Magazine Analysis - Jess Pardoe


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Magazine Analysis
AS Media Studies

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Magazine Analysis - Jess Pardoe

  1. 1. Analysis of Magazines 3xCovers 3xContents 3xDouble Page Spreads Jess Pardoe
  2. 2. The colours used on thisI have chosen 3 different camera magazine cover are autumnal asshots for my front cover well as old-fashioned. The sepiaanalysis; this one being a close tone given to her skin is effectiveup camera angle. I like this front as it tones with the editing of hercover as the colours are simple hair and eyes, as well as theand the idea of having an insect colours of the insect. I will takeon Lana Del Ray’s face is inspiration from this and createabstract and weird. It is an eye my own simplistic colour palette,catching magazine due to it’s this type of colour palette issimplicity but also the unusual common amongdesign. Lana Del Ray’s style of indie/alternative/rock styles as itmusic is described as indie-pop is dull but striking at the samewhich is similar to the genre I will time.feature in my magazine. I have created a colour palette from this cover page to showThe font used on this magazine how few colours are used.cover is the original Interview Colour Lovers is a helpfulmagazine font, the colour varies website for creating colouron each magazine they create palettes and I will use this independing on the colour palette further research.and background images. Thefont at the bottom of the cover isonly brief however musicmagazines typically have morewriting on than this so I wouldchange this feature slightly.
  3. 3. ‘Marina and the Diamonds’ isThe camera angle used for the written in a style of font thatimage of this front cover is appears hand written. I like thecalled a mid-shot, it shows the idea of this style of font as it isfeatured person from the waist ‘cool’ enough to appeal toupwards. Marina Dimandis is teenagers, but discrete enoughthe featured artist on this not to appear to ‘popularcover, she is also a solo artist culture’ to adults.similar Lana Del Ray, both their The Factory magazine font ismusical genres are indie-pop the classic font that they usehowever Marina and the on every magazine cover;Diamonds’ music is slightly similarly to Interview the colourmore upbeat. The upbeat tone changes according to the styleis carried on through to this and layout of the particularmagazine cover, the colours magazine cover.and subtle yet bright in places.I like the colour scheme of this The smaller details such as thefor an indie-pop genre however bar code, price, and date, areindie/rock would take a more also important as they have toclassic ‘look’ and reflect a be big enough to read butgrunge theme of darker small enough to not distractcolours. I have created a from the main image. Mycolour palette for this magazine favourite feature of this frontcover also. cover is the slogan by her right hand, it reads, ‘dressed to impress’. Factory magazine is a fashion and inspirational magazine so it uses this slogan on this cover; however I could create a slogan for a music magazine also.
  4. 4. For my third magazine coveranalysis I have chosen to lookat an Eqsuire cover; Esquire isa men’s magazine however bythe cover it includes music andTV etc. Blake Lively is featuredon the cover of this magazine,although she is only wearing The colour palette for this pageblack and white and typically only consists of one brightcasual upperbody clothing, she colour, red. The other two,still looks striking due to the black and white, arelayout of the page. This layout contrasting colours whichitself is eye catching because means the red stands out evenof the simplistic colour scheme more against them. A similar(similar to the other two hand written font is used onmagazines chosen). The this cover (previously seen onmagazine title Esquire stands Factory magazine’s cover); thisout in a red colour which is effective for the samematches her lipstick. reasons. On this cover there is more detail about what isAs Esquire is a men’s inside – this is more typical of amagazine, the cover image has music magazine so I can useto be appealing to a male this convention. The writing isaudience. This does not all in two fonts, this makes thenecessarily mean women on page less busy and messy toevery cover though, there have read. There is no barcode onalso been inspirational men this front cover however; itfeatured on Esquire’s cover could be a subscriber’s editionimages. however I will need to find a discrete way to include a barcode on my magazine.
  5. 5. The image used on thiscontents page is of AlexaChung, a model and TV The largest text on this page ispresenter. The way this image the date, the actual title sayinghas been placed, it takes up ‘table of contents’ is typed in ajust over half of the page very small font to the left of thewhich still leaves a good oversized date. I would like toamount to include the actual use a similar feature to this,contents of the magazine. The having the date bigger than thefirst contents page I have title of the page; especially aschosen is from Nylon Nylon have put the date in amagazine, September 2009. I much brighter font colour tolike the layout of this contents add to it’s because of it’s spaciousareas and the basic coloursused. The contents of what is inside theThe colours in the image are magazine itself is printed in a veryvery basic however the theme small font and includes only theof grey and black continues relevant information. The pageinto the text on the rest of the numbers are bigger than the textpage. The stylists could have which is common in magazines,dressed Alexa Chung in a particularly music magazines, asbright and colorful outfit to the page then includes thetone with the larger font information required but it alsodisplaying the date but they looks neat and organised.instead chose the subtle There is also small text at theoption of darker colours. bottom of the page, most likelyUsing darker colours with a stating the model in thewhite background gives a photograph, the photographergood contrast in magazines and the editor of the magazineand makes writing more etc.legible and images stand out
  6. 6. The image used on this page isNME magazine features a band almost central to the page andindex which includes all of the only takes up approximately abands mentioned throughout the quiarter of the entire page, thismagazine. The list goes down the works well as the page is used forleft hand side of the page and is it’s purpose (a contents page).typed in bright red so it stands However there is a small article inout. the middle of the page which isThe rest of the text on the page is unusual for magazines to includein black and white; the headers of on a contents page; the picturethe contents and the title are relates the the article. I would notwritten as black on white use the idea of a small article, butcompared to the rest of the text. a slogan or short sentence aboutBlack on white is supposedly the image would work well.more legible, although black on The contents of the magazineyellow is the most legible entirely come under specific sections, as– which is why warning signs are shown ‘news’ ‘radar’ etc. This isprinted in these colours. suitable for a music magazine like NME as it keeps the magazineSome magazine contents pages organised and the readers lookinginclude advertisements for a for specific content can navigatesubscription to their magazine. the magazine easier. NME alwaysNME has this in this particular use the black, white, and redcopy, I think advertisements colour scheme so it is typical thatcan ruin a page easily if they are the contents page of thisnot subtle enough. The advert magazine features the 3 colours. Istands out far too much on this think that simple colour palettespage with the yellow writing and sticking to 3 or 4 colours are theimage included, I will not be most suitable for musicincluding anything similar. magazines as they look more classic.
  7. 7. The header of this page includesthe name of the magazine,‘Esquire’. This is common in allmagazines as it reinforces the Contents pages are designed topromotion of the sale of the include information about what themagazine, it is in a small font but reader can find on each page, in thisa dark colour so it still stands out, case the contents of the magazineit also uses the Esquire cover title is discretely typed down each sidefont. Beneath the magazine name of the page. I like the idea of havingis the obvious page title a large image taking up‘contents’, not all contents pages approximately one third of the a4state the title of the page however page; this attracts the reader ratherthe colour chosen for the title than fills the page with lots ofblends into the page neatly and writing. The text used is simpledoesn’t look unprofessional. black on white, this makes theThe contents page then has a title contents page look official anditself, ‘all about women’ stated professional.beneath the required information; The page itself is taken from athis makes each contents page in men’s magazine rather than a musicEsquire’s magazines different. magazine so it is difficult to judge how I could recreate it for a music magazine. Certain conventionsThe image used on this page is a would have to be different; thecollage of lots of different images, contents page would include pagesthese could be images included in about existing bands, and wouldthe magazine or just a have to steer away from looking likecombination of photographed a fashion magazine by using aimagery to create a collage. The constructive picture of my fictionalimage is effective as it is artist.interesting to look at and drawsthe reader in to look at it closely.
  8. 8. This is one of my favourite double page spreads, the two rectangular images work really well around the neatly shaped article. Thisdouble page spread is from Factory magazine (previously seen with the same artist featured). The shape and style of a double pagespread is one of the most important conventions; this particular example looks really professional and neat as all of the shapes used arerectangular. The only problem with this style of layout is that it looks a lot like a fashion magazine which is what I am trying to avoid.The colour palette of this double page is basic with the light backgrounds, black text, and occasional flash of colour in Marina Diamandis’clothing. The genre of the featured artist is indie-pop, this is why the stylist has dressed her in particularly ‘popular culture’ themedclothing, with the flashes of bright colours and the skin tight leggings, this is popular among this genre.The overall spread suggests a fresh, unique image, which is what I am trying to create however to make it obvious that my magazine isa music magazine I will need to change certain features, which I am yet to discover. Although this article is based around an artist, it isdifficult to know that unless you recognise the model in the photographs; obviously my artist will be unknown as they are fictional, so Iwill need to make it obvious that I am creating a music magazine double page spread from the initial appearance alone.
  9. 9. Ellie Goulding is featured in this Nylon magazine article. The image on this page takes up two thirds of the entire double page spread, inmy opinion this looks more like a music magazine compared to the previous double page spread. The text is black on white which istraditional for magazine articles, I will also most likely use this colour scheme; the photograph itself however includes a colour palette ofpastel shades of pink, blue, and Ellie Goulding’s blonde hair. All of the colours across the double page are neutral and blend togetherwell which is typical of an indie/alternative genre magazine, also the clothes she has been styled in are casual but high quality which isalso popular of alternative bands/artists as they give off a more casual ‘look’.The title of the article ‘gold standard’ could be a play on words of the artists name ‘Ellie Goulding’, as it is sometimes pronouncedphonetically like the word ‘gold’. Short play-on-words, or phrases are common in music magazines as they add an edge to the articlerather than simply the artists name which can appear boring in some cases.There is text printed on the photograph itself stating the stylist, photographer, makeup artists etc. this information is not that important toinclude in a music magazine as it is in a fashion magazine, but it finishes the page professionally.
  10. 10. This double page spread is from NME magazine, there is a simple 3-colour colour palette on this page, similarly to previous pages Ihave looked at. Orange, black, and white all contrast either other well and the photographs tone in with this colour scheme well; themajority of the main photograph is black and dark grey which is typical of the indie genre. The article is written about Oasis, which isbriefly explained in the quote overlapping the photograph. The quote is in a larger font to draw attention to it, it also acts as a form of titlefor the page. The rest of the writing on the page is black on white; white on orange; and black on orange – these are all easily legibleprints and the orange backgrounds highlight specific points of the double page spread.The band that this article is based on, Oasis, are of the alternative/rock genre, so this is a good double page spread for me to takeinspiration from as my artist will be of a similar style. The difference is that my artist will be a solo female so the page will represent anindie and grunge theme but will also have a twist on that to make it girly.The fonts used on this page are simple and bold which makes the article easy to read, this is common in music magazines as the pagesare all about the article, however in fashion magazines this is not always the case as a lot of pages are advertisements or photo shoots.