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The Health Systems Administration program at Georgetown has its students complete case projects for a fictional community, Middleboro. Throughout the program we created several deliverables: Community Profile, Community Health Assessment, Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, and Business Plan.

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  • Mission, vision, values: Veronica
  • Veronica
  • Veronica
  • Veronica
  • Steph
  • StephAssessment: Management-physician-nursing staff relationships are in turmoil.Strategy:Goal 1: Implement a staffing structure that facilitates advanced patient care processes, provides efficient high quality and specialized care, and improves overall patient, physician, and staff satisfactionsGoal 2: Be the leading choice of employment for healthcare workers in Hillsboro CountyStephanieCPIAssemble Integrated Practice Units (IPUs), Assemble Ambulatory Surgery Center Staffing Model Develop and implement recruitment and hiring strategyEffectively market career benefits of IPUsMeasure physician, RN, and staff satisfaction
  • StephAssessment: Healthcare reform will expand insurance coverage and bring many changes to our environmentStrategy:Goal 1: Reconcile approved practice protocols with commercial payorsDevelop approved practice protocolsUpon request, submit practice protocols to commercial payors for approvalRenegotiate contract with commercial payors to include approved practice protocolsGoal 2: Implement Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) technologies.Integrate Implement internal electronic RCM technologies in conjunction with EMR ImplementationIssue third party insurance claims electronically for all commercial and governmental payors
  • Dan Assessment: Medical Associates is not realizing its full organizational potential due to mediocre managementStrategy:Goal 1: Improve financial performance through enhanced organizational managementEnhance management knowledge, skills, & abilities through continuing educationSix Sigma, LeanGoal 2: Clarify organizational structure and decision-making authorityTask force assembled to achieve plan for organizational reformEnhance leadership knowledge, skills, & abilitiesEnhance staff channels of communicationGoal 3: Process improvement through healthcare information technologyCoordinate with Middleboro Community Hospital and local Regional Extension Center (REC) to evaluate which EMR system is appropriate for implementation at MAInstall electronic medical records system (EMR) into all MA practicesTrain and educate staff on role, usage, and techniques of EMR systems
  • DanCPI 4: Financial PositionConsistent with Mission, Vision, & Values, and as guided by the evaluative criteria:Strategy:Goal 1: Achieve decision consensus regarding external strategic opportunitiesPartnership with CHA and/or outright sale to OHA or SweetgrassInconsistent with strategic objectivesGoal 2: Expand Jasper facility to enhance services available to Jasper communityExpand Jasper facility with new OB/GYN centerExpand Jasper facility with emergency care centerConsistent with community and strategic needsGoal 3: Affiliate with Middleboro Community Hospital for service line expansion,Strengthen depth and breadth of cardiac surgical services through strategic partnershipCollaborate to develop and implement a joint acute, intensive care cardiac surgery service lineConsistent with community and strategic needsWhere We Should Be Going
  • Dan
  • Karen
  • Karen
  • Middleboro Strategic Plan

    1. 1. Medical Associates STRATEGIC PLAN 2011-2015Stephanie Gonzalez. Jessica Jacobs. Karen Jose. Erin Lenhardt. Ve r o n i c a L o c k e . D a n i e l Lyn n .
    2. 2. Where We Are Now WeaknessesStrengths • Mediocre financials• Wide continuum of care offerings for patients • Negligible liquid capital• Commitment to technological advancement • Insurance bargaining power• Geographic isolation • Poor staff communication and ambiguous authority• Community support • Physician and nurse turnover• Large market share within MCH • Organizational management SWOT AnalysisOpportunities Threats• New service line development • Deregulation of protective state regulations• Enhanced penetration in the Jasper community • OHA expansion into Jasper• ASC expansion to Middleboro• 225 acre land option in Jasper • Other physician group establishment in Jasper• Market growth through expanded insurance coverage • HMO exclusivity contracts
    3. 3. Where We Should Be Going Mission Values Vision
    4. 4. Where We Should Be Going Competition Company Customers
    5. 5. How We Will Get There Staffing Payor care mix model Org Financial Mgmt position
    6. 6. CPI 1: Staffing Care Model Goal 1: Implement a staffing structure that facilitates Physician advanced patient care Satisfaction processes, provides efficient 60% high quality and specialized 50% care, and improves overall patient, physician, and staff 40% satisfactions 30% 20% Goal 2: Be the leading 10% choice of employment for healthcare workers in 0% Hillsboro County 2008 2009 2010
    7. 7. CPI 2: Payor Mix Goal 1: Reconcile approved practice protocols with commercial payors Goal 2: Implement Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) technologies.
    8. 8. CPI 3: Organizational Management Goal 1: Improve financial Days in Patient A/R performance through 100 enhanced organizational 90 management 80 70 Goal 2: Clarify 60 organizational structure and 50 decision-making authority 40 30 Goal 3: Process 20 improvement through 10 healthcare information 0 technology 2008 2009 2010
    9. 9. CPI 4: Financial Growth (Expansion)
    10. 10. CPI 4: Financial Growth (Affiliation) % MA Physicians at MCH100%90%80%70%60%50%40% 75% 67%30% 50% 50%20% 38% 36%10% 0% Cardiology Gastroenterology OB/GYN Pediatrics Orthopedic Surgery Thoracic Surgery Medical Associates Other Physicians
    11. 11. Where We Are Going Implementation Timeline 1/1/2011 1/1/2012 12/31/2012 12/31/2013 12/31/2014 12/31/2015 Implement staffing structure for overall satisfaction Leading choice of healthcare employmentReconcile practice protocols with commercial payors Implement RCM technologiesImprove financial performance via organization mgmt Clarify organizational structure Process improvement through healthcare IT actions Expand Jasper facility Affiliate with MCH for service line expansion
    12. 12. How We Will Know We Are There