Edu 210 module 12

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EDU 210 technology reflections

EDU 210 technology reflections

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  • 1. Multimedia Reflection on Concepts in Educational Technology
  • 2. What is TPACK?  TPACK is a framework for incorporating technology     into education. T = Technology P = Pedagogy C = Content K = Knowledge  TPACK = How are technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge combine for an effective teaching practice
  • 3. Ideal TPACK framework  This is the ideal TPACK framework, where all areas are developed equally.  Image source:
  • 4. TPACK Development  Before this class I had never heard of TPACK and I did not know that technology plays such a large role in the classroom.  Out of the technology frameworks we learned, TPACK makes the most sense to me and I can visualize how I will incorporate it into my teaching.  My initial TPACK framework…
  • 5. TPACK Development
  • 6. TPACK Development  My TPACK framework has changed slightly from when I first started this course.  My content knowledge (CK) and technological knowledge (TK) are now comparable in size.  There is significant overlap between my CK and TK, since I now know how I can effectively use technology to teach course content
  • 7. TPACK Development  My pedagogical knowledge (PK) has not changed, but the overlap between PK and TK has increased  I now have the tools to adapt technology to my future pedagogical style.
  • 8. TPACK Development  The TPACK framework is something that I will continue to come back to throughout my career as a teacher.  I hope to one day develop all areas equally to become an efficient teacher.