Cloud Accelerate & Cloud Essential Partner Faq


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Cloud Accelerate and Cloud Essentials Partner Benefit Overview

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Cloud Accelerate & Cloud Essential Partner Faq

  1. 1. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions1. What is Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack?The Microsoft Cloud Essentials Pack gives you the opportunity to learn about and try the latestcloud software, online technical support, training and other resources from Microsoft at no charge.Leveraging Cloud Essentials benefits will help you experience Microsoft cloud solutions and learnhow to build your Microsoft cloud services business.Please refer to the benefits tab on the home page for specific dates of benefit availability.2. What is Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Program?The Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Program is designed for partners that are already committed to acloud business. In addition to the benefits received in Cloud Essentials, partners are rewarded witha Cloud Accelerate Badge, 20 Advisory hours for support, priority listing in Pinpoint, access to futureMicrosoft Cloud product roadmaps, local Microsoft subsidiary engagement opportunities, andWindows Azure platform and other Microsoft Silver competency related benefits.Please refer to the Benefits tab in the Cloud Partner Portal for specific dates of benefit availability.3. What is the difference between the Sell & Service and Build and Develop tracks?In the Cloud Essentials Pack and the Cloud Accelerate Program you should pick one track to qualifyfor your cloud benefits. The Sell & Service track is for partners seeking to sell and deploy onlineservices, whereas the Build & Develop track is for partners focused on building intellectual propertyon the Azure platform.4. What agreements do I need to sign before my company is eligible to join?All partners signing up for the Cloud Essentials Pack or the Cloud Accelerate Program need to agreeto the terms and conditions of the Microsoft Partner Network Agreement. To be eligible for the Sell& Service track of the Cloud Essentials Pack or the Cloud Accelerate Program, a partner needs tosign either the Microsoft Online Services Provider Agreement or the CRM Online Software Advisor(CSA) agreement. To be eligible for the Build & Develop track of the Cloud Essentials Pack or theCloud Accelerate Program a partner needs to sign a Microsoft Platform Ready agreement.5. If I am already a Silver or Gold competency partner, may I join?Yes, you can qualify to join either the Cloud Essentials Pack or the Cloud Accelerate Program.October 31, 2010 Page 1
  2. 2. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions6. Can I belong to both the Cloud Essentials Pack and the Cloud Accelerate Program?Yes, when you qualify for the Cloud Accelerate Program you have access to any incrementalbenefits offered through the Cloud Essentials Pack benefits. The Internal Use Rights benefits for theMicrosoft Online Services are NOT additive and are capped at the Cloud Accelerate level. Pleasenote, Cloud Accelerate Partners do receive the additional Windows Azure Platform benefitprovisioned through the Cloud Essentials Pack.7. Will there be a fee to join the Cloud Essentials Pack?There is no program fee to enroll in the Cloud Essentials Pack.8. Will there be a fee to join the Cloud Accelerate Program?Cloud Accelerate Program partners must meet all the required qualifications and have a Silver orGold competency. If you do not have at least a Silver Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network,you will be required to pay the local Silver Competency fee. Fees vary by country.9. If I enroll without a competency, how will the competency benefit be provided to me?Partners accepted into the Cloud Accelerate Program will be given an opportunity to select arelated cloud competency when they apply to enter the program.10. If my company is awarded a competency for joining and did not previously have one will it get the same benefits as an existing Silver competency partner?Yes, you have paid for and are entitled to all silver level benefits.11. Where can I find a complete listing of benefits for the Cloud Essentials Pack and the Cloud Accelerate Program?Go to the home page and click the Benefits tab.12. As a Cloud Accelerate Program member, how do I access my 20 Advisory Hours?To find the Technical Advisory Service phone number closest to you click here.13. What can I use the 20 advisory hours for?Partners in the Cloud Accelerate Program will receive unlimited pre-sales and technical support, soit is recommend the 20 advisory hours be used for deployment support.October 31, 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions14. What are the requirements of each cloud offering?The following qualification requirements must be met to enroll in the Cloud Partner Program. As apartner moves from the Cloud Essentials Pack to the Cloud Accelerate Program, the benefits andrequirements increase, by design. Most program requirements apply to both the Cloud EssentialsPack and the Cloud Accelerate Program, and are broken out by program track – Sell & Service orDesign & Develop; differences are also noted. Please refer to the table below for detailedrequirements for the Cloud Essentials Pack and the Cloud Accelerate Pack. Program Cloud Essentials Cloud Accelerate Details Requirements Partner Track Sell & Build & Sell & Build & Service Develop Service DevelopA partner must have a *Active CSA = 1 deal soldsigned Microsoft Online 18 months prior toServices Provider enrollment.Agreement (MOSPA) ORactive CRM Software n/a n/aAdvisor Agreement(CSA)* Partner must takeany required assessmentsto attain MOSPA or CSA.Must complete a 200-level technicalassessment MicrosoftPartner Network TechnicalAssessment for WindowsIntune or Microsoft n/a n/a n/aPartner Network TechnicalAssessment for BusinessProductivity Online Suite(BPOS)Partner must be enrolled Competency optionsin a Silver Competency; if based on the Track: Salesnot, partner will select an & Services Track:applicable Competency  BPOS Sales: Selectbased on product(s) sold Portals &and pay the local fee. Collaboration or Unified Communications n/a n/a Competencies  Windows Intune Sales: Select Desktop or Systems Mgmt. Competency  Dynamics CRM Online Sales: Select CRM Competency Build & Develop Track: Windows Azure Sales:October 31, 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions Select one of the following competencies: Independent Software Vendor (ISV), Web Development, Software Development, or Data Platform (aligns with SQL Azure focused partners)Must register a Windows *Note: Cloud AccelerateAzure application on also requires productMicrosoft Platform Ready n/a n/a testing on MPR.(MPR) site.*Must successfully passWindows Azureapplication testing on n/a n/a n/aMicrosoft Platform Ready(MPR) site.Sales Completed: Partner *Note: Cloud Essentialsmust have sold 3 Cloud partners that qualify withdeals (any Online Services a CSA, must have sold 1product offered in the n/a n/a n/a deal within the past 18program), with a months. See above req.combined total of 150 or for details.more seats. Deals musthave occurred in the 18months prior toenrollment.Cloud Customer *Note: CustomerReferences: Partner must References must haveprovide 3 customer been provided in the 24references, associated n/a n/a months prior towith partner’s account in enrollment.the Partner MembershipCenter, for any OnlineServices product offeredin the program.Sales Commitment: *Note: Cloud EssentialsPartner must commit to partners do not have tosell 8 Cloud deals, with a pay a fee to enroll, butcombined total of 500 or must sell to continuemore seats during the receiving softwareenrollment period. n/a n/a n/a benefits in the following term.Note: Your salescommitment is entered onthe Cloud AccelerateEnrollment SubmissionForm. If you are amanaged partner, you willbe required to identifyyour Partner AccountOctober 31, 2010 Page 4
  5. 5. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked QuestionsManager.Revenue Commitment:Partner must commit tosell at least $2,500 inAzure Platform revenue n/a n/a n/aover the enrollmentperiod.October 31, 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions15. Why aren’t all products available in the Cloud Program benefits?The goal is to provide Microsoft partners with an early opportunity to begin learning about andbuilding businesses in the cloud with Microsoft Online Services. The Microsoft Partner CloudProgram will include online services products as soon as they are available in market, if not earlier.Once these benefits are made available, we will post an announcement on Can the forthcoming Cloud Essentials Pack or Cloud Accelerate Program Azure benefit be combined with an existing MSDN Azure benefit on the same account?No, multiple Windows Azure Platform benefit resources cannot be combined on a single account.However, the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Azure benefit can be used as another instance tohelp develop and test solutions and run internal applications.17. What is included in the 250 BPOS licenses?Each of the 250 BPOS licenses provided is valid for one instance (or seat) of any product included inthe Business Productivity Online Suite.18. Can the internal use rights (IUR) licenses included in the Cloud Essentials Pack and/or the Cloud Accelerate Program be combined with IUR licenses offered to partners through Gold and Silver competencies, or by signing MOSPA?No, partners in multiple competencies cannot combine programs or offers to gain additional seats.Benefits will not exceed what is offered by the Cloud Essentials Pack or the Cloud AccelerateProgram.19. If a partner applied for the BPOS Accelerate program, but was not accepted, can they apply for the Cloud Essentials Pack and/or the Cloud Accelerate Program?Yes, such a partner can apply to enroll in the Cloud Essentials Pack and/or the Cloud AccelerateProgram.20. If a partner organization has qualified for the Cloud Essentials Pack or Cloud Accelerate Program, can the program benefits be shared across locations?Yes. The benefits are earned at the parent organization level. Any location associated with thePartner organization in the Partner Membership Center (PMC) is eligible to access and share thesebenefits. Similarly, only users associated with the organization and its locations in PMC can accessthe benefits via the Partner Cloud Portal.21. Are details available regarding the 200-level technical assessments required for the Sales & Services track of Cloud Accelerate (only one course is required)?Please refer to the links below in the Partner Learning Center to see more details about eachcourse:Microsoft Partner Network Technical Assessment for Windows IntuneMicrosoft Partner Network Technical Assessment for Business Productivity Online SuiteOctober 31, 2010 Page 6
  7. 7. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions22. How will unmanaged partners that do not have access to the Partner Solution Plan document their plan to approach to sell 8 deals with a total of 500 seats, prior to entering the Cloud Accelerate program?Sales commitments for partners enrolling in the Cloud Accelerate Program will be captured on theCloud Accelerate enrollment form. This information will be stored in a database for futurereference.23. What is the process for a partner to opt-out of the Cloud Essentials Pack or the Cloud Accelerate Program?A partner can opt-out of the Cloud Essentials Pack of the Cloud Accelerate Program at any time bycontacting a Regional Service Center (RSC) representative.24. How do I use this site in Internet Explorer 9.0?You will need to run your browser in Compatibility mode. There is an icon for this mode on yourbrowser.25. What happens if I don’t meet my sales or revenue commitment next year for the Cloud Accelerate Program next year?You will no longer be able to receive your cloud software benefits and resources if you do not meetyour sales commitment.26. What do I do if my local subsidiary does not contact me?Local subsidiary engagement is a benefit for the Cloud Accelerate Program only. The local subsidiarywill contact you within three months of joining the Cloud Accelerate Program. Please contact theRegional Support Center if this contact has not been made.27. How do I make sure my reference in the Partner Membership Center is considered a Cloud Reference?When creating a new reference, be sure to select the appropriate cloud product that you used foryour project. Cloud technologies are found under the Microsoft Online Services or Windows AzurePlatform categories. We encourage you to create a new reference if you have executed cloud-related projects.28. What do I do if I have problems profiling or testing my Azure application in Microsoft Platform Ready?Contact for any issues on profiling or testing your application.29. Why does the competency I choose have to be tied to my online services business?The competency you hold will showcase your skillset to your customers. We need to ensure thiscompetency is tied to your cloud experience.30. Where do I access the Online Technical Communities for cloud?Visit Online Technical Communities for support on Business Online Productivity Services, CRMOnline (Dynamics) and Windows Azure.31. Is there an option to purchase additional seats of the cloud products?October 31, 2010 Page 7
  8. 8. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked QuestionsLicenses purchased at partner preferred pricing are not meant to exceed the Organization’s InternalUse Rights (IUR) caps described in the Cloud Program benefits. These licenses are meant to providepartners with continuous access to Online Services in the event a partner fails to qualify for IURthrough the Cloud Program. Partner preferred pricing for online services currently offered is asfollows: BPOS: $5 per seat32. Can an existing BPOS IUR one-year trial benefit be extended through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?Yes, an existing BPOS IUR one year trial benefit can be extended for an additional year througheither Cloud Essentials or Cloud Accelerate. Detailed extension guidance is provided on theActivate tab.33. Can a Partner with an expired MOSPA and/or BPOS IUR one-year trial join the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program?Yes. A partner with an expired MOSPA can re-sign MOSPA and take the required assessment(s) toqualify for the Cloud Partner Program. If all the program requirements have been satisfied, thepartner would qualify for all of the available benefits, without restriction. If the BPOS IUR benefitexpires prior to activating the Cloud Program BPOS IUR benefit, this partner will need to activate anew instance of BPOS – the program does not support re-activation of an expired BPOS subscriptionor the extension of a paid subscription for this purpose.Detailed extension guidance is provided on the Activate tab.34. Is there an option to re-enroll in this program?To re-enroll in the Cloud Essentials Pack, partners must meet all defined Cloud Essentials Packqualifications. Cloud Accelerate Program partners must show a higher level of commitment topromoting and selling Microsoft Cloud products (refer to the Requirements Section). To re-enroll inthe Cloud Accelerate Program partners must meet all defined Cloud Accelerate Programqualifications and meet a required sales commitment, which will be higher than the 3 deals and 150total seats required to enter the program. The Partner Cloud team will monitor Cloud AccelerateProgram partner performance and program demand and in Q3 Fy2011 reassess the 8 deals, 500total seats minimum sales commitment.October 31, 2010 Page 8
  9. 9. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions35. What are the requirements to re-enroll in the Cloud Program (either Cloud Essentials Pack or Cloud Accelerate Program)?There are different requirements for renewing your membership in the Cloud Program versusrenewing your Internal Use Rights benefits. These are described separately for Cloud Essential Packand Cloud Accelerate Program:Program Renewal Cloud Essentials Pack: Partners must maintain their enrollment requirements to remain in the program. Your organization can continue to access all the benefits of the program, with the exception of IUR, which has additional requirements described below. Cloud Accelerate Program: As a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate partner, your organization must demonstrate a higher level of commitment to renew your membership and continue enjoying the greater level of program benefits, with the exception of IUR, which involves additional requirements to renew. To re-enroll in the program, partners must meet their program commitment of 8 deals and a minimum of 500 licenses sold (both requirements are product agnostic). This target will be continually assessed during the program term to ensure alignment with the capabilities of our committed partners.Internal Use Rights Cloud Essentials Pack and Cloud Accelerate: In addition to respective program enrollment requirements, Cloud Partners must sell at least 50 seats of each online service being used, during the enrollment year, to qualify for another 12 months of internal use rights for each of those online services. If you fail to qualify for a particular online service, partner preferred pricing (at cost) will be available for you to continue these services, while you maintain an active status in the Cloud Program.36. If I’m a Gold or Silver Competency partner, will I have to pay a program fee for the Cloud Accelerate Program?No, you will not have to pay a program fee. If you have earned and are active in a Gold or SilverCompetency, the program fee will be waived. In the future, the Cloud Program website will reflectfulfillment of this requirement on the Qualify tab. However, currently, your organization will needto complete and submit the Cloud Accelerate Program application form before this thisrequirement is updated with the current status.37. Are there any restrictions on the internal use rights (IUR) awarded through the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program? Internal use services may not be used for direct revenue-generating purposes, commercial purposes, personal purposes, or customer training. The IUR earned by joining the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program is intended to help you explore Microsoft’s cloud services, and to help you grow your business by building or selling cloud solutions based on these technologies. These IUR benefits are not intended to be used in commercial transactionsOctober 31, 2010 Page 9
  10. 10. Microsoft Cloud Partner Program Frequently Asked Questions between a partner and a customer (these principles and guidelines are consistent for software benefits provided through the Microsoft Partner Program).October 31, 2010 Page 10