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  1. 1. A WebQuest for 11th Grade Algebra II TitleIntroduction Designed by Task Jessica Goodrich Process jlg82@zips.uakron.edu Evaluation ConclusionTeacher Page Credits
  2. 2. Title Digital communication is an important part of our everydayIntroduction lives, but it is often ignored in our schools. Today, there are many different ways to communicate with one another Task using some form of technology, and most would be of great Process benefit in the classroom. What are some of the forms of Evaluation digital communication? How could they positively impact Conclusion your school?Teacher Page Credits
  3. 3. Title Because you feel so strongly about the use of digitalIntroduction communication in your school, you will write a letter to your school superintendent informing him about this Task important issue. Process Evaluation You will search the internet to find five examples of Conclusion common forms of digital communication that could be implemented in your school. You will then describe each form and its benefits in your letter to the superintendent.Teacher Page Credits
  4. 4. Title 1. Go to the Digital Citizenship website and read overIntroduction their Nine Elements page to determine exactly what digital communication is and to get an idea of what Task forms you would like to talk about in your letter. Process 2. Think of the five examples of digital communication Evaluation that you would like to write about. Use a search engine Conclusion like Google or Yahoo to research each example. 3. Use an outline to organize the information that you find. Then come up with at least one way that each form of digital communication will be beneficial to your school. Add these reasons to your outline as well. 4. Write a letter to the superintendent about the importance of digital communication using your outline as a guide. You can find directions for how to write formal letters on the Purdue OWL site. 5. Give your letter to your teacher to be proofread before it is sent.Teacher Page Credits
  5. 5. Title Unacceptable Acceptable Accomplished ScoreIntroduction 0 1 2 Selection of Two or fewer Three or four Five or more examples Task Examples examples of digital examples listed. listed. forms of Process communication listed. Evaluation Descriptions Two or fewer Three or four Five or more complete of Examples descriptions. Any descriptions that are descriptions provided. Conclusion descriptions provided mostly complete. (at least one per are inaccurate or example) incomplete. Reasons for Two or fewer reasons Three or four reasons Five or more reasons Examples given with little to no provided with mostly provided with support. adequate support. excellent support. (at least one per example) Letter Letter format is Format mostly follows Format follows formal Format incorrect and does not formal letter letter guidelines with follow formal letter guidelines with no no errors. guidelines. major errors. Writing Letter contains many Letter contains few Letter contains no Mechanics grammatical errors. grammatical errors grammatical errors. with no major mistakes.Teacher Page Credits
  6. 6. Title Your teacher will send your completed and approvedIntroduction letters to your superintendent. Here are some questions to consider while waiting for a response. Task Process •You’ve considered some of the benefits of using Evaluation digital forms of communication in the classroom.Conclusion What are some of the possible drawbacks? •Implementing your ideas will most likely require a large amount of time and money. What are some ways to minimize the cost of your ideas? •How will you convince other students, teachers, and community members to agree with your plan?Teacher Page Credits
  7. 7. Title Title Slide Picture: http://bcm.bc.edu/wp-Introduction content/images/spring_2009/talking-rights1.jpg Task Suggested Search Engines: Google and Yahoo Process Evaluation References Suggested: Nine Elements of Digital Citizenship Conclusion and Purdue OWL Business Letter Format WebQuest Template: The WebQuest Page and The WebQuest Slideshare GroupTeacher Page Credits
  8. 8. Title Alternative Lesson IdeasIntroduction •This WebQuest could be done in small groups with each group member researching a particular form of Task digital communication. The group members could Process then work together to write a letter instead of writing Evaluation individual ones. Conclusion Possible Research Topics •The students could pick from several forms of digital communication including •Cell phones •Email •Instant Messaging (IM) •Social Network Sites (Facebook, Google+, etc.) •Group Collaboration Sites (Google Docs., Dropbox, Wikispaces, etc.)Teacher Page Credits