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How To  Grow  Your  Business With  Ecommerce
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How To Grow Your Business With Ecommerce






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How To Grow Your Business With Ecommerce Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Growing Your Businesswith Ecommerce
  • 2. Jess Webb
    CEO, Jessilicious Media International
    Helping quirky entrepreneurs create an irresistible presence on Facebook
    Complete web geek & passionate entrepreneur
  • 3. What is e-commerce?
    Electronic Commerce:
    consists of the buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks
  • 4. What can be sold online?
    Tickets for live and virtual events
    Digital products – ebooks, courses
    Physical products – widgets, clothing
    Large purchases – cars, boats
    Services – design, coaching
    Clients can pay invoices online
    If you can think it, you can find a way to sell it online!
  • 5. What does e-commerce look like?
  • 6. E-commerce and me
    How to Do I Get Started?
  • 7. What do you need to start?
    Easy and free to set up an account
    You pay a transaction fee on any money you receive
    Customers don’t have to have a Paypal account to purchase from you
    You can be up and taking orders in just a few minutes
    Customers can pay with their credit card, bank account or Paypal balance
    Connects to your bank account so you can deposit your money
  • 8. Optional: Merchant account
    You can opt to get your own merchant account with credit card processing, if you prefer
    Many reputable companies online that offer this service
    You don’t have to go through your bank
    Google “merchant account” to see different companies and options
    Customers can only pay with credit card
  • 9. Taking orders: Free Options
    How Does it Work?
  • 10. Create your paypal button
    Go to the “Merchant” tab in your Paypal account and create a new button
    Fill in the details – price, title, thank you page URL, shipping, etc
    Use any currency you want
    Copy the button code and paste it onto your web page
    Configure universal Shipping and Tax settings in the Profile section of Paypal
  • 11. Send an invoice
    Give your customers the option to pay their invoices online
    Set up an invoice in Paypal and send directly to your customer online
    Customers can send payment to your email address through Paypal
    Email them a link to make a payment
    Use FreshBooks.com to create and manage your invoices (integrates with Paypal)
  • 12. Facebook Store
    Have a store right in your Facebook Page
    Integrates with Paypal
    Configure shipping options
    Simple and easy to set up
    Offer a special price to fans and regular price to non-fans
    VendorKart app is 100% free
  • 13. Taking orders: Paid Options
    How Does it Work?
  • 14. Shopping Cart - $30-200+
    Definition: Shopping cart software is software used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online (source: wikipedia.org)
    Paypal is a very simple shopping cart
    Other carts still integrate with Paypal but give you easier management of all your products
    Usually include email marketing, affiliate programs, reporting and other features to help you seamlessly run your business online
    Copy and paste code into your website to add Buy Now buttons and links
  • 15. Online Stores - $5-100+
    Hosted on someone else’s site
    Monthly fee and/or percentage of sales
    Integrate with Paypal or merchant account
    Examples: Yahoo! Stores, Ebay Stores, Amazon Stores
    You sell your products on their platform
    Usually very easy to get set up and going
    No code to install on your site, everything is on their site
  • 16. Beyond the sale
    What Else Do I Need to Know?
  • 17. Delivery
    If shipping, print labels and schedule a pickup online for FedEx, UPS & Canada Post
    Update shopping cart with tracking info & automatically email to the customer
    If digital, the shopping cart can redirect the customer to the web page where they can access the product
    Shipping rates can be configured in any shopping cart so it is automatically added to any applicable orders
  • 18. Reporting & bookkeeping
    Paypal – download history and reports
    Shopping cart – download sales reports
    Search for specific transactions by name, order amount, date, and other specifics
    Limited access accounts so others can create and download reports for you
  • 19. Promotions & Sales
    Most good shopping carts have the ability to do promotions and sales
    Offer a discount on the whole cart, multiple items, or just one item
    Set up coupon codes
    Discounts can be in percentages or dollar amount
    Set your coupons and discounts to expire on a certain date or after a certain number are sold
  • 20. Other Methods
    More Ways to Accept Payment Online
  • 21. Email Money Transfer
    Only a small fee to send a transfer
    Instantly in your bank account
    No credit card needed
    Available from most major banks in their online banking website
  • 22. What’s Next?
    If this is something you want to start using in your business…
    Start small if it’s overwhelming, one step at a time. Focus on just signing up for Paypal, for example.
    Any shopping cart or store will have a help center – use it when you need it!
    Google is your best friend. Type in your question, click Search and you’ll have your answer in no time.
    Get help. Hire someone or have your assistant do it for you.
  • 23. Any Questions?
    Ask me anything!
    If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you!