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Cyberbullying 745
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Cyberbullying 745


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • 1. The Psychological Effects of Internet Socializing and Cyber Bullying on Teenagers Jessica Weber November 11, 2008
  • 2. Client
    • My client is a single parent who wants to keep her children safe while she is away at work.
    • Interview and direction
      • Her teenagers are home alone, exploring social networks and making connections.
      • She want to know what type of information and social connections they are making?
    • She and other concerned mothers have gotten together, to find out the psychological effects of Social sites and Cyber bullying on their children.
  • 3. Facet Analysis- Original & Revised
    • Original
    • Facet
      • Internet usage teenagers safety
      • Websites youths protection
      • Internet/online adolescents security
      • Social networks children bullying
      • Online filters teenagers / adolescent
    • Revised
      • Internet and adolescents or teenagers and safety or bullying
  • 4. Initial Search Strategy
    • I started with the premise of the use of the internet by children and how to keep them safe.
    • Combination of keywords and subject terms
    • Used controlled vocabulary and the thesaurus of databases
    • Boolean searching
    • Flexible with terms because it is a new twist on an old problem
    • Pearl Growing
  • 5. Database Selection
    • This subject deals with the interaction of users and technology on a certain age group so I started with psychological databases.
    • I Chose EBSCO because they had 5 relevant databases for my search through 1 vendor
      • Academic Search Premier
      • Child Development & Adolescent Studies
      • ERIC
      • PsychArticles
      • PsychInfo
  • 6. Controlled Vocabulary and Natural Language
    • I began searching with the terms internet and teenagers and safety in all databases
    • I used a general key word search to pearl grow subjects.
    • Thesauri usage consisted of:
      • internet and websites as a descriptor/subject term
      • The second terms were teenagers, children, boys and/or adolescents as a descriptor, subject term, or keyword in the other search field
  • 7. Modification of Search Strategy
    • I reconnected with the client to evaluate the initial results
      • I was on the right tract but she wanted more information on bullying pertaining to the internet.
      • With this new information new terms were added to the search strategy.
    • I refined the searching process by adding the new term cyber bullying/bullying and educational databases
        • Many of the authoritative works on internet and teenagers are rather current
        • This brought up more results dealing with students and schools responsibility and to help council and protect students.
  • 8. What worked / what did not work
    • Helpful strategies
    • Boolean
    • Flexible search techniques (subject and keyword)
    • Researching databases before searching
    • Controlled vocabulary
    • Limitations
    • Focusing too much on specifics
    • Lack of organizing search results
    • Limited time with client
  • 9. Conclusion/Client Recommendations
    • Use the bibliography as a jumping-off point
    • Pearl-grow from the lists of resources following the articles and in the appendices of the books to get additional information
    • Ask son’s teachers for suggested reading lists they recommend on the topic
  • 10. What Did I Learn From This Assignment?
    • It’s important to make sure you really understand the question your client is asking and his or her expectations for materials
    • You should circle back to your client after you get your initial batch of results to be sure you are on track
    • There is more and more information on how teenagers are psychologically impacted by the internet.
  • 11. Advice for Other Online Searchers
    • ALWAYS check the thesauri before searching a database to see what terms are used for your topic
    • PEARL-GROW! The descriptors listed for articles will lead you to terms you may not have thought of before
    • Use limiters if they make sense, not just because they’re there… be mindful of your topic and client
  • 12. Questions?