How to Outsource Your Way to a Smarter Business


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Are you overwhelmed with the amount of menial and time-consuming tasks it takes to run a business? Did you know you can delegate a huge percentage of these tasks so that you can focus on finding new clients, building your reputation, and developing your brand? Learn how to manage your operations and processes for a more efficient and productive business. Find out what tasks you can delegate, how to delegate, what tools you should be using, and why you should be delegating (hint: growth is good!).

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How to Outsource Your Way to a Smarter Business

  1. 1. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow to Outsource Your Way toa Smarter BusinessJess OstroffDirector of Calm@jessostroff
  2. 2. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWho Is Jess?•  Director of Calm at Don’tPanic Management•  New York City resident•  Started freelancing in2009, started Don’t Panic in2011•  Lover of wine, live music,and the color purple
  3. 3. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat is Don’t Panic Mgmt?•  Full-service virtual assistant agency•  Focused on PR and marketing professionals•  Operations, administration, social media,content creation, WordPress, projectmanagement, bookkeeping, event planning,and much more!•  Based in NYC with 4 team members (NewYork, Connecticut, Chicago)
  4. 4. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat is Don’t Panic Mgmt?
  5. 5. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWho Are You?•  Aspiring business owners?•  New business owners?•  Seasoned veterans?
  6. 6. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhy Are We Here?•  Being a small business owner is hard•  Manage clients•  Manage money•  Manage workload•  Manage contractors•  …all while still trying to grow your businessand enjoy your life.
  7. 7. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmt
  8. 8. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhy Are We Here?•  You don’t have to do everything yourself•  Outsourcing to contractors, software, andonline tools will change your life
  9. 9. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmt“You should only do whatyou are uniquely qualifiedto do.”- @jaybaer
  10. 10. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat Do You Hate?•  What do YOU have to do?•  What can you HIRE someone to do?•  What can you utilize SOFTWARE to do?
  11. 11. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtBusiness Pain Points•  Accounting/Bookkeeping•  Project Management•  Marketing•  Productivity
  12. 12. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtContractors andsoftware can handle allof this for you
  13. 13. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping
  14. 14. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Paying bills•  Sending invoices•  Tracking expenses•  Depositing checks•  Handling payroll•  Taxes
  15. 15. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Freshbooks –
  16. 16. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtFreshbooks•  Invoicing•  Expense tracking•  Time tracking•  Reporting•  Mobile application
  17. 17. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtFreshbooks•  Pricing – Free!
  18. 18. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Harvest –
  19. 19. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHarvest•  Estimate creation•  Time tracking•  Invoicing•  Expense tracking•  Reporting•  Mobile application
  20. 20. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHarvest•  Pricing
  21. 21. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Expensify –
  22. 22. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtExpensify•  Expense tracking•  Reporting•  Exporting•  Receipt manager
  23. 23. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtExpensify•  Pricing – Free!
  24. 24. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Mobile banking– Make transfers– Deposit checks– Bank statements
  25. 25. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtYou can hire someone to managethese tools for you.
  26. 26. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat Can a Contractor Do?•  Send invoices•  Pay bills•  Import and manage expenses•  Send payroll to paycheck company ORschedule bank transfers•  Pull bank statements and expenses for taxpurposes•  Employee benefits
  27. 27. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAccounting & Bookkeeping•  Taxes?•  Business projections?•  Advice?
  28. 28. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHire a lawyer and an accountant.
  29. 29. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProject Management
  30. 30. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProject Management•  Scheduling projects•  Collecting assets•  Creating deadlines•  Holding people accountable•  Creating task lists•  Assigning due dates
  31. 31. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProject Management•  Basecamp –
  32. 32. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtBasecamp•  Multiple projects•  Multiple team members•  Different permissions•  Dates•  File upload•  Discussions•  Text documents•  Reminders•  Assign and compose via email
  33. 33. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtBasecamp•  Pricing – Starting at$20/month
  34. 34. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProject Management•  Producteev –
  35. 35. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProducteev•  Task management•  Multiple team members•  Multiple projects (labels)•  Subtasks•  Reminders•  Priorities•  Mobile & desktop applications•  Assign and compose via email
  36. 36. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProducteev•  Pricing – Free!
  37. 37. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProject Management•  Flow –
  38. 38. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtFlow•  Task management•  Delegation•  Multiple projects•  Multiple team members•  Mobile applications•  Assign and compose via email
  39. 39. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtFlow•  Pricing
  40. 40. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat Can a Contractor Do?•  Break down projects and tasks intoactionable items•  Schedule due dates•  Assign tasks•  Keep the trains running on time•  Hold people accountable•  Be flexible•  Make sure the work gets done
  41. 41. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtOnline Marketing
  42. 42. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtOnline Marketing•  Social media setup & management•  Website development•  Blogging•  Email marketing•  Copywriting & editing•  Community management•  Listening•  Measurement
  43. 43. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtYou can outsource it!
  44. 44. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSocial Media Management•  Sprout Social –
  45. 45. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSprout Social•  Social media management•  Scheduling•  Multiple team members•  Listening•  Discovery•  Reporting•  Multiple social profiles (Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Google+)•  Does not support LinkedIn Groups
  46. 46. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSprout Social•  Pricing – Starting at $39/month
  47. 47. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSocial Media Management•  Hootsuite –
  48. 48. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHootsuite•  Social media management•  Scheduling•  Multiple team members•  Multiple profile accounts (Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr,Foursquare, Flickr)•  Most support for unique social channels•  Listening•  Reporting (a la carte)•  Collaboration
  49. 49. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHootsuite•  Pricing – Free trial
  50. 50. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSocial Media Management•  Argyle Social –
  51. 51. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtArgyle Social•  Social media management•  Scheduling•  Multiple social profiles•  B2B focused•  Tracking sales leads•  Notifications•  Custom URL tracking•  Marketing automation•  Reporting•  Campaigns
  52. 52. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtArgyle Social•  Pricing – Starting at $200/month
  53. 53. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSocial Media Tools•  Favorite social tools for small business–
  54. 54. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat Can a Contractor Do?•  Write social media messages based onoverall marketing strategy•  Create a social media editorial calendar•  Schedule across channels•  Monitor brand mentions•  Identify and interact with influencers•  Create monthly reports to track progress
  55. 55. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtSocial media isn’t everything.
  56. 56. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat ELSE Can a Contractor Do?•  Write blog content•  Write newsletter content•  Format and edit copy•  Add/format images•  Add SEO data•  Set up guest blog content for you and approve/schedule guest blog articles for your blog•  Set up podcast feeds•  Transcribe podcast content
  57. 57. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtContent Tools•  WordPress Editorial Calendar (schedulingplugin)•  Inbound Writer (SEO)•  Yoast/Genesis/All In One SEO Pack (SEO)•  Mailchimp (email marketing)•  Infusionsoft (email marketing/CRM)
  58. 58. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProductivity•  Action Method –
  59. 59. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtAction Method•  Notebooks•  Online and mobile applications•  Task management•  Delegation•  Goal setting
  60. 60. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProductivity•  Producteev –
  61. 61. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProductivity•  Workflowy –
  62. 62. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWorkflowy•  Mindmapping•  Organizational structure•  Task management•  Great for high level planning and projecttask to-do lists
  63. 63. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtFigure out how you spend your time.Spend one week writing down whatyou do every minute of every day.
  64. 64. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow do I get so much done?
  65. 65. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtProductivity is about doing the mostdifficult things first and saving menialtasks for later (or for other people)
  66. 66. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat about procrastination?
  67. 67. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhen it comes to getting things done,the less you have to think about theprocess the better.
  68. 68. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtDo not decide on a tool right now.Spend one full week with a tool, use itevery day, and then decide if it willwork.
  69. 69. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow to Hire a VA
  70. 70. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow to Hire a VA•  Look for someone who has experience in yourindustry•  Visit LinkedIn profile•  Look for recommendations•  Get referrals•  Evaluate communication style•  Do a trial period•  Set up clear contractual terms andconfidentiality agreements
  71. 71. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtQuestions to Ask•  How do you like to communicate?•  What’s your rate structure?•  What kinds of clients do you like to workwith?•  How do you get your work done?•  Do you outsource your work?•  How do you track tasks and time?
  72. 72. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtCommunication skills are themost valuable skills you and yourVA can have.
  73. 73. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat’s left for you?
  74. 74. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtWhat’s Left for You?•  High level strategy•  Developing your product/service•  Nurturing new business leads•  Networking•  Podcasting•  Speaking•  Writing•  Enjoying your life 
  75. 75. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow much are you willing to grow?
  76. 76. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtHow much are you willing to let go?
  77. 77. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmtThank YouWhere to Find Jess:•  @jessostroff•••  jessostroff.comWhere to Find Don’t Panic:•  @dontpanicmgmt••  dontpanicmgmt.com
  78. 78. @jessostroff @dontpanicmgmt