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PR Campaign

  1. 1. JPR, Public Relations
  2. 2. Taking YOUR Business To The Next LevelOur ServicesJPR Public Relations offers services exclusively to our clients to help improve businessand appeal to a wider audience. We offer several packages of services so there is one tosuite every clients needs. Our consulting services include website evaluation and usertesting, which together provide a complete assessment of your current situation. Ourweb marketing and copywriting services work seamlessly to attract visitors and convertthem into customers.JPR combines first class website and interactive media consulting and marketing with afull slate of PR services to create fully integrated online/ offline campaigns. We ask theright questions to understand your business, your visitors, and why they’re coming toyour site. We research and study your competitors and learn from their sites and thencreate a web strategy that provides cleat directions for achieving your specific businessgoals. Our customized solutions will bring excellent new opportunities for revenues atyour center.Social and Media MarketingJPR Public Relations understands how the digital revolution has fundamentally changedthe way companies can market their business! Our social and digital media practicedelivers integrated solutions. At JPR we develop winning and comprehensive digital publicaffairs solutions that help clients build brand equity, advance market share and changeperceptions during the highest- stakes global communications challenges of the digitalage.
  3. 3. Selecting The Right ToolsPress Releases- We create and provide written statements to the media usuallycommunicated via newswire to many sources. We help with written communicationsposted on Internet news portals including many carefully selected keywords so that topsearch sites, such as Google and Yahoo News, index your release. This medium allows youto connect with readers, rather than just journalists.Speaking Engagements/ Press Conferences- Positioning your key executives as experts inyour industry is another effective way to add credibility to your organization. We help todetermine which speaking engagements would be a good fit. We help to select a specificgroup of journalists, analysts, or other constituents, when communicating its position on agiven topic.E-newsletters- We help with the creation and execution of newsletters which is anexcellent way to keep in touch with customers and prospects. (By having people registeronline for your newsletter, this helps to build up your email- marketing database).Media Relations- We evaluate your “Media Relations Maturity” across six key successdrivers: Media, Awareness, Positioning, Internal Support, Expertise, Process, andRelationships and implement the determined strategy to help increase your mediarelations.Audience Targeting- We evaluate your target audiences, such as customers, prospects,partners, suppliers, etc. and develop which media outlet will best support the company inthe growth of connections made with each specified target audience. We help select theappropriate audience before creating your message to ensure you will appeal to theirinterests.
  4. 4. Determine Customer Information Sources- We talk to representatives from your targetaudience categories to identify where they go for information related to your organizationand industry.Monitor Coverage and Competitors Activity- We monitor and maintain any websites, blogs,or other media outlets for your company. There are many tools to assist with this process,including website/blog monitoring, press clipping services, or video clipping services. Wealso monitor the activity of your competitors.Social Media Marketing/ Internet Marketing- We maintain and use thorough social mediaoutlets such as Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, etc.Webcasting- We help create and manage online presentations We help create a well-developed webcast for generating leads and industry buzz.Business to Business Networking- We help plan and properly promote events to the desiredtarget audience/ We help identify the optimal time to send your message, i.e. for an event itwould be three weeks prior to the event.Build Media Source List for Each Segment- We create a high-level list of potential mediaoutlets that correspond to your customer information sources.Review Media Sources and Identify Journalists- Look for online editions of your mediaoutlets to determine which journalist would be an appropriate contact. Develop arelationship with these people as they have a large influence over what content will bepublished. Use our Media Relations Database to track editorial calendar opportunities, mediacoverage and contacts and to monitor due dates.Measure Results- We evaluate the total coverage, tonality (positive, negative, or neutral),sources, and how your organization compares to the competition. Additionally we contrasthow your efforts stack up to traditional advertising to demonstrate cost savings.
  5. 5. About UsWe are a firm that strives to provide strategic counsel, creative solutions andtimely responsive services.We also strive to help clients achieve their most ambitious marketing goalsand strategic communications objectives. We aim to deliver the highest levelsof professionalism and experience.At JPR Public Relations we believe that culture and philosophy is based on ano-nonsense approach to public relations that values clarity of thought andhonesty of expression above empty promises and meaningless jargon. JPR, Public Relations Jessica Ferguson Owner, Proprietor Atlanta, GA. 30305 E: P: 404-695-6080