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Silicate and nonsilicate
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  • 1. Welcome to the Magical world of Mineral You are going to travel around the world of mineral. You will met a lot of question. If you answer those questions, you will got present! Here’s your leader
  • 2. Hello! I’m professor Jess, the handsome and smart guy in white cloth. You are coming with me no matter you want or not. Why? BECAUSE I’M THE BOSS Let’s Begin Our Journey!!!!!!!!
  • 3. There are so many minerals floating around! We usually divide minerals into two groups. So, tell me, what are these groups?
    • a) Vascular, nonvascular
    • b) Stupid, Smart
    • c) million, nonillion
    • d) Silicate, nonsilicate
  • 4. WOW YOU ARE CERECT! Here’s you present……… Chocolate!!!!!!
  • 5. Silicate and Nonsilicate
    • Mineral divide into two groups, silicate and nonsilicate Silicate contain oxygen and Silicon, but nonsilicate did not.
    Structure of Silicate
  • 6.
    • You might see several kinds of mineral are more that the other types. They belong to the same group. What mineral covered 90% of Earth’s crust?
    • Diamond
    • Silicate
    • Ruby
    • Sulfates
  • 7. Amazing! You are Correct Again! You Will got…… Candy!!!!!
  • 8. Silicate Mineral
    • Silicate mineral covered 90% Earth’s crust, it’s also the most common type of mineral.
  • 9. There are so many mineral, but now we need three kinds of silicate minerals. See if you can find these minerals. a) Quartz, Halides, Carbonate b) Feldspar, Mica, Native elements c) Mica, Quartz, Feldspar d) Quartz, Mica, Sulfates
  • 10. Did you cheat? You are correct again!
    • You got
  • 11. Mica Minerals that separate easily into sheets Quartz Basic building block of many rocks. Feldspar The main component of Earth’s surface
  • 12. It is the end of our journey, I found this mineral. It’s a silicate mineral, it compound only one element . It used in electronics equipment
    • a) Oxides
    • b) Sulfides
    • c) Native Elements
    • d) Sulfates
  • 13. YYYAAAAYYY!!!! You did it!
    • I have nothing to give you, because I am bankrupt. What about………….
    A Hug!
  • 14. GOOD BYE!!!!! By Jessica Wang
  • 15. OH NO! You do not got the answer
    • I can only offer you:
    A plastic thing Go Back
  • 16. You are wrong
    • I can only give you
    A Beautiful Stone Go back
  • 17. You are WRONG Troll Troll Dance Go Back
  • 18. Well you fail.
    • I don’t have anything to give you, so I give you
    Go Back