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Jeunesse Stem Cell facial lift.

Jeunesse Stem Cell facial lift.
From Beverly Hills, Dr. Nathan Newman.



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    Jeunesseenglish Jeunesseenglish Presentation Transcript

    • Please…Find a seat promptly toward the front ofthe roomHold all questions till the endTurn off all electronic devices we do notwant to distract those around you, theinformation being shared is very Important
    • The LUMINESCE™ growth factor complex isderived from adult adipose stem cellsextracted from human fat tissueInterleukins and 200+ GrowthFactorsGrowth factors are the code (language)cells use to communicate certain specificinstructions such as:  lowering inflammation  building new blood vessels  producing collagen and elastin
    • Used LUMINESCE™cellular rejuvenationserum on half of face Proof with a dermascope
    • Dr. Vincent Giampapa
    • -Global beauty and wellness market sizeis estimated at approximately $500 billion-The anti-aging market is estimated at$100 billion, with annual global growth rates of 8% -10% over the next 10 years-In 2009 alone, over 90 million Americans purchased anti aging products orprocedures… that’s about one third of our country-People simply want to look and feelyoung-Can you see the powerful business potential of the Anti-Aging industry?
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    • Yo uResults not typical.There are NO GUARANTEES regarding income.The success or failure of each Independent Representative,like any other business, depends on each IndependentRepresentative’s own skills and personal efforts.
    • The higher your rank at Jeunesse,the more levels of MatchingBonuses you can earn!
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    •  Three percent (3%) of the Company’s CV will be paid quarterly to qualified Diamond Directors.* Income from this pool is based on shares earned by qualified Diamonds.* See website for further details.
    • Vacations Promotions andDirector Incentives
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