Strategy, Tools, Tactics - Creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy in a Digital World


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Jess Ostroff's presentation to the NYU Stern Digital Marketing class from October 2012.

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Strategy, Tools, Tactics - Creating an Integrated Marketing Strategy in a Digital World

  1. 1. strategy, tools, tactics creating an integrated marketing strategy in a digital world
  2. 2. About Me✦ Graduated Stern in 2008✦ Went to LA to do an AmeriCorps program✦ Founded Don’t Panic Management in 2011✦ Lived in 4 states in 2011✦ Moved back to NYC in December 2011✦ Loves live music, wine, technology, and purple
  3. 3. About You✦ Facebook✦ LinkedIn✦ Twitter✦ Pinterest✦ Quora✦ Reddit✦ Empire Avenue✦ Others?
  4. 4. Why I’m Here✦ Integrated Marketing - What is it and why is it important to us?✦ Part 1: What is your goal?✦ Part 2: Who is your audience and where do they live online?✦ Part 3: What are your goals and how will you measure?✦ Part 4: What tools will you use?
  5. 5. Other Tips✦ Humanizing your brand✦ Becoming a thought leader
  6. 6. Integrated Marketing✦ What is it?✦ How does it affect business organization?✦ How does it affect business operations?✦ How does it affect YOU?
  7. 7. Integrated Marketing✦ Defined (n): a management strategy and meta- discipline focused on the organization-wide optimization of unique value for stakeholders. Although closely linked to integrated marketing communications, it should not be confused with it.
  8. 8. Integrated Marketing✦ Combining the tools and tactics from traditional and digital marketing strategies to reach the end user and, ultimately, sell a product or service.
  9. 9. ✦ image via
  10. 10. Part 1: What is Your Goal?✦ Awareness?✦ Lead generation?✦ Sales?✦ Brand loyalty?✦ Brand advocacy?
  11. 11. Part 2: Who is your audience?✦ Create personas for your target customer✦ Find out where they hang out online✦ Find out what their needs are✦ Find out what they are talking about✦ Find out what their interests are
  12. 12. Audience✦ Listen: ✦ Monitor what is being said about your brand ✦ Monitor where it is being said ✦ Monitor what people are saying about your competitors
  13. 13. Audience✦ Free listening tools: ✦ Google Alerts - ✦ Social Mention - ✦ Yahoo! Pipes - ✦ Twitter search - ✦ Facebook insights
  14. 14. Audience✦ Other listening tools: ✦ Sprout Social - ✦ ViralHeat - ✦ Sysomos - ✦ Crimson Hexagon - http:// ✦ Swix - ✦ uberVU -
  15. 15. Audience✦ Comprehensive list of monitoring tools can be found here:
  16. 16. Part 3: How will you measure?✦ Create goals that are: ✦ Timely ✦ Measureable ✦ Realistic
  17. 17. Measurement“We want to increase ROI by 100% tomorrow.” This is NOT a goal.
  18. 18. Measurement“We want to increase page views by 25% in the next 6 months.” This IS a goal.
  19. 19. Measurement✦ Awareness: ✦ Page views ✦ Clicks ✦ Number of fans acquired
  20. 20. Measurement✦ Lead generation: ✦ Form submissions ✦ Contacts (using a CRM) ✦ Touch points (phone calls, emails, tweets, etc.)
  21. 21. Measurement✦ Sales: ✦ Click-through rate ✦ Coupon code usage ✦ Offers claimed
  22. 22. Measurement✦ Brand loyalty: ✦ “Came from” field on lead forms ✦ Social shares ✦ Referral traffic
  23. 23. Measurement✦ Measurement is so important because it gives you leverage for bringing social media into your company and forces you to pay attention to your resources.✦ This is a good thing!
  24. 24. Part 4: What tools will you use?✦ In this case, “tool” refers to social network✦ Choosing a tool depends on the answers to the previous 3 questions (this is why we asked them)✦ Choose a tool based on where your audience lives online✦ Choose a tool based on your goals
  25. 25. Tools✦ The Big Four (now Five or possibly Seven)
  26. 26. Tools✦ Specific/specialized platforms ✦ Quora (question & answer) ✦ Meetup (in-person meeting groups) ✦ Care2 (ecofriendly lifestyle) ✦ Gentlemint (Pinterest for men) ✦ Kaboodle (shoppers) ✦ Ravelry (knitters) ✦ Dogster/Catster (I’ll let you guess...)
  27. 27. Tools✦ Example: ✦ You are trying to reach 14-year old girls to raise awareness about a new video editing software for teens. ✦ What questions would you ask? ✦ What network would you use?
  28. 28. Tools✦ YouTube: Product placement✦ Search engines: Google Adwords, banner ads✦ Facebook: Facebook ads or Sponsored stories✦ LinkedIn: Advertisements✦ Slideshare: Lead capturing campaigns
  29. 29. Tools✦ Don’t spread yourself too thin✦ Be consistent in your branding✦ Tailor your message based on the platform you’re using✦ Proactively engage with your fans✦ Share good stuff✦ Be HUMAN
  30. 30. Humanizing Your Brand✦ Which brands do you feel emotionally connected to?✦ Why?
  31. 31. Humanizing Your Brand✦ It’s more than customer service✦ It’s about connecting with your customers on a deeper emotional level✦ It’s about creating raving fans✦ It’s about giving them the information they need before they realize they need it
  32. 32. Humanizing Your Brand✦ v=y0qZYqdsYAg
  33. 33. Humanizing Your Brand✦ Hilton Suggests - hiltonsuggests✦ Taylor Guitars - user/TaylorQualityGuitars✦ -✦ Whole Foods - http://✦ Cabot Cheese - cabotcheese/
  34. 34. Resources✦ Convince & Convert -✦ Copyblogger -✦ Social Fresh -✦ Mark Schaefer -✦ Social Media Examiner -✦ Social Mouths -✦ The Sales Lion -✦ Social Media Explorer -✦ Mashable -✦ Techcrunch -✦ Jeff Bullas -✦ Duct Tape Marketing -✦ Top Rank Blog -
  35. 35. Thank You!✦✦✦✦✦✦