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Located in the heart of Southern Belize rests a sheltered 14,000 acre residential resort haven call Sanctuary Belize. It is here, alongside an untamed stretch of the Sittee River, perched on seven miles of Caribbean shore and surrounded on either side by 111,000 acres of wildlife reserves, where all of Belize’s many land and water excursions have been captured, refined, then made readily available to all who are fortunate to live there.

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Belize real estate_at_sanctuary_belize

  1. 1. Belize Real Estate at Sanctuary BelizeGet the best Belize Real Estate now! Located in the heart of Southern Belize rests a sheltered 14,000 acre residentialresort haven call Sanctuary Belize. It is here, alongside an untamed stretch ofthe Sittee River, perched on seven miles of Caribbean shore and surrounded oneither side by 111,000 acres of wildlife reserves, where all of Belize’s manyland and water excursions have been captured, refined, then made readilyavailable to all who are fortunate to live there. The private sporting paradise of Sanctuary Belize will ultimately offer up to athousand homes, including riverside cabins, savannah ranches, equestrianestates, marina cottages and exotic seaside bungalows. There will also be first-class diving facilities, a Fishing Club, two Beach Clubs, the PuraMaya Spa/PeakFitness Academy, an Equestrian Center, a modern 200-slip Marina and bustlingMarina Village, a proposed 18-hole championship golf course and the sprawling10,000-acre SitteeRiver Wildlife Reserve.Our cornerstones for development1. Conservation of Nature Protect Sanctuary Belize’s five diverse eco-systems in perpetuity with thecollaboration of the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, allowing all residents toparticipate in the conservation of the natural legacy.2. Eco-Conscious Living
  2. 2. Establish an eco-responsible residential resort community that embraces asensitive land plan and organic design that encourage residents to live lightly onthe land.3. Holistic Wellness Provide opportunities for owners to improve their overall health and wellbeing through the new PuraMaya Spa and Peak Fitness Academy and its arrayof programs design by a team of world-class partners and professional trainers.4. Outdoor Pursuits Promote a life of active adventure through membership in the SanctuaryBelize Adventurer’s League, offering sport, diving and water pursuits, such askayaking and sailing, and land-based excursion such as hiking and mountainbike trials.Sanctuary Belize private island Only a short boat ride fromSanctuary Belize lies our very own 5acre tropical island paradise, SanctuaryCaye. Whether it’s for shorter “daytrips” or for “over night stays” in oneof the six luxurious island cabanas,residents will discover an incredibleand unequaled private island experience. Each cabana and the CayeClub will be built in an alluring, yet notable unique, island architecturalvernacular. Residents will enjoy a host of amenities and activities at Sanctuary Caye – aworld-class diving operation with specially fitted boats and experienced guides;a Caye Club with catamarans, kayaks, and all things water; a tiki bar and grill;white sandy beaches; a nature trail winding through the island’s interior and asaltwater pool that spills into the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Sanctuary Caye will offer a relaxing change of pace for resident who areseeking their own secluded island experience while still providing them with all
  3. 3. of the creature comforts that they are accustomed to in their mainland SanctuaryBelize home.Sanctuary Belize marina and village As the premier port for Caribbean captionscruising the hundreds of cayes and beachesbetween the Gulf of Mexico and Panama,Sanctuary Belize Marina will offer over 200 state -of-the-art slips with all the modern-dayconvenience and marine services expected of a first-rate harbor. Situated wellaway from the hurricane belt and protected further by the elbow of Honduras,this calm bay is the ideal mooring and natural all-season sanctuary on Caribbeanseas. The festive Marina Village will bustle with everything a Belize coastal townshould. Like nothing in all of Belize, the Marina Village will burst with vibrantcolors, restaurants, cafes, barefoot beach bars, a diversity of shops, fresh fishand produce stands, entertainment venues and cultural activities along with acontagious Caribbean vibe that will set apart Sanctuary Belize Marina as one ofthe country’s most sought-after destinations. There will be a boutique hotel, an art gallery, Kriol bistros, Garifuna crafts,weekend farmers’ market and a Belizean bakery to join the church on the hill,the lighthouse, the post office, the grocer and other sundry stores that will servethe residential community of Sanctuary Belize.five eco-experiencesRiverine: The Sittee River is a highly diverse brackish habitat that supportsboth freshwater and saltwater life. While manatees, rays and barracuda cruisethe deep river waters, inquisitive turtles, egrets and Morelet’s crocodile patrolthe surface.Sub-Tropical Savannah: Reminiscent of the Serengeti Plains, SanctuaryBelize’s savannah is filled with a diverse array of rare plants, from wispygrasses and scattered shrubs to thick-barked solitary trees and a variety ofanimals.Belizean Jungle: The Belizean broadleaf forests are best described as semi-deciduous rain forests. The jungle is diverse in nature withouth having any one
  4. 4. plant species dominating. Mahogany, cedar, sapodilla, ramon, cohune and figsare among the most common species.Caribbean Marine: Sanctuary Belize has several coastal eco-systems thatinclude ocean lagoons, mangrove marshlands, bays and tidal wetlands. Many ofthese habitats act as nurseries for maturing fish and amphibians. These habitatsalso act as natural protective devices against tidal erosion.Coral Reef: The underwater spectacle of coral reefs off the shores of SanctuaryCaye are home to amazing tropical fish, sea turtles, eagle rays and even themigrating Whale Shark.Sittee river wildlife reserve High up in the Maya Mountains at its source, the Sittee River begins tomeander through the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, ultimately winding its waydown to the Caribbean Sea. In addition to an incredible array of wildlife andaquatic creatures, the river is home to many unique plant species includingsome of the world’s tallest mangroves, that thrive on the tidal flushing of theSittee River and Caribbean Sea.Sanctuary Belize’s residential, resort and marina developments sit within theconfines of the 14,000 acre Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, the largest privatelyowned nature reserve in all of Belize. The Reserve was established to protectthe plethora of wildlife and plant species and to sustain the delicate river andcoastal eco-systems that are the heart of the property. In essence, this structureallows Sanctuary Belize property owners to receive a ll of the privacy, beautyand enjoyment of a 14,000 acre reserve while protecting an eco-sensitive pieceof property in perpetuity.Puramaya spa and fitness Nestled amongst lush foliage and neighboring the exotic Sanctuary BelizeHotel, the PuraMaya Spa and Peak Fitness Academy will present a holisticprogram of relaxation, balance mental focus and rejuvenation. This ancienthealing knowledge brings new meaning to Belize’s motto: “Under the Shade IFlourish.” Weekends may find the Spa set up on Sanctuary Caye, where coralrubs, palm oil massages and sea algae facials are the order of the day. At the PuraMaya headquarters near Sanctuary Belize Marina, there will beacupuncture, reflexology, Reiki and chiropractic adjustments in addition tovarious cosmetic treatments.
  5. 5. Adventurer’s league Every homeowner at Sanctuary Belize is automatically inducted into the community’s residential club – The Adventures League. As a component of the Sittee River Wildlife Reserve, our League will have access to Sanctuary Belize’s peerless network of guides. There will be kayaking and river rafting guides to help residents navigate the Sittee River. Fishing experts will be at hand for those eager to hook a freshwater tarpon and snook. Guides willassist residents keen to hike the trails of the many nearby national parks andpossibly even to the summit of Victoria Peak. Naturalists will lead expeditionsto the famous Blue Hole and Mayan ruins, while diving instructors point out thewonders of Glover’s Reef, the whale shark migration and the astonishingunderwater wildlife of the Belize Barrier Reef.