness? What have you done to correct it? What is your strength?Make sure you are ready with one sentence answers regarding our Departmentsvarious policies (EEO, Sexual Harassment, Use of Force, Discipline,etc...). Any Policy question (to get a perfect score from the Board) will need acrisp definition and an explanation why the Policy exists and why it is important toyou!
  20. 20. CLOSING Is there anything you would like to add? This is your closing: Make it 30 seconds or less. To the point!Thank the board, stand up, and shake hands with each member!
  21. 21. THINGS TO REMEMBER Before you tell them what you would do, tell them what you have already done. Ensure you tell them what you have learned from the experience. Tell them what you will do when you get the job (leadership perspective).
  22. 22. HUMOR VS. NO HUMORHumor is not a bad thing and can relax a tense board; however, interjecting humor into an interview, is a calculated risk. *Use caution!
  23. 23. HUMOR VS. NO HUMOR
  24. 24. 2012 DEPARTMENT GOALS Chief Beck recently established the Department Goals for 2012. Try and talk about them in your oral interview:• Commitment to Constitutional Policing.• Crime Reduction and Community Engagement.• Prevention of and Response to Terrorist Incidents.• Employee Wellness.• Maintaining the Personnel Strength of the Department.
  25. 25. KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!
  26. 26. START PREPARING NOW!“Hard work beats Talent,when Talent doesn’t work hard.”
  27. 27. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! 33508@lapd.lacity.org