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Elements and health project
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Elements and health project



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  • 1. By : Jesus Rodriguez
  • 2.  People ingest sodium by: Drinking Soda Eating Canned Foods Eating Foods with Salt Intake of Special MedicationSource: http://www. vitamins- nutrition.org/vitamins/sodium.html
  • 3.  Sodium is vital component of nerves as it stimulates muscle contraction. Sodium also helps to keep calcium and other minerals soluble in the human body. Sodium aids in preventing heat prostration or sunstroke. http://www. vitamins- nutrition.org/vitamins/sodium.html
  • 4.  Symptoms may include feelings of weakness, apathy, and nausea as well as cramps in the muscles of the extremities and sodium lost during dehydration and sweating. Even tiny reductions in blood pressure.
  • 5.  Sulfur can never be ingested because Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral that is found mostly near hot springs and volcanic craters. It has a distinct "rotten egg" smell, caused by sulfur dioxide gas escaping into the air and the strong chemicals not known for ingesting by a human. Source: http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/sulfur- 000328.htm#ixzz2DfFrHqXL Follow us: @UMMC on Twitter | MedCenter on Facebook
  • 6.  Regarding all of the foods mentioned above if the food is not fed sulfur these meats and vegetables are also sulfur deficient. Eggs are a different issue because chickens eat anything including their own droppings which replicates an internal sulfur cycle so eggs are a good source of sulfur and should not be avoided. Cholesterol we believe is a myth to which the medical community has gravitated since cholesterol levels can be measured and any number in medicine can be used to scare the public. If ingested sometimes death.
  • 7.  Nothing will happen if you do not ingest this element or not have enough of it.
  • 8.  They do not interact in your body at all.