Knitting to survive
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  • 1. Knitting to Survive Overcoming meeting fatigue,addiction, and general ennui through fiber arts
  • 2. Objective Given instruction and using the provided needles and yarn, you will learn how to successfully knit an error-free stitch anddemonstrate this skill by knitting 3 stitches independantly.
  • 3. Why Knitting?• Knitting is a fun, easy, and productive way to occupy ones’ hands without distracting noises or appearing inattentive.• Knitting is a useful skill, and when the Zombiepocalypse arrives, you will be a valuable addition to anyone’s team.• Knitting results in cool things you can give away or keep!
  • 4. Why Occupy My Hands?• Keeping your mouth shut (AKA thinking before you speak)• Not smoking or thinking about smoking• Creating useful objets• Being less hostile or hostile-appearing• Offering openings for strangers to approach you (overcome stranger danger!)
  • 5. How Do I Do It?Insert Wrap Draw or Pull Slip Off
  • 6. Hold needle with stitches in left hand; insertpoint of right needle in first stitch, from front to back. Insert
  • 7. Bring yarn from ball under and over point of right needle. Wrap
  • 8. Draw yarn through stitch with right needle point. Draw or Pull
  • 9. Slip loop on left needle off, so new stitch is entirely on right needle. Slip Off
  • 10. Let’s Go to the Video Tape!
  • 11. Let’s Practice!Insert Wrap Draw or Pull Slip Off
  • 12. You Knitter You• You’ve now learned how to do the knit stitch.• There are many great resources, including “The Knit Witch,” so you can review and practice on your own• Along with the purl stitch (next lesson), you can use your newfound skill to survive and thrive during long, boring, or emotionally difficult meetings.• In fact, I have!
  • 13. A Wrap for my Mom
  • 14. A Hat for Alver
  • 15. A Shawl for Myself
  • 16. A Robot Hat (ROBOT!)
  • 17. A Cowl for Jill
  • 18. A Neckwarmer for my Spoose