The Ultimate Interactive Whiteboard


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A brief of the ultimate interactive whiteboard technology which will dominate in future

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The Ultimate Interactive Whiteboard

  1. 1. Classroom Aid Inc. Portable interactive whiteboard solutions !! Interactive Projector Brief
  2. 2.  Interactive projector turns any surface, hard or soft, into an interactive whiteboardinteractive whiteboard !  Image size isn’t limited by the budget, up to 300” Interactive Projectors Teachers can access and interact with their computers right from any screen !
  3. 3. Special Program – Never Worry about Lamps Cost ! This is a program highly appreciated by our customers. Now FREE !! We pay all the lamps through the lifetime of the projectors !
  4. 4. Interactive Module : OutWrite  An attachment device added onto any ordinary projector, it can turn any surface, hard or soft, into an interactive whiteboard !  Even your computer output is connected to TV panel, it can turn the screen into a touch screen. Includes a wand and a pen for different needs (The left & right buttons of a mouse are built in them.) Can be attached onto ceiling-mounted projectors or just placed on the meeting table.
  5. 5. This product utilizes : CMOS sensors Infra-Red signal emitting indicators Interactive projectors have CMOS sensors built-in, and the interactive module works very well with any projector to get the same result. It’s an innovation in IWB tech. to DO MORE WITH LESS !!
  6. 6. Specifications of Interactive Module (OutWrite)  Sensor accuracy +/- 6 pixels  Throw ratio 1.4+/- 10%  Can be customized for volume  Screen size : up to 120” diagonal with interactive capability  Installation : up to 30 degree vertical angle  Power consumption < 0.5W  Frame speed : 60 frames/sec  Net weight : 0.2 lbs/80g  Dimension (WxHxD) : 110x20x80 mm  Included standard accessories  A stylus pen (AAA batteries x2)  A Wand (AA batteries x2)  USB cable mini (1.5m)  Installation hardware x 1 set  Quick start guide  CD (interactive software)
  7. 7. What Can You Do With them ?  Mouse Mode  access to all your files, browse the internet—works just like your mouse cursor  work with all softwares  key in with screen keyboard  Pen Mode  write notes, highlight key points, draw  Change line width or color  Capture, Modify, Save or Email anything on the screen  Support 13 Languages
  8. 8. It Can Help in Education …  Capture students attention  Visual and audible : more impressive than any word  Enhance teaching and learning efficiency  Tons of interactive education resources – photos, videos, games, simulations, news clips, animations, open sources - are shared on internet which teachers can use to inspire and motivate their students, so that self-learning is activated after class  Engaging with real world, open a window into the world
  9. 9.  A portable solution is available for presentations on the move  Interacts with your computer from any surface  Capture audience attention  Visual and audible : empowering your expression  Enable a really dynamic and interactive presentation  Meeting minutes can taken with presentation content and saved immediately It Can Help in Business Presentation …
  10. 10.  No bulky IWB installment needed, no extra power line needed  Robust design for classrooms  Extremely Cost-effectiveExtremely Cost-effective  Easy to useEasy to use  Great flexibilityGreat flexibility to accommodate different settings  Image size with interactivity up to 150”/120”  Interact on any surface or TV panel  Portable and fixable  5 projector models for different budgets available  The interactive module can upgrade your current projector right away, and it’s the only solution to have an IWB to go business travel with you. Interactive Projector/Module Advantages over traditional interactive whiteboards (IWBs)
  11. 11. How does Interactive Projectors compare to SmartBoards ? Interactive SmartBoard Projector  Listed price $600 - $1,800 ~$2,000 - $4,000  Flexibility 1 Component Multiple Components Portable Fixed Any Surface Dedicated Board image up to 150” image limited by board size Installment cost higher
  12. 12. Listed unit prices offered by us, please request quotation according to your volume The following 5 models are available with a wand and a pen for different needs, and free operation software included. model name Tech Lumen resolution throw ratio unitprice ProjectoWrite2 3LCD 3000 1024x768 XGA 1.45-1.73:1  $1299 ProjectoWrite2W + Free 77” whiteboard 3LCD 3000 1024x768 XGA 1.0-1.2 : 1  $1699 ProjectoWriteWX25N 3LCD 2500 1280x800 WXGA 1.45-1.73:1  $1299 ProjectoWriteWX25NS 3LCD 2500 1280x800 WXGA 1.0-1.2 : 1  $1699 ProjectoWriteDX25N-U (Wall-arm is included) DLP 2500 1024x768 XGA 0.62 : 1 $1899 OutWrite Interactive Module 1.4 +/- 10% $599
  13. 13. Manufacturer : BOXLIGHT  BOXLIGHT has been developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing projectors for schools, government agencies, house of worship, and every customer in between since 1985.  BOXLIGHT produced the first interactive projector in the world, the winner of “The BEST Product of Infocomm” in 2010.  All hardwares and softwares are manufactured in Taiwan by BOXLIGHT’s mother company, the patent holder of this technology .