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Making WCF Simple
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Making WCF Simple

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This presentation covers best practices for developing WCF applications in the real world.

This presentation covers best practices for developing WCF applications in the real world.

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  • 1. Chief Architect, Tellago,Tellago Studios, Inc
  • 2. http://weblogs.asp.net/gsusx
  • 3. Service VersioningRemove Endpoint-Coupling Between Services andClientsManaging WCF ConfigurationWCF Services AvailabilityMonitoring ServicesSecurity && Identity Management
  • 4. Versioning services imposes large degrees of changes on the clients Multiple versions of the same services might need to be running side by sideSolution: Use WCF Routing Service to abstract the communication across different service versions Service v1 Client Routing Service Service v2
  • 5. Clients are dependent on WCF endpoint changesHigh availability requires the deployment of expensive hardwaresolutions Solution: Use WS-Discovery to adapt to endpoint changes WS-Discovery Probe, Match Service Client WS-Discovery Probe, Match Service
  • 6. Complexity Enforcing reusability and consistency across services, clients and environments Solution: Centralize WCF configuration Configuration RepositoryGET client/config GET service/config Client Service
  • 7. Identifying when a service is availableAvoiding the need for executing service logic Solution: Implement a Ping Operation Invoker Ping Client Service Ping Response Ping Operation Invoker
  • 8. Instrument the message exchange between client and servicesCollect near real time metrics about the service runtime behaviorTrack the data exchange between clients and servicesSolution: Enable and extend service tracking using the Windows Server AppFabric Client Service
  • 9. SecurityIdentity managementService dependency modelingInteroperabilityGovernanceTesting
  • 10. Adopting WCF in big SO solutions can introduce someinteresting challengesThe extensibility of the WCF programming model togetherwith well established patterns, tools and techniques thatcan help to address those challengesStart small, iterate, adopt what makes sense for yourorganization
  • 11. Thanks!!!jesus.rodriguez@tellago.comhttp://tellago.comhttp://tellagostudios.comhttp://weblogs.asp.net/gsusx
  • 12. http://northamerica.msteched.comwww.microsoft.com/teched www.microsoft.com/learninghttp://microsoft.com/technet http://microsoft.com/msdn