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Twitter - The Ultimate Brand Builder
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Twitter - The Ultimate Brand Builder


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Highlights from my presentation at the KMWorld Conference 09' in San Jose.

Highlights from my presentation at the KMWorld Conference 09' in San Jose.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Twitter
    • The Ultimate Brand Builder
    by Jessica Muhlbier
  • 2. Agenda
    • What is Twitter?
    • Twitter as a Branding Strategy
    • Twitter as an Employee Communication Strategy
    • Twitter as a Customer Service Strategy
    • Business Lessons Learned
    • Overview
  • 3. Huh? What’s Twitter?
    • Twitter allows users to share and discover what’s happening right now , anywhere in the world, in 140 characters or less.
  • 4. Still Scratching Your Head?
    • Twitter is like blogging at short and rapid speeds
    • Twitter is better described as micro-blogging
    • And Twitter is changing the public discourse
  • 5. Flying into the Twittersphere Tweet Tweet Tweet!
  • 6. Branding in the “Twittersphere”
    • Sparks positive awareness & discussion
    • Case Study #1: Starbucks
    • Case Study #2: jetBlue Airways
  • 7. Starbucks
    • Twitter Name: Starbucks
    • Stats: 85,278 following/304,620 followe rs
    • Starbucks Official Tweeter: Freshly brewed tweets from Brad Nelson at Starbucks in Seattle, WA. Brad is a former barista turned Twitter guru.
    • Brad responds to direct messages (DM), replies to mentions (@) of Starbucks, and helps customers find resolutions to their problems.
  • 8. JetBlue Airways
    • Twitter Name: JetBlue
    • Stats: 117,208 Following/1,307,627 Followers
    • Jet Blue Official Tweeter: Sky high tweets powered by Morgan Johnston . Morgan is the manager of corporate communications at Jet Blue.
    • Morgan’s tweets for the community “our role on Twitter is driven by the requests of our followers. Twitter is a great way to talk to many, but even better for listening .”
    • Why is JetBlue Tweeting? “....To show that our brand is built by real people who care about our customers.” - Morgan Johntson
  • 9. How To: Build Your Brand
    • Claim Your Twitter Handle 1) personalize it i.e. @mashable 2) shorter, the better!
    • Build & “Brandify” 1) completely fill out your profile 2) create a Twitter background (Twitpaper, Twitbacks)
    • 3. Utilize Third Party Applications 1) FriendFeed 2) wefollow 3) hash tags (#) !
  • 10. #FAIL #SUCCESS
  • 11. Twitter as Employee Communication Strategy
    • Short and sweet
    • Easy access and flexibly
    • Highly interactive
    Why it’s beneficial:
  • 12. Yammer = The Corporate Twitter
    • Founded 2008 - San Francisco
    • Focuses on businesses - Only individuals with the same email domain can join
    • Over 40, 000 clients worldwide
  • 13. Twitter as Customer Service Strategy
    • Problem resolution
    • Positive brand image
    • Staff involvement
    • Low cost
    • Case Study: Comcast
  • 14. Comcast on Twitter
    • Twitter Name: comcastcares
    • Twitter Stats: Following 30, 675/30, 700 Followers
    • Comcast Official Tweeter: Frank Eilason Frank is the Senior Director of Comcast National service
  • 15. Business Lessons Learned
    • The public sphere has dramatically shifted to an open source world of online discussion
    • Companies and corporations need to join the conversation in order keep up
  • 16. Overview
    • A powerful and useful micro-blogging service
    • Strengthen and build a better brand
    • Better communication in the workforce
    • Increase customer satisfaction within the online community
    Twitter Helps to... Twitter is...
  • 17. Thank you & Happy Tweeting