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Rachel ray
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Rachel ray


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Reading 142 project 1

Reading 142 project 1

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  • 1. Rachel Ray!
    Presented By
    Josh Gibson
    Reading 142
  • 2. Mission
    Yumo’s mission is to educate children and their families how to develop healthy relationships with food and cooking.
    Within the non profit are 3 core areas:
  • 3. CookCook
    Yumo promotessalient information about healthy food and how to cook nutritious meals. The goal of Cook is to teach families and kids how to make meals that are convenient, healthy, affordable, and delicious.
  • 4. Feed
    Feed- the area of the nonprofit which contributes to the hunger of many around the United States. Rachel Ray’s nonprofit fabricates a group in which aggrandizes food to those who are hungry. The goal of Feed is to feed those who are in desperate need of food.
  • 5. Fundd
    The final area of the nonprofit in which recognizes pervasive areas of food service and restaurants. This includes opportunities for kids who are interested in pursuing a career in the food service or restaurant industry.
  • 6. Overview Of the Program
    The 3 work areas of Yum-o coerce to provide education on how to cook healthy meals, feed the hungry, and provide opportunities to those who are interested in pursuing a career in food service or restaurant industry.
  • 7. Inputs
    Cook- a group which educates how to cook.
    Feed- a group which specializes in feeding the hungry.
    Fund- Yumo partners with the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Provides opportunites to help kids how to pursue a career in the food industry.
    To collaboratively follow the mission statement the following are needed:
  • 8. Inputs (Continued)
    1. Food
    2. Money
    3. Social support
    4. Awareness
    Cook, Feed, and Fund work together to help this nonprofit become successful.
    Rachel Ray utilizes her insight for implementing healthy recipes to empower kids and their families to eat well.
  • 9. Outputs
    Cook, Feed, and Fund work together to contribute to the homeless community.
    Also contributes to educating kids and their families how to incorporate healthy recipes into their cooking.
    Yumo nonprofit is to incorporate diverse recipes to enstilla healthy lifestyle for families.
  • 10. Background
    Rachel Ray is the television host of her own show known as Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals. As a child, she discovered a variety of ways on how to make healthy foods. She began experimenting different recipes which contributed to her prodigy as a cook. Rachel Ray became quite an adroit chef and implementing healthy cooking became her passion.
  • 11. In 2006, Rachel Ray began her non profit organization known as Yum-o. Her goal is toutilize her prodigy of cooking to share with others her passion for healthy eating habits and encourage kids and their families when given the opportunity and knowledge they can utilize it all to make healthy eating habits become a reality. This info can be found on under a message from Rachel Ray.
  • 12. How does this relate to Critical Thinking
    Rachel Ray encourages kids to learn how to cook.
    She posts recipes and directions for kids to learn.
    Kids are empowered to read and learn how to follow recipes.
  • 13. How does this relate to Critical Action
    Kids and their families are encouraged topractice a healthy eating style.
    Kids can utilize opportunities from funding to pursue a career in the food industry.
    Kids are encouraged to experiment with cooking.
    Rachel Ray teaches kids and their families how to cook healthy meals.
  • 14. Personal Connection
    I enjoyed researching Rachel Ray’s nonprofit
    known as Yum-o. I have a great passion for
    nutrition and try to implement healthy cooking
    recipes into my cooking. I think it is important for
    kids and their families to be aware of healthy
    eating. Eating healthy promotes great health and
    many can benefit in a variety of ways if chosen to
    eat healthy.