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NodeJS in Windows Azure
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NodeJS in Windows Azure


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Published in: Technology

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  • See:
  • IISNode – load balances across the Node.exe instances - Auto-restarts when app.js changes - captures console output and logs it to disk - lets you host traditional ASP.NET code in the same IIS app (it’s just another handler)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Fall in Love with NodeJS inWindows AzureJesus RodriguezTellago, Inc, Tellago Studios
    • 2. NodeJS Time!!!
    • 3. About Me…• Hackerpreneur• Co-Founder Tellago, Tellago Studios, Inc.• Microsoft Architect Advisor• Microsoft MVP• Oracle ACE• Speaker, Author•••
    • 4. Agenda• Quick intro to NodeJS• NodeJS and Windows Azure
    • 5. NodeJS?
    • 6. How Simple is Simple?
    • 7. Ok, What is NodeJS Again?
    • 8. NodeJS at a Glance
    • 9. Some History
    • 10. Node is…
    • 11. Node.js on Windows
    • 12. IIS Node
    • 13. IIS Node• <configuration>• <system.webServer>• <handlers>• <add name="iisnode"• path="app.js"• verb="*"• modules="iisnode" />• </handlers>• </system.webServer>• </configuration>
    • 14. NodeJS in Windows Azure• Web Role–Uses IISNode• Worker Role–Runs node.exe as role entry point• PowerShell Cmdlets• Windows Azure SDK for node.js
    • 15. Node Hosting Options
    • 16. HDInsightMy First NodeJS App inWindows Azure
    • 17. We can use NodeJS to ManageWindows Azure
    • 18. HDInsightNodeJS Command LineTools
    • 19. Of Course! You can leverageexisting NodeJS modules in yourWindows Azure applications
    • 20. HDInsightUsing Express and Socket.ioin Windows Azure
    • 21. You can natively interact withWindows Azure Services
    • 22. Blob Storage Examplesvar azure = require(azure);var blobClient = azure.createBlobService();// Create Blob from Textvar text = the text of my blob;blobClient.createBlockBlobFromText(mycontainer, myblob, text,function (error, blockBlob, response) {// Blob created});// Get Blob TextblobClient.getBlobToText(mycontainer, myblob,function (error, text, blockBlob, response) {// Blob text retrieved});// Delete BlobblobClient.deleteBlob(mycontainer, myblob,function (error, isSuccessful, response) {// Container deleted});
    • 23. Table Storage Examplesvar azure = require(azure);var tableClient = azure.createTableService();// Insert Entityvar item = new MyEntity();item.PartitionKey = part1;item.RowKey = uuid();tableClient.insertEntity(mytable, item,function (error, entity, response) {// Entity saved});// Query EntitytableClient.queryEntity(mytable, item.PartitionKey, item.PartitionKey,function (error, successful, response) {// Do something});// Delete EntitytableClient.deleteEntity(mytable, item,function (error, entity, response) {// Entity deleted});
    • 24. Storage Queue Examplevar azure = require(azure);var queueClient = azure.createQueueService();// Enqueue a MessagequeueClient.createMessage(myqueue, my message text,function (error, queueMessageResult, response) {// Do something });// Get MessagesqueueClient.getMessages(myqueue,function (error, queueMessageResults, response) {// Do Something});
    • 25. HDInsightNodeJS and the WindowsAzure Service Bus
    • 26. Windows Azure Services arealready using NodeJS
    • 27. HDInsightNodeJS Scripts in WindowsAzure Mobile Services
    • 28. HDInsight Service
    • 29. HDInsightUsing NodeJS with HDIsightService
    • 30. Summary• NodeJS is one the most popular modernprogramming environments• Windows Azure offers first class support forNodeJS applications• The azure module enables NodeJS integrationwith various Windows Azure capabilities• Existing Windows Azure services are alreadyusing NodeJS
    • 31. Thanksjesus.rodriguez@tellago.comhttp://www.tellagostudios.comhttp://jrodthoughts.com!/jrodthoughts