Create autoblog on with Hatforrent Service


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Create autoblog on with Hatforrent service

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Create autoblog on with Hatforrent Service

  1. 1. - Should be blogger : +Free, so you build autoblog with large quatity, cost for hosting will save alot of yourmoney. +Be priority index fastest by google.Creating a blog on very simple, so, i wont guide :D. SomeOne dont clear, pleasereference here. Important, how do you want to build blog with any niche? to choose namecorrect ^^(i’ll guide to choose niche at next part)Register accout of hatforrentIt’s too easy, so, i won’t guide,too ^^ .Now, let’s add your blog into hatforrent
  2. 2. Create new blogspot on HatforrentTo have blogId, see the image below :
  3. 3. Get BlogIDTo easy check your installing and see content on your blog, i’ll choose a site has big frequencyof contents(In fact is difference - you should choose blogs has a little frequency of content, andadd more source for 1 blog - i’ll explain about it in other article)I’ll choose ign to get sourceWorking of parse content of webpage have 2 steps : get link and get all content. We’ll provideto hatforrent source of webpage to get link(RSS or homepage or category of page).In here, easy to see, Hatforrent need traverse into homepage or RSS, or any webpage, aslong as its link to redirect to details of contents. Then, it traverse into details page to get detailcontent.At here, i’ll use rss to get link, with page hasn’t rss, i only use html(simple, use rss easier to getlink !!!)Link RSS: can fill follow the image beblow :
  4. 4. Getting by feeds
  5. 5. Getting by htmlAt here, it’s a little difficult : “Selector to get content” or “Selector to get title” Get selector for contentThis selector is the part that you specify to hatforrent how to parse content. Syntax of selectorsame Syntax of css selector, but, it’s stronger(If you buy service of hatforrent, will support howto write free selectors as well as possible :D)
  6. 6. Cái selector này là chỗ bạn sẽ chỉ cho hatforrent làm thế nào để “bóc tách” content .To write selector, so you can viewsource detail of any webpage, eg : source, can see tag contain content is <div class=”article_content”> tag selector name to get contentSo, in the selector, you can only specify the class is article_content (.article_content)Or you can use firebug or new version of others browsers has “Inspect Element”You can see :
  7. 7. So, we understood meaning how to put “.article_content” into the selector, and how to get thatselector.Same, the title put on <h1 class="article_title contentPageHeader"> tag. In here, have 2 classarticle_title contentPageHeader, you should use article_title class.So Selector of title will be “.article_title”Next step, you will click “Preview Articles” to preview the article that hatforrent just get content.When preview OK, you choose Save to save change.
  8. 8. Preview contentDone, wait about 15-30 minutes, your blog has new contents.So, you have added 1 source into your blog to finish.Each autoblog should have 5-10 sources, dependent frequency arise of new contents
  9. 9. How it work