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Poetry Corner

  1. 1. a different kind of season by cari hume
  2. 2. as the seasons blend together, the brisk nights grow warmer, but I’m numb and you’re still running. you asked what I wanted the most and I told you I don’t want anything to be the same, and you brought me into that world that I’d never thought I’d be apart of, the smoke in the back room, it suffocates the childhood out of them. you never promised another word, but you have a way of getting what you want, maybe I could be the exception or maybe I’m too late. the start of something new
  3. 3. clouded mind too dazed, once acquired is now lost, close your eyes and sleep. the junkie
  4. 4. we grow tired and become empty, but your emptiness is filling me, try to wake my mind and I won’t go to sleep, I have too many imperfections, I’d like to see all of yours. slow music, playing in my head, around these noises of adolescence, but we can only wait, wait a little longer and I can fix my dreams and you can fix me. imperfections
  5. 5. the winter chill up my spine as I jump from fence to fence; we live by the moon’s light, trying to escape ourselves, running and breaking hearts with careless glances and useless words. the moon’s out full tonight, and it feels like we’re the only ones breathing, the sky is silent with those scattered lights up there, and the ground is too close as we look anywhere but down. two a.m.
  6. 6. dark water but we're drowning anyway; one last look will do and i can breathe without a scent  and i would never look back when we've been swimming in dark water for far too long now,  and yet this is ending too soon;  you hold a bittersweet taste to life,  as you fall back into the bottom  of our dark water. blue eyes sting  when they're all you can see,  a taste so sweet and it's everything you wanted  but it's ending too soon.   a brisk night, too cold to sing your love is at the window, left for you to bring,  but he took your touch  and offered something more,  small words hurt you and his gestures pull you away. 
  7. 7. wait for me stay awake listen softly open the window let in the frosty air come out and find me in the winter night velvet voices speak softly don’t sing run singing in the night
  8. 8. white blue fades lighter  but the sky grows colder, when the wind blows your heart over,  the grey of your eyes turn to ash  and you fall,  fall,  down and deep into yourself.  the snow falls lightly and quickly,  covering the scars you hide,  but soon it will melt and so will you,  I'll hold you up so you can see  how much you're hurting me,  but when the day grows longer,  we get warmer,  and you melt with the ice, into water,  into water that reflects your scars.  your head exploding and you're disrupting  the white silence of the sky,  and when your heart bleeds out  it stains my shoes,  and when i walk towards you,  i leave a trail of your scars  on the white marble snow.  you try to stand up  and each and every time your eyes fall apart and you crash to the ground,  you want to leave this place  and you run and you run  but you're getting too cold to go much farther  and you're breaking heavily  and i can see you fading gently,  so softly,  into the winter sky,  disappearing from the corner of my eye,  you're so silent and you're so soft,  you were grey and you faded to white.
  9. 9. night shift the window locked in place from the lack of use; I can see the shadow across your face, the light bouncing steadily off the pews, a warm glow of color against your eyes. a soft hint of rain falls beneath the skies, souls locked in chains, too tight to feel the pain, steady silence fills up your fragile mind, you look up as you can’t escape the lies. walk to the end of time, don’t try to run, turn around to see what you left behind, a vibrant haze glows in the air like lime, why don’t you look up and see what you find. dark colors of your mind run together, you tell me you’re gonna live forever. sonnet
  10. 10. the wall is projecting the words we won’t say the white canvas is waiting for the paint that can’t fade. but we all know that once our light is gone, our colors flow out from our feet, and into that sky too far where we can’t reach. s i l e n c e
  11. 11. the sky scattered with lights filling up your dreams don’t blame yourself fragile lies fall down drown they leave you empty with scars inside filling up your mind look up and learn to love scattered lights
  12. 12. bruises too much heart break for one season  and too little love to last forever, we wanted to see our reactions  when we fell apart all over each other,  but you held onto me tight, too tight  and now you've left bruises on my back.   we lost our concentration  on what we wanted most,  but you keep on saying your little lies cause they sound so good right about now,  and i'll keep on giving in  because that's all i know how.  those bruises you left on me,  they make you hurt me but just like you,  they'll soon go away,  they'll fade to grey and blend in,  just like you, a junkie in your mind,  you'll soon fade away soon you'll blend right in.
  13. 13. how things change the snow falling in the morning reminds me of the way you looked at me, and how the cold never bothered me and those fences, they tore my knees but my heart stayed intact until the end. things i never told you, they rest inside of me, and i break your heart with my ugly smile and tear you apart with my hard glance, but you turn away when i look over my shoulder, i'll never get the chance to understand you, and you never wanted anything more.
  14. 14. salty promises the warm breath of salty wind stings eyes, and the faint glow of the sky lighting up the world, each and every star, too far, the steady vibrations of the black waves crashing, reminding you of better days, when the moon would hide and you’d come outside and you’d never, ever say goodbye. she saw through you with blurred eyes and you tore her apart without promises and she’s grateful as you turn away, the wind blows you over with your regrets. the taste of salt like tears on her face, broken promises in the sky, you never said goodbye.
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