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Jeunesse Stem Cell facial lift.
From Beverly Hills, Dr. Nathan Newman.

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  1. 1. Please…Find a seat promptly toward the front ofthe roomHold all questions till the endTurn off all electronic devices we do notwant to distract those around you, theinformation being shared is very Important
  2. 2. The LUMINESCE™ growth factor complex isderived from adult adipose stem cellsextracted from human fat tissueInterleukins and 200+ GrowthFactorsGrowth factors are the code (language)cells use to communicate certain specificinstructions such as:  lowering inflammation  building new blood vessels  producing collagen and elastin
  3. 3. Used LUMINESCE™cellular rejuvenationserum on half of face Proof with a dermascope
  4. 4. Dr. Vincent Giampapa
  5. 5. -Global beauty and wellness market sizeis estimated at approximately $500 billion-The anti-aging market is estimated at$100 billion, with annual global growth rates of 8% -10% over the next 10 years-In 2009 alone, over 90 million Americans purchased anti aging products orprocedures… that’s about one third of our country-People simply want to look and feelyoung-Can you see the powerful business potential of the Anti-Aging industry?
  6. 6. -You’re already doing it… When you watch a good movie or eat at a good restaurant. Get paid toShare!-USA today says, word of mouth, is the most powerful way to market a product to a consumer-We simply cut out the middle man and pay the millions of dollars in advertising money to you, for referring customers to Jeunesse
  7. 7. Donald Trump Warren Buffett Richard Branson
  8. 8. YouPC PC
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  10. 10. Yo uResults not typical.There are NO GUARANTEES regarding income.The success or failure of each Independent Representative,like any other business, depends on each IndependentRepresentative’s own skills and personal efforts.
  11. 11. The higher your rank at Jeunesse,the more levels of MatchingBonuses you can earn!
  12. 12. YOU 8 people - LI 20-30%CAT TOM PAT ROB MAY SAM WILL KIM 15 people - L2 15% 50 people - L3 10% Level 4 - 5% Level 5 - 5% Level 6 - 5% Level 7 - 5% *No limit to the number of people you can sponsor! *Opportunity to match up to 3 level with only one team working! *Matching bonus based on binary cycles of downlines in sponsorship tree. No guarantee of income in any way, shape or form. Income depends on individual performance. *See Compensation Plan for more details
  13. 13.  Three percent (3%) of the Company’s CV will be paid quarterly to qualified Diamond Directors.* Income from this pool is based on shares earned by qualified Diamonds.* See website for further details.
  14. 14. Vacations Promotions andDirector Incentives
  15. 15. 1.Virtual Business Kit (Starter Kit) for $29.95 USD. Replicated website/real-time Back Office Built-in merchant account/online shopping car Abilityto buy wholesale, sell retail2.Pick a Package.3.Become an Executive.4.Set up your Autoship with a minimum of 60 PV worth of products
  16. 16. $29.95 Starter Kit + $199 Basic Package
  17. 17. $29.95 Starter Kit + $499 Supreme Package
  18. 18. $29.95 Starter Kit + $799 Jumbo Package
  19. 19. $29.95 Starter Kit + $1099 Ambassador Package
  20. 20. $29.95 Starter Kit + $1799 Jumbo One YearPackage
  21. 21. You are in business foryourself,but not by yourself!  Local Trainings  Regional Events  Online Resources  Conference Calls  Webinars
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