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  • The proliferation of smart mobile devices and BYOD, cloud computing, Big Data and security have brought a new level of complexity. Historically, technology was transactional and IT defined. However, in this networked world, technology is evolving beyond simply enabling operations to being a truly intelligent driver of business innovation.  “In 2013, IT will drive business competitiveness. CIOs need to achieve an end-to-end service delivery model, tying in all the required elements and technologies to create an integrated user experience. To stay relevant, CIOs will function as Business Service Innovators and Integrators, managing diverse services and service aggregations that differentiate business offerings,” said John Michelsen, Chief Technology Officer, CA Technologies. “IT must begin to act as a trusted advisor, service broker, and as quality assurance in this brave new world of complex IT.”
  • Enterprise users know no bounds of time and space. As they adopt cloud services and collaborate globally with external customers and partners from multiple devices, they erase the traditional IT perimeter. Security professionals today find themselves in a borderless war on multiple fronts and one common ally – Identity. Strongly authenticated identity is the new perimeter. This places emphasis on reducing risk at the authentication point, signaling the end of the password as we know it today. As such, we expect to see advanced authentication models expand. We will see more risk-based authentication coming into play based on the device, transaction, location and more. We will see industry move towards more intelligent methods of authentication such as pattern creation, image recognition, mobile phone-based authentication, audio and biometrics. But this is not enough. We will see more content-driven security based on what the data is, or how it’s classified, and that information, plus user identity and role, will be used to guide access rights.
  • There will be increased exploitation of sensing technologies available in most modern mobile devices as the ‘Internet of Things’ takes hold.Everything will become intelligent as sensors are embedded into a wide array of devices from the home to those that drive applications that span disaster management, healthcare IT, transportation networks, Smart Grids, utility computing and more. These technologies will drive additional demand for IT to manage, store, analyze and secure the data traffic, privacy and end points.
  • Never before has IT been so well primed to begin its transition from technology ownership and management to becoming the broker of business services. As SaaS, PaaS and IaaS provide turnkey, infrastructure-less access to compute capacity, IT will increasingly focus on composite business applications—rather than the buy-build-manage model—to achieve new levels of speed, innovation, performance and cost/risk efficiencies.
  • Top5 it-predictions-v2

    1. 1. CA TechnologiesTop 5 IT Predictionsfor 2013CA TechnologiesDecember 2012
    2. 2. PREDICTION: Big Data Grows Up  Big Data isn’t just big, it’s useful 2013 will be the year  Emergence of Big Data Administrators that Big Data projects  Big Data decision risk is much lower begin to show and the insights provided will increase IT’s leadership on innovation demonstrable ROI OPPORTUNITIES  enabling better focus on $271 million – Average savings enterprises could realize by making data more accessible thanks to better asset delivering business value utilization. 20% – Increased revenues realized by bridging sales and  dramatically increasing service data for a major European carrier. $2 million – Annual revenue benefit of correcting demand for management inaccurate billing addresses for a major communications technology company. and security $2 billion – Annual improvement in median total revenue due to increased employee productivity realized by increasing data usability by just 10%.2 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    3. 3. PREDICTION: Enterprises Will Adopt Public Clouds Cloud Adoption will be spurred by the expansion of offerings from Service Providers who have Virtual Internet already earned their trust Distributed Mainframe As Service Providers franchise their business models and technologies, cloud services will surge outside the US Cloud will become the norm 53% CIOs say cloud computing has enabled them to spend more time on business strategy and innovation – the buzz of “the cloud” will dim as people realize it’s just the way business is done 54% CIOs say cloud computing is technology shifting their focus from supporting to provisioning business services Externally hosted private cloud adoption will also increase in the next couple of years 71% of CIOs who have adopted clouda viable computing see their position as path to a COO or CEO position Source: CA Technologies Research, The Future Role of the CIO, Dec 20113 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    4. 4. PREDICTION: Identity is the New Perimeter Security professionals today find themselves in a Increase in borderless war on multiple fronts and one common ally cloud services – Identity. is erasing We anticipate: traditional IT  emphasis on reducing risk at the authentication point perimeters  advanced authentication models to expand  more risk-based authentication Strongly  more intelligent methods of authentication authenticated  more content-driven security identity is the NEW CHALLENGES NEW perimeter! Of the top 5 most important issues for companies migrating to the cloud, the #1 issue was IDENTITY & ACCESS MGMT (50% of respondents) Ponemon Institute, “Security of Cloud Computing Provider study”. April, 20114 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    5. 5. PREDICTION: The Seventh Sense Increased use of sensing technologies in mobile devices – to manage growing ‘Internet of Things’ Application will span disaster management, healthcare, transportation networks, smart grids, utility computing & more… Technologies will drive additional demand for IT to manage, store, analyze and secure data There will be increased exploitation of sensing technologies available in most modern mobile devices as the ‘Internet of Things’ takes hold…5 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. PREDICTION: Mobile/Social First in the Enterprise Companies will start to build applications not just with mobile/social platforms in mind, but PRIMARILY for mobile/ social platforms… … traditional platforms will be secondary or not supported at all. Consumerization will accelerate Global Access: Usage & Demographics  5.7B phones worldwide – 77% of worlds population User experience will be key  Over 1/2B accessed the mobile web daily  300,000K apps in 2 years, downloaded 10.9B times  98% under 50 own a phone, 78% over 60 are now mobile Management of mobile/social IT will Commerce Usage and Growth focus on managing and securing the  1Billion will access Financial Services via phone by 2015  50% of the worlds subscribers paying by mobile by 2014 mobile applications and mobile data  Mobile commerce 9B – 2011 and $119B by 2015  M-ticketing by 1- 10 mobile subscribers by 20146 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    7. 7. RUNNER UP: The Rise of DevOps is Imminent  We see DevOps driving the rise of Intelligent computing in experience-led design every piece of equipment – CIO will be less worried about managing in the world today is devices and more concerned with driving the world towards managing apps. environments that are – As services are moved to the becoming so complex cloud, consumers will be less interested in monitoring infrastructure themselves. that operations needs to be taken into  DevOps will necessitate the consideration before the reconstitution of traditional first line of code is frameworks written. In this reality, cloud, mobility, and DevOps are becoming one movement…7 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.
    8. 8. Top 5 IT Predictions for 2013 1 Big Data Grows Up 2 Enterprises Adopt Public Cloud 3 Identity is the New Perimeter 4 The Seventh Sense 5 Mobile/Social FIRST in the Enterprise and ... Imminent Rise of DevOps8 Copyright © 2012 CA. All rights reserved.