Salesforce marketing cloud brochure


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Salesforce marketing cloud brochure

  1. 1. © 2013, inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential    0413Turn Insights intoActions, andConnections intoCustomers for Life™
  2. 2. © 2013, inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential media has changed marketing forever.Marketing is undergoing the biggest transformation it has seen in 60 years. Through social media,customers have a more powerful and influential voice than any other time in history.The opportunities are enormous. Now, more than ever, brands can use social media to:• Gain a single view of the customer• Optimize content marketing strategies• Create more targeted social ad campaigns• Drive business resultsBut, social has created chaos for marketing:• Social conversations are constant and fragmented• Activities and campaigns are uncoordinated• Results aren’t unified or easily viewed• ROI is a mystery• Too many disjointed solutionsThe Salesforce Marketing Cloud empowers brands to succeed in today’s new marketinglandscape with the leading social media marketing suite.It unites the capabilities of industry leaders Buddy Media and Radian6, allowing brands to make betterbusiness decisions in marketing, sales, advertising and service.The Marketing Cloud helps brands turn insights into actions, and Connections into Customers for Life™.
  3. 3. © 2013, inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential Leading Social Media Marketing SuiteThe Marketing Cloud empowers brands to succeed in today’s changing marketing landscape throughindustry-proven solutions.Listen: Powered by• Social brand monitoring – Monitor and report on over 650 million social sources, betterunderstand customer reactions, collect actionable insights.• Community engagement – Connect with influencers, drive brand awareness and sales, build astrong network of fans and customers.• Social customer care – Listen and respond to customer concerns, triage customer issues in real-time, automate the process to scale, integrate with Salesforce CRM.• Social sales – Increase revenue by acquiring leads through social channels, discover point ofneed conversations, and understand which sources drive leads by connecting social data andweb analytics. Connect social leads with sales processes in Salesforce.Publish: Powered by• Drive brand engagement – Optimize publishing strategy to maximize engagement, use our 60+social apps to create highly customizable canvasses, and place these across leading socialnetworks.• Increase conversions – Add social sharing buttons to websites to make content shareable,measure conversions per network and optimize your content marketing strategy.• Manage social presences – Seed posts and leverage templates to ensure consistent messagingand give teams brand-approved content to share.Advertise: Powered by• Acquire fans and followers – Run campaigns to drive the most fans at the lowest possible cost,target the right people with the right ads and better understand which ads are driving more fans.• Drive leads and direct response – Increase revenue by acquiring new leads, upsell to existingcustomers, and leverage CRM data.• Promote social content – Identify social content generating high engagement and repurposecontent as social ads. Our self-service platform is ideal for agencies and brands, making it easyto get started and see immediate results.
  4. 4. © 2013, inc. All rights reserved. Proprietary and Confidential questions? Contact us:W   E  @marketingcloud   T  1-888-672-3426The Marketing Cloud is the proven industry leader,trusted by the world’s best marketers.Recognized leader in Forrester Waves and Gartner Magic Quadrant and the only social marketing suitewith both Facebook and Twitter preferred partnerships.Top brands achieve social marketing success with the Marketing Cloud:• Over 55% of Fortune 100s • 8 out of 10 of the world’s largest advertisersThe Marketing Cloud has thousands of customers in B2B, B2C and public sector, from Fortune 100s toemerging businesses.Get started with the Salesforce Marketing CloudSocial media is now a core part of any successful marketing strategy, and brands need a sophisticatedplatform to manage big social data. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the only choice for companieslooking to listen, publish and advertise – allowing you to make the most of your social marketing efforts.Transform your business into a socially connected enterprise. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud helpsbrands turn insights into actions, and connections into Customers for Life™.