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Presentación general en ingles.v40

  1. 1. Waste to EnergyBiomass and WasteGasification Technology
  2. 2. 1.Energy and Waste2.The gasification3.GreenE plants4.The Company5.Next stepsContent
  3. 3. 1. Energy and Waste
  4. 4. Electricity needs and sources-10,020,030,040,050,060,070,080,090,0100,0USA EU-27 Middle East China Latin America Africa India Others* The WorldkW/personandyearSource: IEA/ OECD. *Others: Australia and rest of AsiaEvolution of energy consumption 1990/2008. For person19902008-5,010,015,020,025,030,035,040,045,0USA EU-27 Middle East China Latin America Africa India Others*1,000TWh/añoSource: IEA/ OECD. *Others: Australia and rest of AsiaEvolution of energy consumption 1990/ 2008. For zone19902008• Energy needs are growing worlwide.• The dependence on fossil fuels willremain high.• It is anticipated a growing demandfor renewable energy, particularyelectricity generators.
  5. 5. Types of BiomassEnergycropsForestbiomassAgriculturalwasteAgro -Industrialwaste
  6. 6. Types of Waste for gasificationHazardousWasteBiodegradableorganic waste• Are verypolluting• High humiditycontent, >70%Non-Biodegradableorganic wasteUsed tires
  7. 7. Municipal Solid WasteA city of 1.000.000in population cangenerate between300.000 and500.000 Tm/year ofwasteThe 4 “R”Reduction ReuseRecyclingEnergyRecovery
  8. 8. 2. The gasification
  9. 9. Advantages of the gasificationElimination of most of theincoming waste•Elimination between 80% and 98% ofthe waste depending of its nature.•The resultant ash, minimum volume,are inert•Easy to recycle or treat. Possibility torecover heavy metalsReducing the emission of gases•A 40% CO2 and 100% CH4•High filtration efficiency: it avoidsthe emission of toxic gases•SO2, SO3 and NOx (promoters of acidrain)•Dioxins and furans (carcinogens)High efficiencyand profitability• Lower cost per kWhgeneratedAbundance of fuel• No dependence onforeign• Usable in separateareasTo eliminate waste To generate electricity
  10. 10. Gasification advantages over othertechnologiesIncineration BiogasPlasmaGasificationPyrolysisGasification is the best technology for waste to energy from biomass and organic waste
  11. 11. Advantages of the gasificationfront of the incineration• In gasification, emissions ofhazardous compounds (dioxins andfurans) are 1.000 items smaller• The energy efficiency of thegasification is higher thanincineration, getting electricity andheat.• It generates 40% of CO2 less per kWhproduced.• Gasification allows smaller plants(from 0,5 MW)
  12. 12. Advantages of the gasificationfront biodigestionBiodigestionremoves 20% of theresidues, comparedto 90% of thegasification.The digesters areuseful with wetwaste.They can becomplementarytechnologies.
  13. 13. Advantages of the gasificationfront of the plasma gasificationThe plasma gasification works at 6.000ºCThe “classic” gasification requires lessinvestment and lower cost of operation andmaintenance as well be getting more profitable.
  14. 14. Advantages of the gasificationfront of the pyrolysisPyrolysis is only recommended whenthe proportion of organic matter inthe waste to value is low.
  15. 15. 3. GreenE plants
  16. 16. Applications of the gasificationGreene gasification plantsadapt to any type oforganic solid fuel
  17. 17. GreenE technology: gasification inrotary kilnCan be used forany type oforganic wasteAbility to processwaste withlots of ashesHigh powergenerationHigh qualityand durabilityDry filters: willnot generatepolluting watersAdvanced systemfor removing tarsDifferentiatedcontrol of 6areas of kilnContinuous gasanalyzerGreenePRETREATMENT OF WASTE GASIFICATION PROCESS POWER GENERATIONClassificationand treatmentGeneratorSyngastreatmentRotary kiln
  18. 18. Comparison with other gasificationtechnologies“Down draft”• Only valid for verypure biomass.• Pelletizing biomassis needed.• Ash content islimited to ≤ 2,5%“Fluidized bed”• High cost ofoperation andmaintenance.• Pelletizing biomassis needed.• Ash content islimited to ≤ 2,5%
  19. 19. Modular plant
  20. 20. Modular plant
  21. 21. Economical• High profitability• Great incentivesfor renewableenergy• High performance• Durability andhigh capacityfactor• Low investmentper MW installedVersatile• Fully usable withheterogeneousorganic solid fuel• Available from0,5 MW• Possibility of usein remote areasEcological• Elimination of alltype of waste• Careful with theenvironmentTechniques• Technologydeveloped byGreenE• High experienceBenefits of our gasification plants
  22. 22. 4. The Company
  23. 23. Greene design, manufactures, implements andmanages turnkey projects for waste to energy frombiomass and organic waste with its own technology.Who are we?
  24. 24. Products and servicesServices-Technical andeconomic feasibilitystudies.-Memory for Industryand Energy projects.-EnvironmentalImpact Studies.-Grantsmanagement.-Management issuebonds.-Staff training.-Plant operation andmaintenance.
  25. 25. ExperiencePilot plants• Pilot plant in Villena,Spain. Year 2003• Plant of 0,5 MW ofwaste to energyworking inTorrellano, SpainManufacturingplants• Plant financed byCDTI (Centre forIndustrial TechnicalDevelopment)• Industrial plant of0,5 MW in ElcheProjects• Waste to energy ofbiomass in Chile(1,4 MW)• Waste to energy ofbiomass in Hungary• Plant for theintegratedmanagement of MSWin Brazil 400 t / dayChemical plants installed in Spain, Portugal, India, Algeria and Venezuela
  26. 26. Why GreenE?Waste removal•Removing organic matter bymore than 80%•Waste: inert ashPower generation• Syngas generation can betransformed into electricityand heatProfitability• Maximum efficiency of the process• Minimum investment per MW installed.• Profitable plants from 0,5 MWExperience• 8 years of development. 2 pilotplants.Proprietary technology andmanufacturing.Service• Full range of services to ensure theimplementation and operation of theplant.Modular plants• Easy installation• Low cost of installation• Easy transport
  27. 27. Our ClientsBiomass andwaste managers· MSW managers.Landfills· Used tires managers· Clean points· Dealers of cleaningand maintenance ofmountains, forests,gardens, …Publicinstitutions• Landfill managers• Forest managers• Cleaning of greenareas• Clean pointsIndustry sectors· Agricultural· Wood· Plastic· Agrifood: cereals,nuts, ...Investors inrenewableenergiesPowercompanies
  28. 28. Our PartnersRecovery specialists used tires Specialists in the classification ofMSW, with over 25 years ofindustry experienceDepending on the project to undertake, Greene has partners for theimplementation of projects of great relevance and great global experienceTreatment plant of 10,000 t / yearMaials (Tarragona)RSU-Plant 140 000 t / y Pinto(Madrid), client UrbaserRSU-Plant 130,000 t / yearLogroño. client SUFIRSU-plant 50,000 t / year FourAshes (England), client Veolia
  29. 29. FeasibilitystudyCharacterization ofthe fuel.Definition of thepre-treatment.Mass and energybalanceOrganic solid fuelsourcesBusinessplanInvestmentbudgetIncome andexpensesProfitabilityOwn and bankfinancingMemoryTecnical documentationand informationnecessary for projectsEnvironmental impactstudyStatement of communityinterest (if any)Additional documentationfor license applicationsBefore you make the investment in a plant, GreenEconducts studies to validate the decision.5. Next steps
  30. 30. Greene Waste to Energy SLC/ Martín y Soler 18, Pta.3 - Elche Parque Industrial - 03203 Elche (Alicante) ESPAÑATeléfono: +34-965 999 929 / +34-699 301 747 – –
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